Samsung HK boasts a wide range of impressive products including mobile phones, laptops, and appliances. Go check out the latest Samsung HK products on this page. You can also read the article below to learn how Samsung HK products can improve your lifestyle.

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Top Samsung Price List 2019

Top 10 products Price Store
Samsung Galaxy Watch HK$ 2,805.00 Personal Digital
Samsung Galaxy S9 HK$ 5,306.00 Personal Digital
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 HK$ 8,369.00 Personal Digital
Samsung Gear Sport HK$ 2,353.00 Amazon
Samsung Galaxy S8 HK$ 4,216.00 Personal Digital
Samsung Galaxy S7 HK$ 2,105.00 Tomtop
Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm) HK$ 2,720.00 Amazon
Samsung Gear 360 HK$ 1,405.00 Personal Digital
Samsung Galaxy Tab A HK$ 1,412.00 Amazon
Samsung Gear S3 Frontier HK$ 2,176.00 Personal Digital
Most Popular
Samsung Galaxy Watch

Cheapest at Personal Digital HK$ 2,805.00 Go to Shop

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How Samsung Products Can Improve Your Lifestyle

Samsung is a trusted name when it comes to making popular handsets, such as its Galaxy line of mobile phones, as well as household appliances including vacuum cleaners and washing machines. Here's how Samsung products can improve your lifestyle through their remarkable features.

Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones

Samsung Galaxy is a popular range of mobile phones and tablets, featuring top-notch specifications designed for modern smartphone users. The company manufactured best-selling handsets including Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung S5, and Samsung Galaxy S8 - the latter being one of the most sought-after devices today. The Samsung S8 boasts top-of-the-line internals, vibrant Infinity display, and a capable set of cameras; hence, it remains a favorite mobile phone amongst smartphone users in Hong Kong.

Samsung Vacuum Cleaners

Designed to clean your home with ease, Samsung vacuum cleaners are your dedicated companion that you can trust at all times. The Samsung VU7000, for instance, uses powerful suction technology that helps to remove even the tiniest dirt and dust from any surface area. Not just that, expect an ergonomic design to offer both flexibility and comfort so that you can do your cleaning tasks easily.

The Samsung VU7000 can be easily maneuvered around without wasting time and effort. Such combination of innovative design and powerful suction technology promises an efficient and advanced cleaning performance like never before.

It comes with ready-to-use attachments within the vacuum handle. These attachments enable you to switch quickly to different brushes without any worries. You do not need to worry about misplacing them since all of them will be in the vacuum handle. Besides, there is no need for you to stop and swap accessories because they can be used at any time. Some of these attachments include dusting and crevice modes which allow you to clean awkward spots.

Thanks to its unique Motion Sync design, you can enjoy swift, stable, and smooth vacuuming on any surface. Its swivel body gives you the flexibility to turn on a dime. Furthermore, the large cambered wheels can roll easily over carpets, bumps, and hardwood with minimal effort. If you have a problem of trying to clean a hard-to-reach spot, all you need to do is detach your handle and your hose-free Handy Stick will transform into a lightweight vacuum wand that comes with its own dedicated motor and dust chamber.

Samsung Washing Machines

Boasting a wide range of washing machines, Samsung is proud to design exceptional models which provide true value for money. They are also equipped with the latest technologies which offer better solution to deal with your laundry issues. One of the most innovative Samsung washing machines is the Samsung FlexWash that contains two individually controlled washers in the same unit. In other words, you can expect both top and front/bottom loaders in its body. Now, you can run two kinds of washes with totally different setting options. Incredibly, you can even wash separate loads at the same time. With two washers in a single machine, you can give all your clothes the best possible care. It combines a 5.0 cu. ft. lower washer with a 1.0 cu. ft. upper washer for a total capacity of 6.0 cu. ft. As a result, you can wash everything simultaneously.

Samsung FlexWash uses Super Speed for faster cycles which can power through the laundry in just 30 minutes. You can also use the power of steam to remove stains without the need to pre-treat. Furthermore, Samsung FlexWash is all about giving you a quieter wash with its VRT Plus technology. This technology can reduce vibration so that heavy loads stay balanced and quiet even at high speeds.

Representing the digital age, this amazing Samsung product enables you to stay connected with its Wi-Fi connectivity. It will enable you to monitor remaining cycle time. Moreover, you can get alerts when the cycle is complete. You can even use your smartphone to schedule cycles from anywhere. The Samsung FlexWash has been designed to be eco-friendly and energy-efficient at the same time. In other words, this Samsung washing machine can consume less power while preserving the environment. Samsung recommends that you get Samsung FlexDry in order to complete this epic pairing.

Aside from Samsung mobile phones, check out these Samsung appliances and computing products.