Pierre Cardin is no strange name in the fashion industry. Art is a passion I’ve had all my life — Pierre Cardin is an Italian-born French fashion designer that has devoted his life in creating a revolutionary fashion. Click here to learn more about the brand.

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For the past 60 years, Pierre Cardin has been exploring the universe of fashion with its visionary and revolutionary couturier fashion. The designer that has never creates along with the tends but creates new things on his own live with a philosophy that ‘Talent and taste are both not enough, only style matters’. With such a confident and inevitable motto of life, Pierre Cardin has definitely shaped fashion in his own terms and created fashion's most unique designs.

Often passionate in making clothes for the future, Pierre Cardin is fascinated by the futuristic world that we humans will come to live in some day. He says, ‘The clothes I like best are the ones I invent for a life that doesn’t yet exist: tomorrow’s world’. He likes to design out of the traditional context, without placing any limitations of shapes, angles, material. His design concept is all the same to him even when he is creating for clothes, furniture, rooms, corridors or airline uniforms. He strives to create for the young, that is his ideal when designing.

‘All my creations reflect the artistic, social, and scientific events of these last fifty years.’ — Pierre Cardin

  • The brand that is out of this world, Pierre Cardin
  • An art lover that devotes in his work
  • The owner of famous restaurant MAXIM’S DE PARIS

The brand that is out of this world, Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin really looks beyond the normal when creating his designs for everything. His favouritism for geometric shapes and motifs, dispelling the female body form resulted in many advanced designs that are unisex. These experimental fashions may seem awkward and over-the-top at times, but it appeals to people in its own way and has become a favourite among people who love fashion although his creations were not always practical. Pierre Cardin formed his very own fashion house in 1950 and in 1954 launched the iconic ‘bubble dress’ that took fashion by surprise for its unique futuristic resemblance. The irregularly shaped dress is still one of the most outstanding designs in the history of fashion today!

An art lover that devotes in his work

Pierre Cardine’s approach to fashion is always as striking as it is audacious. In October 20 2007, at the foot of the Mingsha mountain at Dunhuang, the brand’s line of fashion was worn by models that walked down the show in the middle of the vastness of the Gobi Desert. A perfect illustration of its Silk Road Themed Spring/Summer collection that featured whites, reds and hues of orange. Kaiser Karl, chief designer Sergio Altieri and Pierre Cardin created one the century’s most iconic runway shows of all times. The fashion show in the Gobi Desert was broadcasted on China’s worldwide channel CCTV giving it much media coverage for the rest of 2008.

Pierre Cardin has been awarded the golden thimble three times, in 1977, 1979 and 1982. It is the highest distinction in Haute Couture, crowning so many years of hard work in the interests of Fashion. Asymmetrical dresses, hoop dresses and his iconic bubble dresses are the brand’s signature Haute Couture that captures the eyes and minds of spectators.

Even for the brand’s ready-to-wear concept for men, he was the first to make wearable fashion items for men in the 1960. He left his legacy in the world of fashion by forming a system of licences to apply to fashion in the time where no other fashion label had done so. Presently, he also has a museum of his own in Saint-Ouen in which he keeps his favourite art pieces and collections. Visitors can also pay a visit to the Art Nouveau Museum in Paris to be transported back into the old times as this 3,229 sq.ft. museum with three levels will teleport you into a unique collection of furniture and ‘Art Nouveau’ objects collected by Pierre Cardin for over sixty years.

The owner of famous restaurant MAXIM’S DE PARIS

Besides having an interest and passion in fashion and art, Pierre Cardin was also a man of taste. With his futuristic and unconventional imagination, the historically ranked landmark, the Maxim’s restaurant became one of Cardin’s after he bought the famous restaurant when Mr. & Mrs. Vaudable offered it to him in 1981. Also a great collector of Art Nouveau from a young age, owning Maxim’s just gave the place an even greater chance to become one of the world’s best symbolic place of Art Nouveau. Maxim’s also explores French Gastronomy and always strives to create the most imperative meeting place for numerous international celebrities.

People like Kylie Minogue, John Travolta, Sacha Guitry, Marcel Proust, La Belle Otéro, Maria Callasas well as Brigitte Bardot, Barbara Streisand, Dita Von Tees and Lady Gaga have been regulars of Maxim’s and has graced the legendary restaurant that is famous for its French heritage of over 120 years.

If you aspired to luxury, elegance and refinement, Pierre Cardin is the brand for you. Did you know that the brand was also the first to display its designer logo on clothes for the first time in history in the 1960s? The brand creations also spark up studies on shapes, materials, and volume which can inspire new fashion creations.

Guys, if you like collarless buttoned jackets, then you will have to thank Pierre Cardin as it was a design of his creation for the popular band the Beatles. Check out the brands products like perfume, shoes for men, watches and more at iprice. If Pierre Cardin does not tickle your fancy, look up for brands like Armani, Micheal Kors and Esprit.