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Razer Computing Prices Hong Kong September 2018

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The Razer Blade is the world's thinnest gaming laptop at under an inch thick. Unlike many other gaming laptops which require big and thick bodies to contain its specifications, the Razer Blade manages to put all of its powerful hardware into its slim-line body via bespoke manufacturing. It's light, but it hits hard. Read more about the Razer Blade here.

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Razer Razer Ouroboros Elite Ambidextrous Wired or Wireless Gaming Mouse
HK$ 738.00

Features: --Fully Customizable Ambidextrous Ergonomics From an adjustable arched palm rest, to a retractable back, as well as four interchangeable side panels, the Razer Ouroboros is fully customizable to your personal needs. It fits perfectly with any hand length, shape and grip-style maximize your comfort and reduce fatigue over extended play. --8200Dpi 4G Laser Sensor The Razer Ouroboros is outfitted with the most advanced and configurable sensor yet, the all-new 8200dpi 4G laser sensor. It tracks so precisely, you always hit targets exactly where you need to. It can also be calibrated to your specific surface, and has adjustable cut-off to lift-off tracking, empowering you with more control than ever. --Dual Gaming-Grade Wired/wireless Technology Razer is the pioneer of the worlds first gaming-grade wireless tech, you can be assured the Razer Ouroboros performs as well cordless as it does corded. With a 1ms response rate, your command is executed first even if you and your opponent react at exactly the same time. When the battery depletes in the Razer Ouroboros, just plug in the USB cable so you can keep gaming while it recharges, for zero downtime. --Dedicated DPI Clutch-Trigger Stay on top of the competition and adapt to the situation with the Razer Ouroboros dedicated DPI clutch-trigger. Hold it down to temporarily increase/decrease the mouses DPI so you can get the exact sensitivity you need for the moment in-game. For instance, when you switch to a sniper to take out a target far away, use the clutch to slow your DPI down, and once the enemy has been dispatched with precision, release the clutch to return to your usual lightning fast assault mode. --Powered BY A Single AA Battery Game for longer cordless when the Razer Ouroboros is conveniently powered by a single AA battery with up to 12 hours of continuous gaming. The supplied NiMH battery is rechargeable, so you can plug in the USB cord or place it on the dock to get it back up to full juice when depleted. Or, just hot-swap with any ordinary AA alkaline battery so you can keep going like a beast.

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Razer Laptops – Ultimate performance on the go

Razer – By Gamers. For Gamers.

Gamers all over the world knows Razer, even non-gaming tech enthusiasts will know Razer. So who exactly is Razer? Razer is an electronics company that specializes in high performance computer peripherals as well as very exclusive high performance gaming laptops. From the start, the company has always been exclusively catering towards the gaming community; even the founders are gamers – that's how their tagline "For Gamers. By Gamers.," came to light.

Razer first started off with producing gaming mice and mouse mats, then they moved on to producing gaming keyboards, keypads, headsets, and many other gaming-centric computer peripherals. Over the course of their growth and development they have also gathered a very large community of fans, making them one of the few companies with a very loyal and strong fan-base. Today Razer produces a large variety of products, including watches, apparel, and their iconic line of Razer Blade laptops.

The Razer Blade – Cutting through the competition

The first Razer laptop ever produced is the Razer Blade which was released in 2013. The Razer Blade would then later be also developed into several other variants such as the Razer Blade Pro and the Razer Blade Stealth. Every Razer Blade laptop is also updated annually to reflect on the latest specifications such as the latest graphic cards and the latest Intel Core processors that is available on the market.

The Razer Blade is dubbed as the world's thinnest gaming laptop, and is dubbed by Razer as being "More Powerful," and "Insanely Thin." The Razer Blade features a 14-inch Quad-HD+ display with a resolution of 3200x1800 and also capacitive multi-touch capabilities. The high resolution HD display is powered by an NVIDIA GeForce GTX970M graphics card along with an Intel Core i7 quad-core processor and 16GB of RAM. A rarity in most gaming laptops these days, the Razer Blade is truly insanely thin at only 0.7 inches, thinner than a dime! The slim form factor is also brought over to the power supply brick, which is also thoughtfully redesigned by Razer to be ultra compact and portable. All of this paired with an SSD internal storage ensures that the Razer Blade is always a high-performance machine – let your games lag no more.

  • 14" IGZO QHD+ display with LED backlight and capacitive multi-touch
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M with 6GB GDDR5 RAM
  • Intel Core i7-6700HQ Quad-Core Processor at 2.6GHz base or 3.5GHz turbo
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • 256GB or 512GB SSD (Solid State Drive)
  • Killer Wireless-AC 1535 networking + Bluetooth 4.1
  • Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) and 3 USB 3.0 ports
  • 3.5mm combined headphone & microphone audio port

The Razer Blade Stealth & Razer Core – One Ultrabook for all

The Razer Blade Stealth is Razer's latest laptop – but do not be confused, it is not exactly a gaming laptop. The Razer Blade Stealth is an Ultrabook primarily, and is only capable of being a full-fledged gaming machine when plugged into the Razer Core, an external graphic card enclousure.

The Razer Blade Stealth is Razer's answer of a Windows Ultrabook that can stand up to the ever famous Apple Macbook Air. The Razer Blade Stealth has a 12.5-inch IGZO display with either a QHD (2560 x 1440) or a 4K (3840 X 2160) display, both offering great visuals rich in colors along with capacitive multi-touch capabilities. The Ultrabook is powered by an Intel Core i7-6500U dual-core processor with integrated Intel HD Graphics 520 along with 8GB of DDR3 onboard RAM. Following the name sake Razer Blade, the Razer Blade Stealth is also one of the thinnest Ultrabooks around at only half an inch thing with a weight of 1.25 kg.

But what about gaming? The accompanying Razer Core has got that covered. The Razer Core is an all aluminium external graphic card enclosure that allows its user to put in any compatible desktop-grade graphic card inside. The Razer Core then plugs into the Razer Blade Stealth via a Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) cable and acts as the Ultrabook's main graphic card, allowing the users to play intensive games on their Razer Blade Stealth. The performance of the graphic card is ultimately up to the user to decide, as they have to purchase their own to put in, be it the latest GeForce Titan or any other graphic card.

The Razer Blade Stealth is perfect for those who want a single computer that does it all: An Ultrabook for your studies or work and travels, then when plugged into the Razer Core at home, becomes a full fledged gaming computer.

Razer's gaming laptops aren't the lowest priced computer systems around, but their price warrants it with their exclusive designs and great innovation in computer technology.