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Bold designs and trendy fashion from Quay sunglasses Hong Kong protect your eyes and style. Get your favourite pair of Quay sunglasses with the selection below or find out more here.

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Quay Sunglasses Hong Kong – Designer sunglasses that suit any personality

What’s life without your favourite pair of sunglasses? Quay sunglasses Hong Kong brings in designers eyewear that complement your personality as well as your lifestyle. Perfect for both sunny days as well as days when you simply want to hide your eyes (hangover days), Quay sunglasses become the ultimate fashion accessory for all women. Quay sunglasses are proof that as women, we have unlimited options for styling. Find out more about Quay sunglasses in Hong Kong with the links below.

Bold styling, creative shapes, trendy fashion

One thing that stands out about Quay sunglasses is the creative shapes that the frames and lenses come in. You will find abstract, imaginative shapes such as the pointy retro sunglasses like the Zig Mirrored Cat Eye sunglasses or even timeless designs such as aviators. This bold styling is a result of Quay’s wide choice of designers from around the world. This Australian company partners with brave designers who leave their mark on sunglasses fashion. The collections come with the name of the sunglasses x the name of the designer. Some of the creative frames from Quay sunglasses you can get are:

  • Quay Stargaze Mirrored Shield Sunglasses
  • Quay Like Wow Mirrored
  • Quay Ukiyo Round Sunglasses
  • Quay Star Dust Sunglasses
  • Quay Running Riot Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses
  • Quay X Desi Perkins High Key Sunglasses

Take the edge off with big frames

Unlike many women’s sunglasses out in the market that are small, shy and petite, Quay sunglasses are not afraid to shine (sometimes literally!). Large frames hold in reflective lenses that protect your eyes from the harsh UV rays as well as keep your privacy high. Think about it. How many of us wear sunnies simply to avoid people from looking at us? Don’t be afraid to take the edge off with large frames from Quay sunglasses for women in Hong Kong.

Awesome packaging!

Buying online could sometimes be a daunting process. But not with Quay sunglasses! Quay sunglasses is packaged in a way that gives you peace of mind. The standard packaging starts with a box. Open the box to find a zip-lock bag with your favourite pair of sunglasses, a soft bag to hold your sunglasses as well as a cute card stating your sunglasses’ collection. On the protective bag for your sunnies, you will find the collection name or designer’s name, for example “Quay X Amanda”. On some, you will simply find “Quay Australia” written on it. This awesome packaging makes Quay sunglasses a whole lot more stylish.

Get Quay sunglasses in Hong Kong at lowest prices

Now that you know more about Quay sunglasses in Hong Kong, it’s time to shop for your favourite pair. White, Silver and Pink are just some of the most in demand colours of a Quay Sunglasses. My Girl Mirrored Cat Eye Sunglasses, 55mm, Game On Cat Eye Sunglasses, and Lickety Split Sunglasses are the most popular collection of Quay sunglasses. What are you waiting for? Get your pair of Quay sunglasses today!