The Philippine’s premiere shoe brand is now in Malaysia! Top quality, fashionable, and ultimately feminine, you definitely cannot miss having the best pair of shoes from Primadonna Malaysia. Check out available items below or click here to know more about the many types of shoes you can get from Primadonna!


Primadonna Hong Kong - Your Newest Shoe Craze

Shoes are an essential part of any outfit. Whether you want to show off your sporty side, or simply rocking out those heels, your shoes play an important role in showing off your personality. Touch up on your feminine side with the hottest shoes from Primadonna Malaysia! The brand has a wide selection of shoes from your favorite heels to your everyday flats in every style and colorway imaginable! If you want affordable footwear with the best design and quality, then Primadonna is a brand for you.

About Primadonna Hong Kong

Primadonna is the Philippines best shoe brand since 2007. Starting with only three concept stores, Primadonna is now taking Southeast Asia by storm with feminine footwear in all styles and colors. What makes Primadonna so irresistible is their flexible price range, either you are on a budget or splurging a little bit on your shopping, Primadonna has tons of different options for you. Another great thing about Primadonna is their dedication to superior craftsmanship and using premium materials to create their finest shoe collections. A shoe brand that answers all the customer’s needs in terms of budget, quality, and aesthetics, Primadonna is a great choice in footwear.

Types of shoes from Primadonna Hong Kong

Primadonna is all about shoes. From the most fabulous boots and high heels to the simplest ballerina flats and sandals, Primadonna gives you tons of different options; you can wear it any way you like with any outfit you want to wear. You can find all types of footwear from Primadonna Malaysia.


A classic and edgy way to wear footwear, boots are heavy duty type of footwear originally designed to protect the wearer’s feet, however, most of the boots that you see now are simply made to look that way. These shoes are perfect if you want to amp up your coolness level, especially if you want to get that rock chic look along with a leather jacket and studded accessories. Boots can be made with tons of different materials such as leather, faux leather, synthetic fibers, suede, and so much more!

Flip flops

The ideal footwear for your summer escapades, flip flops are close to bare type of footwear which are similar to sandals except for its signature strip of rubber or fabric that goes in between the toe which holds it in place. Flipflops are the simplest and the cheapest type of footwear that you could ever buy from Primadonna.

Ballerina flats

If you want footwear that are more than just flipflops but are just as comfortable, then ballerina flats are the perfect type of footwear for you from Primadonna. The overall design is cute, feminine and can be worn with any outfit. It is subtle and comfortable, so if you feel like walking all day, then a pair from Primadonna is heaven sent. Whether office or school, you can definitely rock a pair of ballerina flats!


Sandals are perhaps the oldest known type of footwear appearing in many ancient civilizations in Greek, Egypt, Babylon, etc. Sandals are known for their straps which helps holds the sole in place to protect your foot. Sandals can be with or without heels, either wedge, stilleto or clogs. When it comes to sandals, Primadonna has an extensive collection that every fashionista should check out.


Invented by famous shoe-maker Salvatore Ferragamo from cork wood, wedges are definitely a classic type of heels. What makes it different from other types of footwear is the absence of a separate heel, instead it has a single platform to stand on. Wedge heels can be in the form of boots, strapped sandals, pumps, and basicaly any type of footwear you can think of.


Sexy, stylish, and sophisticated, stilletos are a must-have for fashionistas because of its aesthetics. If you are looking for a shoe for formal events, gatherings, and galas, then a pair of stilleto shoes is the perfect type of shoe. Either in the form of pumps, sandals, or boots, stilletos are a must-have if you want to look more sophisticated and fancy. Primadonna has a selection of stilletos that would delight every fashionista!

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Primadonna Hong Kong is one of the best Filipino brand of footwear, not only in the Philippines but the entire Southeast Asia. For almost a decade, the brand has been creating top quality shoes with an extremely flexible budget. You can choose from different types of footwear that would suit your personality! Check out our selection of Primadonna shoes online!