Take a chill pill and unwind in your backyard with outdoor tables and other furniture available in Hong Kong. Go ahead and set up your garden relaxation with these four choices here.


Chill out in your backyard with these 4 outdoor tables

In the Hong Kong, having a large space in your backyard is considered a blessing. Thankfully, there are many ways we can enjoy this benefit. One way to do that is to find the time to simply chill out and enjoy the fresh air. You know what else you need? A cold beer and a place to sit. So go ahead and look for the best outdoor table setting to match your backyard (or front yard). But what type of outdoor furniture do you need to relax and unwind? Here are some suggestions of outdoor furniture you can get today.

Foldable table set

One of the most common types of outdoor table sets is the foldable type. Foldable tables are practical furniture that goes where you go, and do what you want them to. These days, you can find foldable table sets that come with bench too. Most come with a 4-seater bench on two sides of the length. And most of these tables come in either square shapes or rectangular shapes.

Made of a combination of plastic/fibreglass and metal, foldable tables are fairly lightweight. You can easily bring them out from your storage compartment. If you have a covered patio, you can leave this furniture out the entire time. Perfect for a barbecue evening with friends over, the foldable tables are a favourite.

Wooden table and bench

Sometimes we want something more permanent in our yard. No worries, you can get a wooden table and bench set! Generally larger than foldable table sets, wooden tables are to be placed in strategic areas to provide a place to relax. The beauty of wooden tables is that they match the element of nature since wood easily blends into an earthy atmosphere, colours, and smells.

When setting up a wooden outdoor table, you will need to look for a bench that goes along well with the table. Most tables come with a set of benches (sometimes one) so you won’t need to go out of your way to get one. Benches come in long, rectangular shapes or individual chairs so we have our personal space.

Patio umbrella

Yes, the patio umbrella is not a table, but it is a vital part of outdoor furnishing. Being outdoors can expose you to the element such wind, UV rays, rain, and even bird poop. Particularly when there’s food involved, you will need a form of shelter from these elements. For this, simply set up a large patio umbrella.

Camping table

Camping tables are incredibly ingenious. Made to be taken with you wherever you go, camping tables are smaller than the average patio folding table. These come in both individual and multi-person varieties. Perfect for placing your food, drinks, or even your laptop on, camping tables can be set up practically anywhere. Most camping tables are made of plastic and are foldable. Even kids can bring them out for their activities.

All these types of outdoor furniture help us relax. You can also complement outdoor table sets with relaxing furniture such as hammocks and swings to give it a contemporary relaxation.

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