Whenever smartphones are mentioned, one of the first brands that will come to mind is Samsung HK. Over the years, Samsung (also known as 三星) has managed to become one of the top smartphone brands in Hong Kong. Known for its innovation, Samsung has been playing a central role in introducing new technologies and breakthroughs in its smartphones. Find out more about Samsung smartphones below.


Top Samsung Mobile Phones Price List 2019

Top 10 products Price Store
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 HK$ 8,371.39 Personal Digital
Samsung Galaxy S9 HK$ 5,307.31 Personal Digital
Samsung Galaxy S8 HK$ 3,315.20 Amazon
Samsung Galaxy S7 HK$ 2,105.98 Tomtop
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus HK$ 6,628.52 Personal Digital
Samsung Galaxy S6 HK$ 1,568.24 Light In The Box
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 HK$ 4,008.60 Personal Digital
Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime HK$ 2,108.31 Personal Digital
Samsung Galaxy J8 HK$ 2,305.08 Personal Digital
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus HK$ 5,329.80 Personal Digital
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Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Cheapest at Personal Digital HK$ 8,371.39 Go to Shop

Reasons Why Samsung HK is the Smartphone King

Although the number of companies that are manufacturing smartphones has been rising, Samsung Hong Kong still seems to be firmly at the top. This Korean tech giant constantly raises the bar for mobile devices to new heights with its newest flagships and devices. Here are some reasons to justify why Samsung smartphones (三星手機) are considered as amongst the top models in the industry today:

Best Display Screen in the Industry

When it comes to display screen, no other brand can compare to Samsung. The brand is best known as the first to introduce OLED displays on its smartphones. Over the years, the technology has gradually evolved, hence the latest Samsung smartphones now have Super AMOLED displays that offer accurate colour reproduction, vivid colours, and the darkest blacks. Even its closest rivals in the industry are unable to match in terms of producing the best display screens.

Varied Selection of Smartphones to Choose From

Another reason why Samsung has managed to gain the market share it has been enjoying over the years is that it targets a wide array of demographics and across all price ranges. Samsung not only provides premium flagship smartphones; its presence is also seen in mid- and low-budget categories. These devices are more than capable of fulfilling whatever needs you might be looking for in a smartphone. Whether you want a smartphone that offers superior camera quality or a rugged phone that can withstand accidental drops and come with dust and water resistance, Samsung has a phone for you.

Innovation is Key

Samsung’s innovation is not only limited to its display screen. In fact, many of the latest features seen on smartphones today were initially introduced by Samsung. Samsung has a flurry of features and apps that have made life more convenient for its users. Take Samsung’s very own virtual assistant, Bixby, for example. Combining machine learning, voice assistance, and visual help, Bixby is an all-encompassing mobile assistant that is equipped with the latest Samsung flagships.

Another impressive app that Samsung offers to its consumers is the mobile wallet payment app known as Samsung Pay. This app turns your phone into a wallet so that you do not have to bring any cash along with you whenever you shop, providing more convenience to its users.

Top-of-the-Line Security Features

As smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives, it is essential to ensure that all the information stored on them are safe and secure from unauthorized parties. Hence, Samsung HK always strives to introduce enhance security measures on its smartphones to ensure that your personal information is not compromised in any way. From responsive fingerprint scanners to revolutionary facial recognition systems, Samsung leads the way in introducing advanced security features in the smartphones.

Besides smartphones, Samsung also manufactures a wide array of other technological devices including tablets, Bluetooth headsets, and smartwatches.