Innovative, high-performance gear that reflects a love of adventure and devotion to the outdoors. Osprey offers high-quality packs for any adventure and season. Learn more about Osprey HK below.


Osprey Hong Kong - The History of The Legendary Backpack Brand

Named after an endangered bird species, Osprey Inc, the number one brand choice for backpackers, hikers and bikers was founded in 1974 by a young entrepreneur, Mike Pfotenhauer. The idea to design a backpack that fits well with the wearer started when Mike had a horrible experience during a hiking trip with his brothers, wearing a backpack with an awful fit when he was a child. Because of his horrible experience, Mike learned his sewing skills from his mother and designed his first backpack at the age of 16. Decided to take the opportunity to sell his creation, Mike opened a retail shop in front of his rented house and soon specialize in custom fit, made to order backpacks for backpackers and travellers.

Soon, spread by word of mouth, many backpackers and travellers started to throng Mike’s shop, and orders for the custom-fit bags started to pour in. As the only worker in his shop, Mike constructed each of the backpacks on his own and it took him several days to finish constructing the ordered packs. But the travellers were alright with the waiting, as the backpacks were worth the wait.

Today, Osprey products continue to reflect that enterprising spirit, often used by backpackers from the highest mountain to the farthest islands and everywhere in between. Every single product design carrying the Osprey name has undergone strict inspection, under the supervision of the owner and founder, Mike Pfotenhauer. The sewing of the first-lines of custom-fitted packs and the innovative designs are what makes Osprey “a company like no other”.

Osprey - A Relationship Like No Other

Travellers and backpackers loved Osprey products very much because of the innovative designs and the commitment to manufacturing high-quality bags show in every product, whether it was produced decades ago or even now. The word “Osprey” and “Quality” has such a close relationship with each other and as the owner and the founder Mike, says, “Osprey is, in large part, about exceptional relationships. Between the backpack and the wearer. The backpack and its makers. The company and its staff”.

At Osprey’s, the mission is to build novelty high-performance gear that portrays the love for adventure and devotion to the outdoors. Osprey strives to meet its difficult customer’s demands and needs and feels proud whenever customers use Osprey’s backpacks. He continues, “So many of our staff have been with the company for decades. It shows how fervently we believe in our process and products. The All Mighty Guarantee proves it.”

A Lifetime Warranty

The uniqueness of the brand, Osprey is that the customers come first. And as a gift to Osprey’s loyal customers for their continuous support towards the brand, Osprey celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2009 by introducing a lifetime warranty called the ‘All Mighty Guarantee”.

The“All Mighty Guarantee” is a warranty that allows the company to repair any damage or defect in its product, free of charge -regardless of whether the backpacks were bought in 1974 or yesterday. To make sure Osprey’s backpacks are repaired well, a Navajo sewer with 20 years of experience, Marilyn Jones is responsible for making sure that the damaged Osprey backpacks are given a new life. “Sometimes a pack comes in, and I’ll recognize it,” Marilyn says. “I see how it’s held up over the years, and what adventures it’s been through. Then, I make sure it goes even further.”

Fun Facts That You Didn’t Know About Osprey

  • Osprey introduced the first innovative women’s cushion fit backpack, the Isis.
  • Osprey’s products are made with high-quality and expensive materials and fabrics, to keep wastage to an absolute minimum.
  • An app called the “Packsizer” was introduced by Osprey in 2014, and it was touted as the first digital pack fitting tool. In the same year, Osprey won the prestigious ISPO Award Communication Of The Year for its innovative mobile application.

Amazing Osprey Hong Kong Offers

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What is the best backpack brand?

When searching for backpacks, the chances are that you already know some of the best backpack brand names. After all, there is a distinct art to creating a beautiful, durable, and functional backpack, and just a few companies are able to make such high-quality backpacks. Here are some of the best backpack brands you can find:

  • The North Face
  • Deuter
  • Herschel Supply Co
  • Patagonia
  • Osprey
  • Fjallraven Kanken
  • Timbuk2
  • Dagne Dover
  • Tortuga

Which is better, Deuter or Osprey?

Deuter seems to be a more durable backpack overall whereas Osprey packs have innovative design built in. Both packs are comfortable and highly adjustable. Both companies use high-quality, durable materials, zippers, buckles and similar fasteners. So it totally depends on which brand you’d want to go for.

Is Osprey a good brand?

Osprey packs are lightweight, comfortable and equipped with innovative features. While Osprey backpacks are especially popular among hikers and backpackers (Atmos, Aura, Talon, Tempest and Exos line), Osprey also makes great biking packs and packs for everyday use.