Catering to beach and water sports lovers, Roxy has a great selection of swimwear from wetsuits, bikinis, monokinis, and so much more! Specializing in women's beachwear, apparel, and accessories, Roxy is well-known for providing top quality products. Check out the brand's selection of swimwear below or read more about Roxy HK.

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Have Fun At the Beach with the Best Roxy Swimwear Hong Kong

Initially created to be a swimwear line in 1990, Roxy is known for their sportswear and apparel products. Eventually, the brand became a staple in many beaches and surf competitions. In just 4 years after it was first established, the brand recruited reigning ASP Female Champion Lisa Andersen to become a member of the Roxy team. Aside from world-class champions, celebrities have also been seen wearing Roxy swimwear such as Willow Smith and Avril Lavigne. If you are looking for swimwear that looks fabulous and functional, Roxy Hong Kong would be the best one to go.

Female Surfers Sponsored by Roxy

At the beach, nothing is more exhilarating than riding the waves. Being in the ocean, feeling the moment, and being one with the sea is what surfing is all about. Accompanying you with your ocean adventures, Roxy takes form and function to the next level. Along with their team of surfers, the brand has created some of the hottest swimwear for you. Among the many names on this list are Kelia Moniz, Bruna Schmitz, Lee-Ann Curren, Justin Mauvin, Lisa Andersen, Chelsea Tuach, Caroline Marks, and Mainei Kinimaka.

Stephanie Gilmore

Born and raised in NSW, Australia, Stephanie is a six-time world champion surfer who has dominated the surf scene since 2007. She is an accomplished surfer with a knack for Roxy bikinis with a triangle slider separated to help her mix and match.

Bianca Buitendag

Learning to surf at the age of 8, Bianca Buitendag is a goofy-stance surfer who just wants to have fun! She was born in False Bay outside Cape Town in Africa where she rode the waves with her two brothers. She eventually moved to the Southern Cape region where she surfed to heart's content until in 2013 where she coveted the "Rookie of the Year" award at the ASP awards ceremony.

Monyca Eleogram

Being in the ocean is the best thing about surfing for Monyca Eleogram. At the tender age of 14, she represented Hawaii in the 2005 and 2006 Quiksilver World Junior Pro and quickly qualified for the 2007 NSSA National Finals. With her favorite frontside carves, Monyca's surfing career just got more exciting with Roxy.

Where is Roxy from?

Roxy is a lifestyle surf brand founded in Torquay, Australia in 1969. Offering products for every aspect of the active girl’s life. From handbag to Henley, wetsuit to tide watch, the key ingredient of their product is that inimitable Roxy spirit.

What does the Roxy symbol mean?

Roxy is Quicksilver’s female clothing line. To appeal to their audience, they use a heart as a logo, drawing inspiration from the feminine shape and connotation behind its meaning. And it’s not any ordinary heart - it’s actually two Quicksilver logos turned on their ends. The logo resembles a rather well-known woodcut depicting a typhoon wave and Mount Fuji. The high mountain is used as a symbol of excellence and authenticity. Also, the wave represents surfing, while the mountain represents snowboarding, the two activities where Quicksilver products are often used.

Who is Roxy owned by?

Roxy is owned by their parent organization, Quicksilver HK.

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Swimwear for women is not just a piece of cloth that covers parts of your body, it is a functional garment that can make or break your performance while surfing. Setting your comfort and style as a priority, Roxy has teamed up with the best surfers from around the world and created an entire line of swimwear that would cater to your surfing needs. From wetsuits, bikinis, monokinis, two- or one-pieces, you can comfortably have fun under the sun with Roxy!