Samsung Galaxy is an impressive line of phones and tablets with features and specifications that are designed for modern users. Read on to learn more tips to enrich your smartphone experience. You can also check out the latest Samsung Galaxy Hong Kong products below.


Top Samsung Galaxy Price List 2020

Top 10 products Price Store
Samsung Galaxy S10 HK$ 3,875.25 Amazon
Samsung Galaxy S9 HK$ 2,007.73 Amazon
Samsung Galaxy S20 HK$ 6,200.45 Amazon
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 HK$ 1,550.05 Amazon
Samsung Galaxy Tab A HK$ 1,177.94 Amazon
Samsung Galaxy A20s HK$ 1,356.29 Amazon
Samsung Galaxy Note10 HK$ 3,286.28 Amazon
Samsung Galaxy A10s HK$ 1,022.70 Amazon
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G HK$ 4,255.11 Amazon
Samsung Galaxy Note10 Aura Black HK$ 3,286.28 Amazon
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Samsung Samsung Galaxy S10

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4 Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy Phones

Samsung continues to create technologically-advanced smartphones to make your everyday life more seamless and convenient. Whether you own a Galaxy S8 or S4, a Galaxy Mini or Mega, or a Note 5, there are features that will save you time and help you get the most out of your smartphone. From running two apps on the same screen to using your handset as a TV remote, here are tips every Samsung Galaxy mobile phone user should know.

Run two apps on the same screen at once

Samsung Galaxy Hong Kong mobile phones are among the earliest handsets to come with a Multi Window function. This allows the user to run two different apps on the screen at the same time, providing impressive multitasking power. Also, you can transfer the content from one window into another. To enable this feature, make sure Multi Window is switched on in the Quick Settings Menu. After that, swipe the tab on the left side of your screen to the right. Then, drag the app icons found on the tray that shows up in the top and bottom windows. With that, you can insert a photo to your email by simply dragging and dropping it, or head over to the Web while you check your messages.

Speed things up

If you lose patience easily while waiting, it’s best to disable the home button shortcut for Samsung’s voice assistant to speed things up. By doing so you will observe a lesser delay when exiting apps. That is because your Samsung mobile is waiting for you to tap that home button twice to enable the feature, each time you press it.

To bring more time back to your life, just tap the home button twice to activate Samsung’s voice assistant then tap the three dots found in the upper right, after that touch Settings. Finally, uncheck the box that suggests “Open via the home key”.

Turn your smartphone into a remote control

In case you didn’t know, Galaxy smartphones in Hong Kong can function as a remote control. With their built-in Smart Remote app, you can change the channel just by touching your phone’s screen. It’s easy to set up – first, select your region (Hong Kong), cable provider, and recommendations based on your viewing preference. Then, you will go through a short set up process which will allow you to control your TV at the end once everything is done.

One-handed mode

Samsung phones with larger screens are popular but some users find them annoying to use with one hand. They get annoyed when they stretch their thumb across the display to tap an icon or number on the dial pad. Fortunately, Samsung addressed the issue by coming up with a one-handed operation feature. This minimizes the size of the whole display to a more manageable size. Exiting this mode is also a breeze so you can turn it back to normal so you can watch blockbuster movies on your Galaxy phone.

To enable this feature, just go to the Settings menu and choose the One-handed operation. After that, switch the button to On. Then, activate the mode by sliding your finger in from the right side of the screen and back to the edge in a quick motion. To exit the mode, just touch the top right of the display.

Which is the best Samsung Galaxy?

Samsung is probably most often associated with heavyweight flagship phones, but they also make some rather good mid-range and budget models too. Whatever you’re looking for your next smartphone, there’s probably a Samsung device to fit.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S20
  2. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
  3. Samsung Galaxy S10E
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
  5. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
  6. Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus
  7. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
  8. Samsung Galaxy A51
  9. Samsung Galaxy S10
  10. Samsung Galaxy Note 1o

What is Galaxy A?

The Samsung Galaxy A is made for the ultimate productivity use. With a great display & comfort grip, the Galaxy A series is perfect for on-the-go use.

How much is Samsung A20 in Hong Kong?

As of July 2020, the price of Samsung Galaxy A20 in Hong Kong is HK$1,170. The design is wonderful, the phone is compact and handy, the One UI software is extremely likable, and the AMOLED display is gorgeous. At the same time, the choice of chipset and performance configuration limits the phone to very basic users especially if you are considering the Galaxy A20 in 2020.

How long do Samsung phones last?

If you get a Samsung flagship phone, the hardware will most likely last for 3 to 4 years. The battery will need to be replaced within 1.5 years. Peripherals that usually die around 3 years are the charging port and headphone jack. So the average lifespan of Samsung phones are around 3 to 4 years.

What is the cheapest Galaxy phone?

Samsung is best known for its flagship Galaxy S and Galaxy Note families, but the manufacturer offers handsets at virtually every price point. Here are some of the cheaper options that Samsung offers:

  • Samsung Galaxy M31
  • Samsung Galaxy A30S
  • Samsung Galaxy M10s
  • Samsung Galaxy A10s
  • Samsung Galaxy A01

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