Pilot is a writing instrument company that originates from Japan. The brand offers both affordable writing instruments for the masses as well as fine writing instruments for businessmen who need something classy as well as functional. Read more about Pilot in Hong Kong here below to find out.


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An Essential Guide to Writing with Pilot Fountain Pens Effectively

The Pilot pens are renowned for delivering precise and consistent writing quality. Needless to say, they are some of the best models you can find in the market.While Pilot brings you exceptional fountain pen designs, you will not be able to make the best out of them if you do not how to write with them properly.Hereis an essential guide to writing with Pilot fountain pen effectively.

Anatomy of Fountain Pen

It is crucial to understand about the anatomy of the fountain pen so that you can enjoy writing with it. Furthermore, each different partwill allow you to understand how to choose the fountain pen which suits your needs.

The Nibs

According to definition, the nib is the metal tip of the fountain pen that touches the paper. The early fountain pens were fashioned from gold due to the element's flexibility and resistance to corrosion. Nowadays, you can find modern nibs with stainless steel or gold alloys because both materials are strong and durable. It is fair to say that most pen nibs are made with stainless steel while the high-end are made with gold. The nibs are important because they can completely change the experience of writing withfountainpens. In fact, your first decision when buying a fountain pen is to choose the size of nib's tip.

When a nib is made from pure gold, it is tipped with a hard-wearing metal like iridium or some metal from the platinum family. The gold nib can wear in such a way to adapt to the handwriting of the person using it. If you lend your fountain pen with a goldnib to otherperson, he or shewill findits ink flow to be strangebecausethe pen has adapted itself to you.Sincesteel nibs already have a hard tip, there is no needto tip them with another metal.

Generally, the nibs can come in various points from bold to extra fine. There are other varieties of nib types such as cursive italic, or a stub.Some special grinds are well-suited for specific handwriting styles.Nib grades designate the size of the tip.The five basic grades are extra fine (XF), fine (F), medium (M), broad (B), and double broad (BB).Thetip of the nib will determine how much ink is released. In addition, it controls how thick your line is.


Similar to how you would refill a ballpoint orgelpen, acartridge is the reservoir of ink that you can swap out of your fountain pen and replace in its entirety. The advantageof cartridgesisthat they are easy to use. When you are out of ink, all you need to do is to pop in a new cartridge and you can begin to use your fountain pen again. Obviously, the other downside is that it can be costly to replace your cartridges. Furthermore, your choices of ink can be more limited because you have to rely on the propriety cartridge made for specific fountain pen design.


The converter can change a cartridge filling system into a refillable solution. While there are manytypesofconverters and filling systems, their main purpose still remains the same. They are essentially a refillable reservoir that holds the ink that your fountain pen uses to write. If you want to save more money from buying cartridges to get your fountain pen working, the converter is certainly the best option you can get.Inthe market, you can find some fountain pens that come with their converters. As an example, the Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen comes with both the cartridge and an empty converter.

How to Write with Your Fountain Pen Effectively

Post Your Cap

Whilemost people love to write with fountain pens,alot of people is still not sure about what posting your cap is all about. It means that you put the cap on the end of your fountainpenwhen you are writing. The fountain pen feels more balanced in the hand when you have it posted. However,posting your cap is not necessary because this largely depends on your writing style and preference. There are others that feel at home when writing with the cap set aside. Now, you can try to experiment and find out whether it works for you.

Hold it At the Right Angle

The fountain pen should make a 40 to 55-degree angle with your writingsurfaces. Its sweet spot is usually in this range because the ink flows more easily at these angles.Such principle cannot be applied onfountain pen witha round nib. If you are writing with the round nib, you need to make sure that the nip's top to point straight up and not rotated to either side. In short, you are supposed to write it straight literally.

Try Less Pressure

You must remember that your fountain pen is not your typical ballpoint pen. When you are writing, you do not need to press down to get the ink to flow. Too much pressure can prevent the ink from flowing properly or the nib will be damaged. As always, just keep your strokes light and easy.

Emphasize Arm Movement

Since most people are finger writers, this means that they just move their fingers to write. Despite this, finger writing has the tendency to cause to apply too much pressure on the fountainpens. As a result, you will causeink flowproblem. In order to prevent this, you should focus on using your shoulder and arm more during writing.Although you will feel awkward at first, but this particular style of writing keeps you nib steady and helps reduce the pressure on it.