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Equally as important as handphones and tablets, today you can find highly innovative landlines phones that will make your conversation more pleasant. Click here to find out more.

Panasonic Kx-Tgh260 Dect 室內藍牙無線電話 原裝正貨一年保養 >> Kx-Tgh260 無線電話時尚輕薄造型,配備 1.8 吋彩色螢幕,除了內建無線 Dect 新的解決方案外,更有嶄新功能 -> Link-to-Cell bluetooth ,透過藍牙與手機連接;好處是任何手機來電也能直接轉到 Tgh-260 接聽,避免在手機在家裏信號不好影響與朋友們的通話,在手機充電時最為合適使用 ... 反之亦然,前題是手機需要支持藍牙;它具有 NR 降噪功能,通話品質更提升, Tgh-260 最多能同時連接兩部手機。 Kx-Tgh260 獨有的 ECO 節能模式。當啟動時,能有效的減低設備的輻射,待機狀態時也能減少能源消耗;還設有後備供電功能,再也不怕因停電而不能使用電話! 特點: 時尚輕薄造型 1.8 吋彩色螢幕 後備供電 . 停電時仍可暫時通話 薄型平面化設計 200 組英文電話簿 智慧快速鍵 免持通話 語音答錄 ( 總錄音 20 分鐘 / 可只應答不錄製客人留言 ) 連續通話 14 小時 透過 Dect 接聽行動電話 智慧型手機與 Dect 通信錄相互分享 透過 藍芽 與手機連結 NR 降噪 . 通話品質更提升 ECO 節能,待機功耗降低 90 % 兒童監視功能 規格: 一般 顏色 - 黑色 頻率範圍 - 1.880 - 1.895 GHz 系統 - Dect Dect 安全模式 - 支持 電話線路數量 - 1 可登錄子機 - 6 支 LCD 語言 - 英文 節能省電 低功率無線電源 - 有 單鍵節能模式 / 節能模式 - 有 連結至手機 - 有 同時通話 - 可配對兩部手機 手機響鈴模式 - 有 簡訊通知 - 有 方便性 雜訊抑制功能 - 有 自訂音效系統 ( 等化器 ) - 高音 / 中音 / 低音 電力備援操作 - 有 嬰兒監控器 - 有 智慧功能鍵 - 有 (NR 鍵 ) 任何鍵接聽 - 有 勿擾模式 - 有 忽略勿擾模式 ( 特定電話簿群組 ) - 有 限制通話 - 有 與外部固定網路進行三方通話 / 通話共享 - 限兩支子機以上 對講機 ( 聽筒到聽筒 ) - 限兩支子機以上 時鐘 - 有 鬧鈴 ( 喚醒 / 記事提醒 )- 有 進階鬧鈴 ( 當周日期 / 貪睡功能 )- 有 藍牙 ® 耳機相容 ( 支援 Hsp)- 有 來電名稱 / 電話簿 來電名稱 - 有 記憶來電名稱 - 50 組 群組鈴聲 / 鈴聲名稱 - 有 拒接特定來電 - 有 (50 組號碼 ) 封鎖號碼範圍 - 有 封鎖未知來電號碼 - 有 機座電話簿記憶 ( 名稱 / 號碼 ) - 3,000 組 機座電話簿記憶 ( 名稱 / 號碼 ) - (16 字元 /24 位數 ) 以藍牙從手機複製電話簿 - 有 快速撥號 ( 聽筒 ) - 有 聽筒 LCD 1.8 英吋 TFT 色彩 (4.5 cm) LCD 像素 - 128 x 160 LCD 背光顏色 - 白 螢光按鍵 - 藍 免持聽筒 ( 音量階度 ) - 6 段 圖示操作 ( 圖示數量 ) - 9 鈴聲樣式 ( 音調 + 旋律 ) Pstn : 40 (10+30) 和弦鈴聲旋律 - 32 和弦 鈴聲音量階度 - 6 + 關閉 話筒音量階度 - 4 重撥記憶 - 10 組 ( 名稱與號碼 ) 重撥號碼位數 - 24 響鈴指示燈 ( 顏色 ) - 藍 (NR 指示燈 ) 保留 - 有 靜音 - 有 按鍵鎖 - 有 機座 顯示 - 有 免持聽筒 ( 音量階度 ) - 有 鈴聲樣式 ( 音調 + 旋律 ) - Pstn : 1 (1+0) 鈴聲音量階度 - 6+ 關閉 聽筒協尋 - 有 答錄系統 答錄系統 - 有 總錄製時間 - 約 20 分鐘 快轉及倒轉留言 - 有 有聲留言通知 - 是 ( 機座 ) 通話提示新留言通知 - 有 新留言通知提示語言 - 英語 視覺化訊息清單 ( 聽筒 Lcd) - 有 聽筒音量階度 ( 機座揚聲器 ) - 6 來電篩選 ( 聽筒 ) - 有 預錄問候訊息語言 - 中文 用聽筒遠端操作 - 有 從外部遠端操作 (Dtmf) - 有 其他 充電式電池 - Ni-MH(AAA x 2) 通話時間 - 最多 10 小時 待機時間 - 最多 144 小時 (6 天 ) 充電時間 - 約 7 小時 功率耗損 – 機座待機功率耗損 - 1.1 W 充電待機功率耗損 – N/A 尺寸 / 重量 機座尺寸 - 106 x 90 x 76 (mm) 聽筒尺寸 - 45 x 23 x 155 (mm) 充電器尺寸 - 48 x 35 x 24 (mm) 機座重量 ~130 g 聽筒含電池重量 ~110 g 充電器重量 ~40 g Read more
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Panasonic KXTGC213EB Digital Cordless Phone With Nuisance Calls Block
HK$ 501.00
Digital Cordless Telephone features exciting new nuisance call blocking technology. Whether you're looking for a phone for your home or small business.The nuisance call blocker allows you to store up to 30 numbers in a call block list, whilst also allowing you to automatically block any unknown numbers from calling your line. Eco function Comfortable hands free talking 50 Name and Number shared phonebook 10 redial numbers Polyphonic ringer on handset Advanced alarm clock Locator button to find misplaced handset Key lock
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M281 GSM Desk Phone Sim Based Wireless Landline Telephone
HK$ 148.00
A full sized desktop style phone that makes and receives calls using a GSM SIM card.
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Panasonic Digital Cordless Phone With Nuisance Calls Block (triple Set
HK$ 464.00
Simple and stylish the Panasonic Kx-Tgc313Eb Trio digital cordless telephone supports exciting new nuisance call blocking technology allowing you to block nuisance calls. Eco function Nuisance Call Block upto 30 entries. 10 Redial numbers Advanced alarm clock 1.6inch (4.1cm) illuminated display Key lock Phone book memory upto 50 entries 16 hour talk time 200h standby Speakerphone Triple: includes 3 handsets, 1 base unit, and 2 chargers
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*Prices updated on 21 Aug 2017

