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These days, there seems to be endless of useful accessories for your phones and tablets that can enhance your experience to be more comfortable and convenient. Read more about accessories for phones & tablets Malaysia here.

Enjoy a realistic pen on paper experience while writing on a high resolution tablet or notebook screen with the Dell Active Pen. Whether you're taking notes, creating artwork or checking your email, this pen provides a natural writing feel and quick, effortless interaction with your screen. Your overall productivity will benefit thanks to the high performance features of the Dell Active Pen. With quick launch, one click opens OneNote, even with system locked, for note-taking (but does not unlock the system). Two clicks (with system unlocked) takes a screen shot and pastes into OneNote. The Active Pen is designed to work flawlessly with Windows 10 programs and will make daily tasks easier on your Dell 2-in-1 tablet. Designed with technology from Wacom, a global leader in digital interface technologies, the Dell Active Pen offers high precision and accuracy, sensing 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity. Draw straight or curved lines and detailed small letters (3mm) without the hassle of distortion or smudging. With palm rejection, you won't have to worry about potential errors caused by your palm resting on the tablet. Draw lines that vary from thick to thin and dark to light, for richer graphical expression, as the Active Pen senses the pressure on the tip. The Active Pen rests easily in your hand, thanks to weighted hand balancing and a design that takes your comfort into account. Plus, the small size and convenient pen clip make the Active Pen your essential, grab-and-go accessory. The Dell Active Pen is compatible with select Dell branded notebooks and tablets. The Active Pen also has an LED light to show pairing status-blinking to show pairing mode and shining solid when pairing is complete. Read more
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DJI DJI OSMO Mobile Handheld
HK$ 2,182.00
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USB-C USB 3.1 Type C Male Connector to USB 2.0 A Female OTG Cable for Chromebook Macbook
HK$ 32.00 HK$ 47.00
Mini In The Box
Type:Cable; Port:USB 3.0; Purpose:Computer Accessory Hardware; Brand:CY; Features:High Speed; Listing Date:09/08/2015
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MFI 30-Pin to USB Data Sync / Charge Cable for Apple iPhone 4 / 4s / 3GS / iPad /iPod
HK$ 78.00
Mini In The Box
Material:ABS; What's in the box:1 USB Cable Lead; Type:Cables; Port:USB; Cable Length (cm):100 CM; Cable Length(cm):100; Compatible MODELS:iPad 1,Nano,iPod,The New iPad,iPad 2,iPad,iPhone 3G/3GS,iPhone 4/4S,Universal,iPad 3; Material:Plastic; Type:Cable; Function:Normal; Cable Length:1m-1.99m/3ft-6ft; Brand:CARVE; Features:Other; For:iPad,iPhone,Apple; Feature Keywords:Cord,Data Sync,Charger Cord,Charging Cable; Net Weight(kg):0.017; Listing Date:10/29/2015
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Concise Ballpoint Pen Designed Clip-on Touch Screen Stylus Pen for iPad and Others (Assorted Colors)
HK$ 32.00 HK$ 39.00
Mini In The Box
Type:Stylus Pens; Compatible MODELS:Universal; TYPE:Stylus Pens; Features:Ballpoint Pen; Net Dimensions(cm):; Net Weight(kg):0.061; Listing Date:01/26/2014
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Huawei Original Honor Selfie Stick
HK$ 149.00
Original Huawei Honor Selfie Stick
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Xiaomi Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Smart Leather Protective Flip Cover Case with Window Vision
HK$ 100.00
Original Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Smart Leather Protective Flip Cover Case with Window Vision Compatible with Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Smartphone Save you from flip when answer calls Material: PC+PU Size:143.2*71.5*10mm Color:Gold/Silver/Gray  
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DJI Osmo Mobile 3-axis Handheld Gimbal
HK$ 2,098.00
DJI Osmo Mobile 3-axis Handheld Gimbal
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Hermès Turquoise Blue Mobile Case
HK$ 4,432.00 HK$ 6,518.00
Brand new & comes with box and paperbag. Fits all regular iPhone sizes.
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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus S8 3D Effect Red Desert Pattern PU Material Wallet Section Phone Case for S7 Edge S7 S6 Edge S6 S5
HK$ 63.00
Mini In The Box
Material:PU Leather; Pattern:Scenery,Color Gradient; For:Samsung Galaxy; Phone/Tablet Accessories Compatibility:S7 edge,S8 Plus,S8,S5,S6,S6 edge,S7; Hard / Soft:Hard; Type:Full Body; Features:with Stand,Wallet,Magnetic,Pattern,Card Holder,Flip; Net Weight(kg):0.05; Listing Date:05/22/2017
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Nokia Nokia Lumia 530 Smart Flap Case (black)
HK$ 141.00
Optimum protection for the Nokia Lumia 530 from dirt and scratches as the smartphone can be used in the folding case Quick access to the smartphone, the device does not have to be removed from the case Magnetic fastener for quick access and trouble-free locking Slim smartphone case, upper material made of leather
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*Prices updated on 21 Sep 2017

