Remax premium smartphone and tablet accessories are one of the most popular choices today to accompany our smartphones. With only the highest quality of materials and greatest of innovation used, Remax accessories will ensure your phone stays charged and protected. Read about the must-haves from Remax here.

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Remax Remax RB-T9
Remax RB-T9

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Remax RM-610D

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Remax RM-C20
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Remax Platinum RC-044A
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Types of Accessories You Need from Remax Hong Kong

Remax primarily manufactures and markets incredible computing accessories for our mobile devices. Today we all carry around a large number of electronic devices – or at the least one electronic device, our smartphone. The smartphone is a vital part of our daily life, we use a smartphone not only to make phone calls but also to carry out our work, read our emails, keep ourselves entertained – the uses of a smartphone is endless.

Because the smartphone is such a great device and tool in our lives, it is important that we should take care of it. We protect our smartphones with accessories such has cases and high-quality cables and chargers. Remax products help us to do just that, to provide us with high-quality accessories that can protect and complement our devices' operation daily.

Remax Protect Range

The Remax Protect range consists of products that are meant to protect and cover our smartphones and tablets in our daily lives. These products come in the form of cases and bags that keep our smartphones and tablets safe. Why is it important to ensure our electronic devices have a case, pouch, or bag to protect them?

  • A phone case can minimize the impact of your smartphone or tablet dropping to the ground or against something – a good case absorbs the shock impact, reducing damage to your phone.
  • A phone/tablet case can also protect against everyday wear and tear. Scratches appear on our phones or tablets if we aren't careful. These scratches can come from anything, such as our nails or keys in our pockets.

Screen protectors can protect our smartphone and tablet's displays from getting damaged too; the most common scratches are usually on the display. Some screen protectors have privacy features as well, blacking out when viewed from the side. Remax has protection products that protect a variety of smartphones as well as tablets. Universal cases and bags are also sold by them to fit many different devices should you have more than one type of tablet and smartphone.

Remax Energy range

Remax is undoubtedly more well known for their Energy range of products. Their Energy range carries power related accessories, such as power banks, chargers, and cables. Remax charging cables have been one of the best in the market, with many people opting for it over other brands.

Many-a-consumer does not understand the importance of a high-quality cable and charger, and they opt for the cheapest they can find. However, this is a very bad move as you will not only damage your phone long term but also run the risk of causing harm and injury to yourself and your home.

  • High-quality cables ensure that data can transfer efficiently, and power can pass through quickly and safely.
  • Cheap cables may transfer power improperly, causing problems in both the charger and the smartphone itself.
  • Durable cables made with stronger materials also last longer through daily wear and tear.
  • Good quality chargers ensure that there is sufficient power going through the cables, and also contain many circuits and electronic protection in case of a power surge or in high temperatures.

Use power banks with high-quality components can ensure the same protection with high-quality chargers, lowering the risk of any danger and harm to you and your electronic devices. Remax has a large lineup of cables, coming in many different shapes, colours, and also features. Their Nylon cables, for example, have very durable braided cable sleeves which reduces the risk of being damaged. Those who own an iPhone or iPad with an Android device can benefit from Remax's cables which have Apple adapters built in for convenience.

Quality power cables and accessories are almost synonymous with Remax these days. The Remax company focuses on marketing only the highest quality products for our mobile devices. Here are some of their most popular products used by Hong Kongns today.

  • Remax Car Holder Super Flexible Docking Series - A flexible rubber-based phone holder that's designed to fit precisely on your car dashboard. The angled design of the holder allows your smartphone to be raised at a comfortable eye level so that you can always keep it in view while driving. The modular design allows you to adjust to hold any phone and comes with a magnetized cable for charging your phone.
  • Remax 4 Port USB Charger Hub - A charging hub with four high powered USB ports for fast charging of four devices at the same time. Its compact and contemporary design fits in anywhere and is easy to transport.
  • Remax Nylon Data Charging Cable - Strong and durable materials make up the sleeve of the Remax Nylon cable lineup. This strong braided cable cord reduces the chance of your cables breaking through daily use.
  • Remax Laser Data Charging Cable - A high-quality data and charging cable with LED lights that light up on both ends when plugged into a power source. This lets people know that there is power going through and also just looks downright fancy.

Anyone with a smartphone or tablet needs to protect their device, but more importantly, keep their devices charged up. There is no better way than to get high-quality Remax mobile accessories.