Landline Phones: Keeping Your Conversation Real And Pleasant

Before the age of smartphones, landline phones have always played an important part in our life. Today a landline phone is still deemed as an essential tool for office and home. Over the years, landline phones have gone through many stages of reinvention and redesigning. Though the primary use of a landline phone remains the same, these days, landline phones have many added features that will definitely benefit us greatly.

Getting Familiar with Landline Phones

There are different types of landline phones that are available in the market today. Before purchasing one, it is important to learn the distinctive features and find out the advantages and disadvantages of the phone. With this knowledge, you may know what type of phone fits your home or office the best.

Corded phones
Corded phones are generally a more affordable option. They can be fixed to the wall or placed on table or desktop. However, the cords may restrict your mobility and you would not be able to move further from your phone while you are talking. However, they do have speakerphone options to tackle this problem. One great benefit of this phone is you can still use them during a power outrage.
Cordless phones
If you are looking for a phone that is affordable like a landline but provides you with the freedom of mobility, then this is the one for you. With cordless phones, you can move freely around your home or office. You do not have to worry about missing an important call while you are doing the dishes or laundry. You can even bring your phone out while you are enjoying a cup of tea. However, with a cordless phone, you may experience general interference and lack of service during a power outrage.

Benefits of Landline Phones

Even though you might feel that cell phones are the best choice as they allow you to text message, web browsing and provide mobility, landline phones bring you more benefits that you might realise.

Landline phones are extremely reliable compared to your cell phone. If you have any trouble with your landline connection it can be resolved easily. However, with cell phones, you might be facing trouble in the form of radio waves, cellular towers and satellites.
Landlines are generally more comfortable to use because they are larger than cell phones, making them easy to be held between your head and shoulder. In addition to that, landlines provide a clearer conversation.
Maintaining a landline is a lot cheaper than maintaining your cell phone. Besides providing free local calls, the setup costs and calling costs are less expensive than a cell phone.

Buy Landline Phones Hong Kong Online Now

Landline phones are not only reliable and cheap to maintain, they are also comfortable to use. Every home and office need a landline phone and now is your chance to grab the perfect one from the best brands in Hong Kong all at great deals. You may also discover other great products such as smartphones, tablets and more.

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