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Phones & Tablets Cable & Chargers Prices Hong Kong September 2018

3,926 Products

Inseparable with your modern electronic devices, cable and chargers are the must-have items in order for you to enjoy the complete digital experience. Read more about cable & chargers Hong Kong here.

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Qi Qi Wireless Charger Charging Pad 5V/1A
HK$ 95.00

Features: Adopts QI wireless charging technology: Just put the QI standard smartphone on the wireless charging pad(the wireless charging pad needs connect with the data cable to get power supply), then it will start to charge the phone, very easy to use. Wireless charging mode: It can directly charge the phone and no need any cable to connect it with the phone when charging. Simple, safe and reliable charging: Only need to do one step and you can charge the phone in no time, safe and reliable. Rapid charging: Swift and fast charging process controlled by smart chip, and it will protect the phone's battery from over-charged. This wireless charging base can charge your devices in high efficient. Safety guarantee: input over-voltage protection, output over-voltage protection, over-heat protection, short-circuit protection and heat dissipation to ensure safety for your phone. It will bring a beautiful breathing lighting effect during charging process, which looks cool but very comfortable, and the soft breathing light won't cause any interference to you even at night. Small size and ultra-thin, lightweight and portable, and you can carry it to anywhere to charge your phone anytime. Achieves wireless charging and avoids the problem of cable winded between the charging pad and the smartphone. Cellphone models for QI wireless charging: For Samsung Galaxy S6 /S7 /S8 /S6 Edge /S6 Edge+ /S7 Edge /note7, or for Samsung w2016(Clamshell version) For Google Nexus 4 /5 /6 /7 For Nokia Lumia 928 /929 /1020 /1030 /1520 /1520V /1525 For Microsoft Lumia 950 /950 XL For LG Optimus Vu2 /lte2 /d1L /v10 /G2 For Mlais Mx69W For VEB V3 For Moto Droid5 For HTC Droid Dna(Us Edition) /8X(Us Edition) For Geak Mars /Eye For Sharp Sh-13C

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Top Phones & Tablets Cable & Chargers Price List 2018

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Aukey PA-T11

Available in Zapals HK$ 136.00 Go to Shop

Cable & Chargers Hong Kong - The Connection That Binds Everyone & Everything Together

While we are getting slimmer and sleeker smartphones and tablets, all of them are still inseparable with cables and chargers. In fact, they are so essential that you are going to need them as well as bringing them wherever you go. Since they are important aspect of your smartphone and tablet experience, it is also equally important as well that you should learn about various types of cables and chargers before getting them. Binding everyone and everything together, cables and chargers are essential to your digital experience. Hence, this is a simple guide to learning about cables and chargers so that you do not get tied to them (pun intended).

Cable & Chargers Hong Kong - Universal Travel Adapter Charger

It is obvious that you are going to require both cable and charger in order to recharge your electronic devices such as smartphone and tablet. However, what happens if you are traveling abroad? One thing for sure, your own charger will not be compatible with the socket on that country if it employs different plug and socket standards. As a result, you will not able to charge your electronic device as you please. When this happens, it can be very frustrating as it definitely ruins your travel experience or business trip entirely. Needless to say, it is always best to prepare for every eventualities. As such, it is highly recommended that you should get universal adapter charger for yourself.

Obviously, the best thing about universal travel adapter charger is that it allows you to be able to charge your electronic devices in every country in the world. It is definitely a solid investment especially when you are a frequent traveler. Even if you are not, getting it should be your main priority. The beauty of universal travel adapter charger is that it is simple to learn as you only need to arrange the pieces and plugs to change into respective plug type.

Cable & Chargers Hong Kong - USB Car Charger

When going for a long drive or road trips, there will be times that you are wondering whether you can charge your electronic devices so that you do not have to worry about frantically looking around for places that enable you to charge them. Thanks to USB car charger, you are now able to charge your electronic devices such as tablets and smartphones in your own car. Its presence proves to be the real peace of mind as you can charge your electronic devices on the go.

Cable & Chargers Hong Kong - USB Cables

Despite USB cables carry the connotation of being universal in their names, it is ironic to consider that there is many types of USB cables in the world. The Type-C USB cable is the latest development of the USB cable technology as it is designed exclusively to offer significantly high data and power transfer than its predecessors. Nowadays, all smartphones and tables with the exception of Apple utilize micro-USB cables. As for Apply, its products use lightning cables.

Cable & Chargers Hong Kong - Wireless Charging

As the technology progresses even further, there is even wireless charging technology that allows you to charge your smartphone or even tablet without plugging cable to it. Since you still need to plug the charger into a wall outlet, this wireless charging is not exactly wireless. However, it still useful and convenient when you can just put your smartphone or tablet on the charging pad that can be placed anywhere within the range of the charger. In other words, now you do not have to worry about getting tripped over cables especially during the night.