Rastaclat creates high quality, handmade accessories for people that love selected inspiration from music, action sports, sneakers, street culture and fashion. Their shoelace bracelets are very popular and special because they are simple yet fashionable to be worn daily. Crafted for those that wanted to spread their individuality and personality!


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Rastaclat Hong Kong - Rastaclat Bracelet of Renown

Mission of Rastaclat Hong Kong

Rastaclat is a high quality, handmade accessories company founded by Daniel Kasidi Nyaggah back in 2010 in Long Beach, California. It started when Daniel did not know what to do with those extra shoe laces that he got from his shoe sponsor in his earlier days. While waiting for a ride from a friend to go skateboarding, Daniel made use of his extra shoe laces by transforming them into a bracelet. He then wore it to his school on the next day and found ten of his friends were asking  him to have the same bracelets to be made for them. He then realised and love the positive feeling you have when wearing something new and innovative, close to your wrists.

Since then, it has been riding a wave of exponential growth in almost five years.  Known for their classic shoelace bracelets, Rastaclat continues to resonate with wide spectrum of people that loves great inspiration from music, action sports, sneakers, street culture and fashion. With that such wide target, it is not an easy feat but Rastaclat has been able to achieve and delivery satisfactory performance to the target audience who always on the lookout for Rastaclat's next line of wonderfully crafted products.  That being said, Rastaclat continues to expand their horizon as they continue to experiment with new ideas that will inspire people to be a part of this growing trend of inspirational accessories.

Cloth of Righteous - Mission of Rastaclat Hong Kong

With its message of spreading positive vibrations, Daniel Kasidi really appreciates the  positive power and inspirational strength from wearing bracelets; that sense of empowering when people notice that you are wearing something new and innovative. It is this message that Daniel loves to inject upon his customers as it will channel the vibe of creativity and innovation through the figurative veins. No matter how many times Rastaclat makes the shoelace, they always come up with novel and creative twist in making their designs seem so classic yet still very appealing. They are made for those that love art-imitating-life inspirations in street culture, sneakers, sports, music and fashion.  Rastaclat is so connected with their customers that they continue to yield lovely designs that are rooted from a simple word: personal.

When the customers wear their Rastaclat bracelets, they found that they are not your usual fare of cookie-cutter or mass produced designs as these designs deeply connect personally to their styles of individuality and independence.  Drawing from these strengths, Rastaclat shows that even shoelace bracelets are fashionable yet simple accessories to accompany their fans wherever they go as part of their unique personalities. These Rastaclat bracelets lovingly tie the knots of the hearts of their fans with their often exciting and beautiful designs. It is Rastaclat's joy to help realise to build and inspire boldness as well as confidence by having these shoelaces as part of your personality.

Spread the Positive Vibration - The Way of Rastaclat Hong Kong

Uniquely U
Rastaclat bracelet maybe simple in the first glance but they are the beautifully personalised designs that you will love to have, close to your wrist and closer to your heart.
The inspiration from these designs are timeless as they evoke the sense of familiarity and kinship.
You would not how this simple bracelet connects with you until you try one!
Feel free to express your personality by wearing one!
Simplicity & Beauty, All Knotted Together
Rastaclat bracelet is easy and simple enough to be worn daily.
Not only, the design is simply yet creatively crafted with inspirations from latest trends in street culture, music and many more!    
No other accessory is as simple and personalised as Rastaclat bracelet!   
Inspirations From Everywhere
Rastaclat bracelet designs are inspired by variety of influences that come from street culture, sneakers, action sports, music, fashion and even pop culture and many more.
With an amazing array of designs, there is plenty of choices for your own taste and preference!
Famous Artists and Celebrities Love Rastaclat as Its Designs Inspire Them in Their Work & Life
Awesome personalities like Snoop Dog, Chaz Ortiz and others love how Rastaclat in their unique designs remind them of their personal styles and tastes.
That is why they have entered amazing collaborations with Rastaclat in making accessories that are inspired by them.
You will experience the essence of those amazing personalities as you embrace their soul of energy, inspiration and creativity!
Be inspired as Rastaclat bracelet allows you to wear unique designs done by your favourite celebrities

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                        Rastaclat Hong Kong - Select & Spread Your Power 

                        Select your uniquely special Rastaclat Hong Kong bracelets and spread your powerful positive vibrations! These incredible yet simple designs are special in a way that they easily exhibit your personality as well as enhance your personal appearance! Witness how simple bracelet by Rastaclat Hong Kong can be your powerful asset to accessorize your personality, boosting confidence and spread your greatness!

                        *Professional Surfer Leila Hurst Shares About Spreading Positive Vibrations!*