The best of Japanese watch technology is here in Hong Kong with Orient watches. Find out more about Orient watches in Malaysia here.

ORIENT Analogue

Different Types of Orient Watches in Hong Kong

Orient Watches for men

Hey guys, fancy a classy timepiece to go along with your suit and tie? Or are you looking for something sporty and rugged to keep track of your active lifestyle and fast-paced movements while documenting every second of it? Whatever your preferences are, find them with Orient watches for men.

When a girl looks your way, you want to make sure you catch her eye. A classy watch makes the perfect bling to impress a girl. Take a look at the awesome variety of chronographs, quartz time-pieces, fitness bands and dress watches available in the watches for men section.

Orient Watches for women

It is every woman’s dream to be complimented. Looking beautiful is part of being a woman. An intricate timepiece on her soft, gentle hand accentuates a woman femininity as it gracefully sits on her wrist. A bejeweled dress-watch gives you an alternative to jewellery. What more a timepiece with an exquisite name. You don’t need to look far, just check out the selection of watches for women and you’ll have plenty to choose from!

Here are some categories of Orient watches you can choose from:


If you love customizing your watch based on straps, you’ll be delighted to browse through the hundreds of varieties of strapped watches. Leather, waterproof, stainless steel, funky designs, gold-plated, faux leather and multi-coloured give you plenty to choose from.


Active people love their accessories! Some watches are made for the rough and tough lifestyle. If you fit this category, then you’ll love Orient’s range of sports watches. Each sports watch is catered to your fast-paced activities. Whether you’re running, swimming, skydiving, skiing, bungee-jumping or practicing martial arts, you’ll be glad to purchase sports watches at affordable prices.


Everyone has their own fashion. If you’re looking for a fashion statement in the form of a timepiece, you’ve come to the right place. Get the best prices on fashion watches right here!


For precision in time-recording, get your hands on the latest chronographs available in the market.


Don’t like the traditional interface of watches? Look for digital watches with various functions such as a stopwatch, timer, alarm, and backlight to complement the electronic interface.


For a more traditional look, go for the analogue models. Orient has a huge variety of analogue watches in all shapes and sizes. From as low as RM400, you can purchase a simple analogue timepiece.

Casual & Business

On different sides of the spectrum, casual and business watches portray two contrasting fashions. Chose casual watches for a daily, relaxed look, whereas business models help you boost self-confidence and status at work.


Got a bigger budget? Invest in a premium timepiece. Look out for Orient watches premium models to compliment your status as a VIP in society.