KPOP is taking the world by storm with its high-fashion streetwear and exciting cosmetics that would make you look cool and edgy. Peripera has some of the most amazing Korean-inspired cosmetics from lipsticks, blush, foundations, eye-makeup, liners and so much more! Check out the brand’s extensive collection of cosmetics below or click here to know more about Peripera Hong Kong.


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Peripera - KPOP Cosmetics at your Fingertips

Korean fashion today is now more popular than ever thanks to the Internet and creative minds behind KPOP stars such as Rain, Song Hye Kyo, Hyuna, Wonder Girls, EXO, Jang Guen Sok and so much more! Get that KPOP look with the hottest cosmetics from Peripera! From eyeliners, lipstick, blush ons, foundations, pigments, highlighters and so much more, Peripera gives you the look you will never find on other cosmetic brands.

What you need to know about Peripera Hong Kong

Peripera is one of South Korea’s most popular cosmetic brands. Under Club Clio, the brand provides excellent quality cosmetics, mirroring your KPOP idols. From lip tints, lipsticks, and eyeliners, Peripera provides excellent quality items. The brand was first established in 2006 and named after the fairy “Peri” from Persian Mythology which embodies the brand’s playful and whimsical approach to different color pallettes. The brand is so popular in South Korea that it is endorsed by A-list celebrities within the country from all-girl KPOP group A-pink to 2NE1. IF you are looking for the best Korean cosmetics, Peripera is a great brand that you would certainly love.

About Club Clio

When you talk about Korean cosmetics, Club Clio will never be out of the picture. With a mission to help women find inner beauty, promote self confidence, freedom and individuality, Club Clio gives you a selection of brands that you would love including Goodal, Soo Ae, Clio Professional and finally, Peripera. The company was first founded in 1993 by professional makeup artists, opening for the first time in South Korea in 1998. Clio was named after one of the nine muses from Greek mythology symbolizing the arts and sciences. Following their dedication towards beauty, Clio has gained a great reputation not only in South Korea but the rest of the world.

A-List KPOP Stars with Peripera

Thanks to the Internet, KPOP is now a worldwide phenomenon which takes streetwear to the next level. Characterized by its over-the-top garments, accessories, and makeup, KPOP is a whole new world of self expression, not only for South Koreans but also for the rest of the world. The huge influence of music made the movement even more popular to foreigners, with its heart-pumping beats and catchy melodies. KPOP idols are seen as icons, from their music to their outfit, making them a great inspiration for the movement.

Among the many things that make the KPOP style stand out is the makeup. KPOP makeup provides a subtle yet striking accent to an outfit. The look emphasizes more on the eyes and lips, making them bigger and fuller with makeup. To KPOP idols, make up is almost as important as the outfit itself, that is why full attention focused on choosing the best cosmetics for the perfect look.

Many KPOP stars trust in Peripera to provide the ideal makeup for their look. The famous girl group A-Pink’s Son Na-Eun is one of the brand’s most popular endorser for Peripera lipstick and lipgloss that provides an extensive line of bright pink and red shades. Sandara Park from 2NE1 is also one of the many celebrities who just can’t get enough of Peripera and even collaborating with Clio for her own line of lippies and mascara. Even the South Korean’s “national fairy” Hyori Lee trusts Peripera for her makeup and like Sandara, is a CLIO model herself. Peripera is a choice for A-list KPOP icons, so if you want to look like your Korean idols, then choose Peripera!

How to get that KPOP look with Peripera

The KPOP style is all about self expression and looking your best. With the right makeup and confidence, you can look like your Korean idols with Peripera. Here are some great tips that would help you achieve that look.

  • Glowing skin is the in-thing in Korean fashion, so BB creams within your skin tone is a must. Use a primer to smoothen out your complexion and make your skin look glowing before applying your foundations and concealers.
  • Make yur eyeslook fuller, rounder and with more drama with Peripera eyeliner! Don’t forget to add a flick that would complement your natural eye-shape and some shadow; you can even go for crazier and brighter colors if you like.
  • Korean cosmetics are also big on lips. Lip color can range from salmon to bright red, you can go for Peripera’s Ink tint for a shinier, more glowing look.

Peripera gives you that haute couture, high-fashion Korean look in an instant! Take a look at available Peripera cosmetic products here or take a look at the brand’s skin care, makeup and hand care products.