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Ralph Lauren Eau De Toilette

Ralph Lauren Perfume Hong Kong: The Scent of Luxury

Ralph Lauren Perfume Hong Kong: Galloping to the Future

Ralph Lauren started out not with the polo shirts that it is most known for, but with stylish men’s ties in 1967. It was much later on when Ralph Lauren ventured into the manufacturing of polo shirts, perfumes, home décor, children’s toys, and other quality products that it is known for today.

While most people would think that the brand would be better associated with the world of sports because of its iconic polo shirts and polo player logo, Ralph Lauren is so much more than that as it aims to create a lifestyle that transcends trends. The brand is known for its posh, refined spirit that is incorporated in all of its products.

Ralph Lauren Perfume Hong Kong: A Scent for Your Thoughts

Ralph Lauren ventured into the world of scents in 1978 and has since been developing new fragrances that goes well with the world of luxury. Each perfume not only expresses a strong personality that speaks to a person’s individuality but also provides the last touch to one’s overall outfit.

Today, we have chosen the best Ralph Lauren perfumes that we feel would be the ultimate fragrance that defines you or even be a great addition to your fragrance collection (if you have one!).

Ralph Lauren Perfume For Men

Ralph Lauren Purple Label Cologne

  • Launched in 2003 for Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label clothes line
  • For a middle-aged gentleman who appreciates, wears and uses elegant as well as luxurious things
  • A fresh oriental woody fragrance with notes of blackberry, tobacco flower, rich woods and smooth suedes

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue

  • Launched in 2002
  • Perfect for a romantic evening with a special someone
  • Contains notes of basil, verbena, washed suede and geranium for a warm, masculine, alluring scent

Ralph Lauren Polo Black

  • Launched in 2005
  • A bold, sophisticated scent that is recommended for special occasions
  • Contains notes of iced mango, silver armoise and patchouli noir

Ralph Lauren Perfume For Women

Ralph Lauren Blue Eau De Toilette

  • Launched 2005
  • A floral fragrance that is relaxing and filled with freedom and relaxation
  • Contains notes of pink peony, gardenia, jasmine and musk

Ralph Lauren Lauren Eau De Toilette

  • One of Ralph Lauren’s earliest perfumes that is still popular
  • A fruity floral fragrance that is timeless and graceful
  • Contains notes of green florals with rich woods and spices

Ralph Lauren Safari Eau De Parfum

  • Launched in 1990
  • An exotic scent that is inspired by the spirit of freedom and adventure
  • A floral composition that also contains notes of amber, sandalwood, cedar and rosemary

Ralph Lauren Perfume Hong Kong: Luxurious Scents of Adventure and Sophistication

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