Need toys that will capture your child’s attention? Here are four toys that will not only immerse your kid in playing but also develop his/her mental development. Also, you can check out the latest toys from PAW Patrol Hong Kong below.


4 Toys That Encourage Independent Play in Kids with PAW Patrol Hong Kong

It’s normal for children to have short attention spans. However, as they start growing older, they should begin learning how to play independently and do not always rely on their parents for entertainment. This is not only beneficial for kids but also for parents who are working. Aside from setting home rules, one way to foster independent play is to give them toys that help improve their attention span. These toys should also develop their mental, cognitive, fine, and gross motor skills like those from PAW Patrol Hong Kong. Here are four toys that will make your child busy while you work.

Art Sets

Art sets serve as an outlet for kids to unleash their creativity. Not only are they fun but also offer many benefits for their development. Aside from promoting independent play, art sets also exercise kids’ bilateral coordination, in which they use their two hands together. This is essential as they grow up, promoting skills like typing, writing, tying their shoelaces, and much more. Also, arts and crafts are tools for them to learn self-control and patience.

If you’re in the market for one, PAW Patrol has on-the-go activity sets that contain tons of arts-and-crafts activities. The things included in the set are 6 crayons, 13 activity sheets, multiple stickers, and puzzles. Plus, the kit comes with a handle that allows kids to bring it anywhere they go.

Kids Tablets

Seeing your child spending a lot of time playing on tablets can feel worrying, thinking it would be best to let them play outside or read a book for their physical and mental development. However, there are kids tablets that come with intuitive features that encourage independent play and creativity. They also can improve your little one’s communication skills by showing you the things they want to talk about, enabling them to get their ideas across.

PAW Patrol Hong Kong offers Ryder Pup Pads that display over 15 phrases from the hit TV series with just a press of a button! Kids can also choose from the different TV show characters like Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, and Rubble. Each of them has unique sounds and says unique phrases. In addition, the Pup Pad is recommended for toddlers and needs 2 AAA batteries to operate.


Aside from independent play, puzzles in Hong Kong are known for their benefits for children’s mind and cognitive development. These include hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, problem-solving, shape recognition, and memory.

Hand-eye coordination

Puzzles improve children’s hand-eye coordination by flipping, turning, and removing pieces of the puzzle, learning the connection between their eyes and hands. While their eyes focus on the puzzle, their brain finds a solution on how the puzzle will be solved. That way, their brain, eyes, and hands work altogether to find the right piece and fit it into the puzzle.

Fine and gross motor skills Big puzzles encourage children to walk so they could get a piece of the puzzle, developing their gross motor skills. At the same time, their fine motor skills are improved, which is important for handwriting and other important skills.
Problem-solving Problem-solving is an essential skill that should be developed at an early age. With puzzles, this will be improved as kids look at unique pieces and determine where they fit. This enables them to use their minds to figure out how to solve the puzzle and think in a logical way at the same time.
Shape recognition Another essential skill that should be a part of children’s development is shape recognition. One way to enhance this is by solving puzzles to help them recognize and sort shapes.
Memory Puzzles improve children’s memory, letting them recall the size, shape, and color of many different pieces as they solve the puzzle.

Board Games

Like puzzles, board games are a great source for learning opportunities. They not only satisfy your kid’s competitive urges but also makes him/her eager to learn new skills and concepts like number and shape recognition, grouping, counting, letter recognition, reading, visual perception, color recognition, eye-hand coordination, and manual dexterity. Not only that, they also teach your child vital social skills like verbal communicating verbally, waiting, sharing, taking turns, and enjoying other kids’ company. Plus, they encourage children to focus and extend their attention span by completing an exciting board game.

PAW Patrol Hong Kong has many board games, specially made for kids 3 years and above. Their PAW Patrol Adventure Board Game, for instance, is a perfect game for pre-schoolers as it is both fun and educational. Children get to choose their favorite PAW Patrol character and spin the spinner arrow. After that, as they move along the path, they collect Badge Tiles. The first player to reach the end wins – a simple-to-play game for preschoolers, isn’t it?