Papago is a Chinese company that manufactures quality dashcams and accessories. The dash cams developed by Papago have grown to become increasingly popular amongst consumers in Hong Kong for their cutting-edge features. Find out more about Papago HK dashcams below.


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Papago HK: Things to Look for When Looking for a Dashcam

Today, a dashcam is more than just a luxury device for capturing unusual footage while driving. It can provide proof for insurance claims and identify perpetrators who commit crimes against you or others. If you don’t have a dashcam, you should definitely get one.

Do also keep in mind that using your mobile phone as a dash cam isn’t really recommended. This is because exposure to sunlight and heat deteriorates its battery life and leads to long-term damage. It’s best to have a dedicated recording device like a dashcam so you won't be bothered while doing other things, such as making phone calls.

To get more bang for your buck when buying a dash cam, choose a brand that is known for making quality dashcams, such as Papago HK. Here are some tips for choosing the right dashcam for your car, no matter what your budget is.

Bear in Mind Important Specs and Features

Every dashcam has its pros and cons, and it’s difficult to say whether one model is better than another. This is because it depends on your needs. Here are some essential considerations to make.

  • Mounting Mechanism - Most dashcam models, such as those from Papago, come with a mounting mechanism. They are designed to be mounted on your dashboard, but if your dashcam doesn't come with a built-in mount, then you can opt for a universal dash cam mount separately.
  • Aim for 64 GB storage - Make sure to choose a dash cam with at least 64 GB storage. You can go for a dashcam with less storage, but if it has high resolution, you'll need more capacity. For example, if your dashcam offers 1080p resolution, it can fill up 6 GB of storage; whereas, a 720p dashcam can consume 1 to 2 GB of storage. Having all these in mind will help you avoid mistakes when buying microSD cards.
  • GPS Tracking - GPS tracking can provide you proof that an accident happened and where exactly it occurred, in cases where your footage isn’t clear. GPS tracking also has the ability to record your speeds, which comes in handy when you're wrongfully accused of breaking speed limits. If you are a parent, you can check GPS logging to determine your children's whereabouts.
  • 720p Resolution - It's best to get a dash cam with HD 720p recording like Papago GoSafe 116. This provides sharp footage that make out car makes, models, faces, and license plates. While there are HD 1080p and 2K resolution dashcams which provide better footage quality, the trade-off is larger video files.
  • On/Off Mechanism - Some dash cams like those from Papago HK have the ability to automatically turn on with the car engine and turn off when the car engine shuts off. It’s an essential feature since dash cams are only usable when they’re on.
  • Night Vision - Another important feature to consider is night vision. This is because you never know when accidents might occur. While city lights, street lights, and headlights can sometimes produce sufficient illumination that night vision isn’t essential — those lights won’t always be there. With quality dashcams like Papago Go Safe 738, the risk of getting into a car accident will be minimized.
  • Loop Recording - Once your dash cam’s storage fills up, two things can happen - it stops recording or it loops back and writes over your oldest footage. The former keeps your important footage from overriding but if the dashcam stops recording while in a long drive, then it can leave you vulnerable. Having a dash cam with a loop recording feature like Papago GoSafe 220 would be less risky.
  • Impact Sensor - Some dash cams like those from Papago detect accidents, then saves your footage starting from minutes before impact. Some models automatically turn on once impact is detected, even if it is turned off, which comes in handy when your car is parked.
  • Front and Back Camera - A front-facing dashcam won’t be enough for full coverage since you won't know what happens if your car gets rear-ended. A front-facing dashcam can offer some proof but won’t capture the whole incident. That’s why it’s important to get one that offers front and back cameras like Papago GoSafe 760 dash cam.
  • Camera Size - Anything that obstructs your view when driving a car is dangerous, so it's important to avoid large dash cams that can block your line of sight. This is important if you have other obstructions on your dashboard, such as air fresheners. The smaller the dash cam, the safer it will be.

Keeping in mind these considerations will allow you to shop for a dashcam on your own and find one that’s more than satisfactory. Check out the latest Papago dash cams from Easytalk and Tomtop.