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Samsung Tablets

Samsung tablets are used almost everywhere in the world, and they are about as common as the iPad. But what makes Samsung tablets so attractive and functional?

Powered by Android

All of Samsung's Galaxy tablets are powered by Google's Android operating system, which is open sourced and usable by many manufacturers. Android is a great operating software because it essentially gives the users a lot of freedom on how they want to customize the smartphone through the use of various applications, launchers, and much more.

S Pen Stylus

Some of Samsung's tablets come equipped with their signature and state of the art S Pen stylus. The stylus works and feels exactly like a pen on paper when you are taking down notes or drawing something. It also has mouse-like functionality, allowing the user to select, cut, paste, drag, and drop whatever items and files on the tablet.


Samsung tablets all run their very own TouchWiz user interface that is overlaid the Android operating system. Such custom user interfaces from manufacturers typically bring a lot of software optimizations and features that Android itself typically do not have. One of this with Samsung's TouchWiz is the use of Multi-window applications. This allows the user to run two Android applications side by side on the tablet's generous display space simulataneously, allowing for greater levels of productivity.

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Samsung tablets, like its smartphones, pack in all the latest hardware components and features that can make our lives more convenient. They have a large variety of tablets that cater to every different need and market. Their tablets are used in many different countries around the world.

*Prices updated on 21 Jul 2017

Samsung Tablets Hong Kong

Samsung Galaxy Tab Hong Kong

Samsung's smartphones are pretty sleek, and they usually have all of the world's current and best features out there. Their flagship smartphones especially have taken the world by storm with their incredible performance and fantastic camera. They do not only make incredible smartphones however, Samsung also produces a variety of Android tablets in various degrees of prices and specifications.

Samsung produces tablets in many different sizes, ranging from a smaller (tablet-wise) 7-inch display and all the way to a massive 18.4-inch display of the Galaxy View tablet. Samsung also has lower-end tablets that are targeted towards the budget market, as well as premium high-end tablets that are aimed towards those who want the best of the best.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Hong Kong

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is an Android tablet that is versatile in anyway – use it for work or play, it will definitely give you only the best performance possible. It has a form factor that is more squared in a 4: 3 ratio instead of the usual rectangular 16: 9 ratio, which makes it more versatile for reading, gaming, and other media consumption.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 has a Super AMOLED display that offers the richest of colors and contrast to all of your images and videos. AMOLED displays are amazing for viewing all sorts of media. Powering that beautiful display is a new and improved octa-core processor. The in-house Exynos 5433 processor is extremely efficient and capable; it provides you with the power and speed you would come to expect from a premium feeling tablet such as this. The Tab S2's internal storage is also expandable up to 128GB with a microSD card.

Galaxy Tab A Hong Kong

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A differs from its sibling S2 tablet in that I t comes with a included stylus to help navigate the tablet. Samsung's very own signature stylus, the S Pen, is commonly found in its flagship phablet smartphone, but now it also comes with the Galaxy Tab A.

The inclusion of the S Pen with the Tab A helps to make interaction with the tablet a little bit more intuitive as it will help you to work, play, and share more on the Android tablet. The S Pen feels and works exactly like a real pen on paper, allowing you to take notes more efficiently and more conveniently. It can also act like a computer mouse, allowing you to cut, paste, drag, and drop easily.

Because of the larger screen estate of the Samsung Tab A tablet, Samsung's very own TouchWiz interface allows users to split the tablet's screen to run two different applications side by side simultaneously at any given time. This can help to increase your productivity on a daily basis.

Samsung tablets come in many different specifications and models that cater to almost every different need and market for them. They are also reliable and are commonly used by many people worldwide.

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