Have a pleasant and memorable trip when you travel with the modern, stylish and exclusive RIMOWA luggage ranges. Founded by a German in 1898, RIMOWA HK luggage bags are constructed using lightweight materials that help to keep the bag sturdy and tough, perfect to hold all of your travel essentials together in one place.

Which RIMOWA suitcase size is the best? | How do I care for my RIMOWA products?


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Rimowa Topas Cabin 32L Stealth HK$ 12,353.35 Amazon
Rimowa Classic Cabin HK$ 6,420.00 Zalora
Rimowa Essential Lufthansa Edition Check-In HK$ 9,674.69 Amazon
Rimowa Topas Cabin HK$ 10,488.69 Amazon
Rimowa Essential Lite Check-In HK$ 4,570.00 Zalora
Rimowa Essential Lite Lufthansa Edition Check-In HK$ 7,468.10 Amazon
Rimowa Classic Lufthansa Edition Check-In HK$ 10,877.08 Amazon
Rimowa Salsa Air Cabin HK$ 5,430.81 Amazon
Rimowa Topas Cabin 32L Champagne HK$ 10,877.08 Amazon
Rimowa Travel HK$ 7,900.01 Vestiaire Collective
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Rimowa Topas Cabin 32L Stealth

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Sail Through Time with Rimowa HK

RIMOWA Company is a German luggage brand that is well-known for its modern, stylish and exclusive luggage design. Founded by a German, Koffermanufaktur Paul Morzeck in 1898, RIMOWA is a family-owned business that manufactures luggage by hand, with the first luggage product made from wood. RIMOWA then moved on to produce luggage made from structural aluminium, which is light and resilient, and it gives a unique grooved surface.

Today, the long-established, family-run, company has been offering a selection of quality luggage bags and other travel accessories for travellers around the globe. The remarkable features of this brand are that RIMOWA maintains accuracy in the production of the luggage bags and displays excellent craftsmanship as well, in order to uphold high standards of quality that RIMOWA has set for itself

The brand is marketed as chic and fashionable travel accessories for jet-setters and taste-makers and is distributed internationally in over 65 countries through authorized dealers, company-owned stores, and flagship stores. RIMOWA features luggage bags ranging from a variety of models to suit different customers’ needs and styles, available in a wide assortment of colours, sizes and features. The luggage models are Salsa, Salsa Deluxe, Salsa Air, Bolero, Limbo, Bossa Nova, Attachè, Pilot, Topas, Topas Titanium, Topas Stealth, and Classic Flight.

Rimowa: High-Quality Luggage & Suitcases

Founded in Cologne in 1898, Rimowa has become one of the quintessential houses for prestigious luggage, renowned for its iconic design and its pursuit of excellence. An industry benchmark for German craftsmanship and innovation, Rimowa constantly strives to inspire sophisticated travellers to discover new horizons.

Fine materials used

RIMOWA pride themselves as the first luggage brand that manufactures luggage using structured aluminium and pure polycarbonate. With its weightless and imperishable properties, it is no wonder that polycarbonate is used massively in modern-day aircraft and vehicle production. Polycarbonate can survive exposure to UV radiation and is endurable to heat and cold ranging from +125° down to-100°C/ +260° to -150°F.

Another special feature of this novelty material is its remarkable flexibility. The suitcase cases give way to pressure but immediately bounce back to the original form when pressure lessens. To make sure that RIMOWA products are best for their quality, all of the inner parts used in RIMOWA polycarbonate luggage ranges are made in Germany and other parts of Europe. The durability, lightweight materials, and impressive design are what make RIMOWA luggage models unique and well-known internationally today.

As for the luggage ranges made of aluminium, it was inspired by the legendary aircraft, JU52 from the forefront era of aircraft production and travel. RIMOWA was the first worldwide luggage producer who started the production of trunks made out of aluminium. Following that, the first cases made of aircraft aluminium were produced and infused the unique groove design of the luggage cases, which eventually became the special feature of all RIMOWA luggage cases. Over time, RIMOWA earned the nickname for its aluminium luggage ranges, as “The original luggage with the grooves”.

RIMOWA Superstars

It does not matter where they come from or where they are going, celebrities love to travel in style. And that is why they always make sure to bring RIMOWA along with them. For decades, RIMOWA luggage cases have been playing an important role in the worlds of art, culture and music. The novelty design approach and the demand for high-quality production are just a few of the aspects that make RIMOWA the leading luggage choice for elite celebrities, national teams, popular bands, and singers.

Among the elite celebrities who often travel with RIMOWA luggage are actors and actresses, like Aaron Paul, Antonio Banderas, Rachel McAdams, Zoe Saldana, Jessica Alba, and Chase Crawford, musicians and bands such as Kool and The Gang, will.i.am, Kiss, Sunrise Avenue, Lily Allen, and Duran Duran. The German national teams are huge fans of RIMOWA luggage ranges as well, as they were often seen travelling with the luggage ranges from the brand. Among the German national teams who use RIMOWA are the national football team, the basketball team, the gymnastics team and the national athletes’ team.

Which RIMOWA suitcase size is the best?

Each RIMOWA has its advantages, and each client is unique. If you usually travel for short periods of time (1-2 days) and prefer to carry on your luggage when flying, the Cabin S might be what you’re looking for. Need a little extra space? The Cabin or Cabin Plus are perfect carry-on sizes with a bit of extra space. Use RIMOWA’s airline compatibility chart located on each product page to check if your desired Cabin case is compatible with your airline of preference. If you’re looking for a suitcase for longer trips, we suggest the Check-In models. Check-In M and Check-In L are the perfect sizes for extended journeys. Planning an even longer trip or looking for a suitcase with a unique RIMOWA shape? Then the Trunk or Trunk Plus is the way to go. Inspired by the original RIMOWA trunks of the past, these are timeless classics engineered to offer travellers optimum capacity and long-lasting performance with an iconic shape that is undeniably distinctive.

How do I care for my RIMOWA products?

To ensure your RIMOWA remains in fine condition, please note the following recommendations: to remove dust or dirt, use a damp cloth or non-abrasive sponge with clean water. Stubborn or sticky residue can be safely removed using simple alcohol, such as Isopropyl. For any light scuffs or scrapes on the surface of your case, use RIMOWA’s wax-free polish & repair paste (not recommended for use on any RIMOWA with a matte finish).