PC & Laptops Accessories - Enhance Your Experience With Your Computer

It is wonderful to witness the power of the computer such as desktops and laptops in being able to carry out any task effortlessly. However, there is a lot of accessories that you can buy for your PC or laptop in order to improve your workflow as well as adding extra capabilities at the same time. Basically, most of them are known as peripherals as they are auxiliaries that are supposed to work well with your computer. All in all, computer accessories allow you to customize and change your computer to be more versatile than ever.

Essential Guide In Getting Your PC & Laptops Accessories

  • Mouse

The humble mouse does not really need much introduction as you move it to point and click at stuffs that you see on your computer screen. Available in either wired or wireless version, the mouse is a versatile tool that is designed to work together with your computer effortlessly. For gaming purposes, the gaming mouse is a high performing mouse that possesses better tracking and connectivity as well as containing additional programmable buttons and adjustable sensitivity for better gaming support.

  • Cables

As there is various types of cables available, it can be confusing to distinguish all of them. However, it is easier when you identify each of them according to their functions and looks. Firstly, the USB cable can be easily identified by its rectangular connector that usually enables your computer to connect with printers, cameras, mice, webcam, microphones, scanners and many others. Next, the audio cable or audio jack allows your headphones, earphones, microphones and speakers to be connected with your computer via its audio ports.

  • Keyboards

As one of the crucial device that proves to be an integral aspect behind the smooth running of the computer, the computer requires the simple keyboard in order to be fully functional. Keyboards allow you to type numbers or words into your computer in order to carry out the tasks that you want. Like the mouse, the keyboard is also available in wired or wireless version. Gamer-oriented keyboard is available for gamers who need more responsive and smoother keyboards that offer better gaming performance.

  • Monitors

Needless to explain, the monitor is the display screen for your computer. Ranging from different screen sizes, the monitors use different display technologies that are comparable to the latest television technologies. Not only that, monitors are also amazing as some of them boast extra features such as touch screen, built-in speakers, IPS screen, USB ports and others.

  • Webcams

Essentially, webcams are your video cameras that are primarily used for video calling between the computers as it captures and sends images in real time. You just need to pick the one with better connectivity and higher image resolution.

  • PC Audio

As life can be boring without music, so too a computer without its sound system or PC audio. Powerful PC audio can provide tantalizing audio experience for you to enjoy your game or movie on computer.

Top Brands That You Check Out When Getting Your PC & Laptops Accessories

  • Acer

Being one of the leading brand in the world of computers means that Acer boasts impressive reputation as it designs a vast array of computer hardware that are being used around the world. Not only, its products are known to be both reliable and affordable at the same time.

  • Corsair

Providing various high performance components that increases the efficiency of the computer, Corsair is synonymous with powerhouse.Aside from making high speed memories and case cooling solutions, Corsair is well-known for its superior mice, keyboards and speakers.

  • LG

Life is certainly good when LG emerges as one of the leading brands in the world of computers. Proud of its sleek designs, LG products also contain innovative technologies that are suitable in enhancing your lifestyle.

  • Razer

True to its tagline, Razer is all about "For Gamers. By Gamers." as it designs a variety of gamer-oriented computer accessories. Its iconic logo boasts reputation that precedes itself as Razer products are quite legendary in their own rights. Razer products are known to be highly innovative gaming gear that many gamers love to own for both fun and functional purposes.

Improving Your The Efficiency Of Your Computer With PC & Laptops Accessories

Thanks to tons of options available, you can transform your computer into a versatile beast that is meant to be. At the same time, you can maximize the performance of your computer while expanding its capabilities. Your experience with computer will never be the same again.

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