A familiar name when it comes to luggage brands, Samsonite luggage is highly recommended for being reliable and robust. Read about Samsonite Hong Kong Travel Luggage here.


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Top Samsonite Travel Luggage Price List 2019

Top 10 products Price Store
Travel Bags Multi-function Luggage Bags Sports Storage Bags HK$ 565.63 Banggood
Samsonite 73351 Black HK$ 4,384.94 Harvey Nichols
Samsonite 73349 Blue HK$ 3,386.09 Harvey Nichols
Samsonite 73352 Black HK$ 4,544.75 Harvey Nichols
Samsonite 73352 Blue HK$ 4,544.75 Harvey Nichols
Samsonite 73351 Blue HK$ 4,384.94 Harvey Nichols
Samsonite 73349 Black HK$ 3,386.09 Harvey Nichols
Samsonite 98v003blue HK$ 2,626.97 Harvey Nichols
Victorinox Travel & duffel bags HK$ 1,491.44 YOOX
PUMA Travel & duffel bags HK$ 392.49 YOOX

Samsonite Hong Kong Travel Luggage - Life Is A Journey

A proud American provider of luggage and travel accessories, Samsonite is not a stranger when it comes to designing innovative luggage designs that allow fellow travellers to enjoy their travel and adventure without any worry and fear. The name "Samsonite" is very popular in the world of luggage brands as it is a trusted brand with proven track record and it boasts a variety of travel bag designs. Like its name, Samsonite is renowned for its strong build quality that makes its bags to be one of the most popular brands in the world. Its durability ensures many customers enjoy their usage of Samsonite luggage for a very long time that they will be convinced that Samsonite luggage makes great quality products that last throughout the time.   

Samsonite Hong Kong Travel Luggage - Always By Your Side

As traveling is used to be a luxury that can only be enjoyed by the elite and privileged people, few has been given the means and money to go around the world. Even then, Samsonite has been in the business of manufacturing luggage as early as 1910. This also means that Samsonite really knows it business of making luggage very well and is familiar with what its customers want and expect. Throughout its history, Samsonite has been leading the world of luggage by constantly introducing newer and better features that make travelling easier, safer, more comfortable and simpler. Any hassle or trouble that usually plague your travel luggage should be over by now because Samsonite has created travel luggage that is both user-friendly and suited for travelling.

Samsonite Hong Kong Travel Luggage - Mighty Companions That Will Never Leave You

Samsonite Cosmolite

Never compromising the balance between style and strength, Samsonite Cosmolite series features Cosmolite designs that are both light and strong at the same time. In fact, it is a pretty handy combination that every traveller has been wishing about: a travel companion that is light yet durable. Its notable safety features such as zipper protection, enhanced locks and stronger interior assure you that your belongings are safely kept and you do not have to worry about it.   

Samsonite B'Lite 3

Another iconic Samsonite luggage series that is easily one of most popular Samsonite bags among its customers, Samsonite B'Lite 3 series features stylish and elegant luggage designs that make others will look at you while travelling with style. Outfitted with 360° multi-directional spinner wheels, you can move your luggage anywhere comfortably and effortlessly (even pulling your own luggage is smoother and enjoyable experience). This is also aided by the fact that the whole Samsonite B'Lite luggage has been extensively redesigned so there will be much weight reduction that makes this luggage to be easy to carry and bring around. You may not feel the difference initially but you will appreciate such advantage when moving your fully packed luggage around.

Samsonite Firelite

This Samsonite travel luggage series boasts a water resistant PU coated zipper that adds extra security and durability aside from its usually tough "Samsonite' style in its body. Not only that, it also has a more functional interior with better organised compartments to make it easier and comfortable for you to pack your stuffs in it. Representing the desire of Samsonite in pushing the limits of its products, Samsonite Firelite series has been said to be inspired by the lifestyle of extreme sports. Hence, it is not a surprise when you take delight in its modern yet minimal design as well as its seemingly uncanny ability to absorb heavy impact during travel. (especially rough "handling" by airport baggage handlers)

Travel The World With Samsonite Hong Kong Travel Luggage

Travelling has been made easier and more comfortable with the use of Samsonite travel luggage. Now, it is the time to broaden your horizon and look further as you set your sight on your favourite destinations, accompanied by your trusted Samsonite travel luggage. If you are looking for smaller yet durable travel bag, you can also take a look at Samsonite backpack.