When it comes to hair, skin, and cosmetics, Revlon Hong Kong only gives you the best products. Revlon lipsticks are now available online with a wide array of colors and shades for all occasions. Choose one below or click here to know more about the perfect Revlon lipstick for you.

Revlon Matte Lipsticks

Luscious Lips with Revlon Lipsticks and Lipcare

Since 1931, Revlon has been providing only the best products for their customers. The brand started out in the middle of the great depression in the United States, a time in which the country experienced great poverty and economic downturn. However, despite the odds, Charles Revson and chemist Charles Lachman developed a new type of nail polish using pigments instead of dyes. Even with the current economic state of the United States, they still managed to rake in millions, 6 years after they started selling their nail polish to local department stores. They later moved on to creating several lines of beauty products that would revolutionize the beauty industry.

Why choose Revlon Hong Kong

Used by consumers and professionals, Revlon lipsticks are among the brand’s most well-received products in the Hong Kong. Among the reasons why you should own a Revlon lipstick is that it is relatively cheaper compared to other brands but with almost the same quality. Another reason why you should go for Revlon Hong Kong is the wide range of colors, shades and lip products available. You can choose from a selection of Revlon lipstick collections that would certainly suit your personality; lip balms, lip shine and gloss are also available to give you healthier and fuller lips. Nevertheless, Revlon lipsticks are easy to apply, long-lasting and sweeps effortlessly unto your lips, giving you fuller, more dazzling smile.

Gorgeous lips with Revlon Hong Kong

Revlon lipsticks are among the brand’s longest running product lines. Revlon Hong Kong boasts its lipstick collections with tons of shades colors, along with lip care essentials that every girl must have. Take a look at Revlon Hong Kong’ ravishing lipstick lines that you should have on your beauty bags:

  • Colorstay™ Collection
  • Super Lustrous™ Collection
  • Ultra HD™ Collection
  • Colorburst™ Collection

Revlon lipstick colors for all occasions

Lipstick is a woman’s best friend. Whether for accentuating your makeup or simply a way to avoid chapped lips, your beauty bag will never be complete without lipstick. While there are tons of reasons why women wear lipstick, wearing the exact one for a specific occasion is important. To help you out, here is a quick guide on how to pick the right Revlon lipstick color for the occasion:

  • When going out to a cocktail party, you can rock your lips with some fancy bold fuschia pink from Revlon Ultra HD™ Petunia.
  • For family reunions or meeting your boyfriend’s parents, you’d want to look cute and presentable; for that you can sport Revlon Super Lustrous™ Fatal Apple lipgloss.
  • If you want to talk business inside the office, get ready to stun your colleagues with a taste of natural or nude lipstick. To get this look, you can wear Revlon Super Lustrous™ Brazilian Tan lipstick.
  • Nude colors are absolutely amazing on almost every occasion! When date night is up, Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain™ London Posh lipstick should be on your bag.
  • Out for a quick brunch with your girl friends? Revlon Colorburst™ Berry Smoothie Lip Butter would look absolutely stunning!
  • Don’t worry about feeling lazy over the weekend; Revlon Matte Elusive Balm’s got you covered!

Lipstick and other cosmetics is all about enhancing your natural beauty and showing your personality. With Revlon lipsticks, you can be confident, and stunning with healthier, fuller lips! Take a look at our selection of Revlon lipsticks available online!