Salomon shoes are renowned for their grip, and that’s largely thanks to the Contagrip outsole the company uses. A special rubber formulation that Salomon produces itself, it comes in a high abrasion version for excellent durability. Learn more about Salomon shoes HK below.


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How to Choose Your Salomon Hong Kong Trail Running Shoes

Trail running involves running off the beaten track. It’s often considered to be a completely different sport to road running, but in fact, there are many similarities. They do, of course, take place in two very different environments but the main principle is the same; you have to put one foot in front of the other! However, the big difference in the environment means that the runners’ requirements are also different. So let’s start by looking in more detail at Salomon HK shoes.

What are the differences between trail running shoes and road running shoes?

The main differences between trail running shoes and road running shoes are in relation to the type of running surface. For trail running, it is best to have shoes with good tread as well as built-in protection, foot support and stability for uneven surfaces.


The deeper the lugs (cleats on the outsole), the better traction the shoe will give you in muddy terrain. Whereas shorter, more closely spaced lugs are enough for hard-packed, dry trails and they will give you more stability and efficiency.

Foot Protection

Trail running shoes generally have built-in protection. Rock plates protect your forefoot from rocky trails and toe guards and uppers add additional protection against rocks and sharp vegetation. As a result, trail running shoes are generally very durable despite the rough terrain that they can encounter.

Stability for Uneven Terrain

Cushioning and support provided from a stiffer shoe can help increase the level of stability. This will also allow room for error and give you more confidence. Unlike in road running, pronation support is not such an issue as on uneven terrain, your foot is always adjusting to the surface.

What features should I choose for my trail running shoes?

Having a specially designed trail running shoe for the terrain you’ll be running on can help increase your confidence and skill on the trail, but there are endless options out there and it can get very confusing in choosing the correct one. Don’t panic! You just have to ask yourself the right questions:

  • What type of terrain am I going to be running on?
  • What are my running goals?
  • What distances will I be covering?