With summer just being around the corner, rocking out your new swimsuit would the perfect way to enjoy it! It’s time to flaunt that beach body with Seafolly Hong Kong's great deal of swimwear for women! Take a look at many of their products below or click here for tips on how you can choose the perfect Seafolly swimwear for your body type.

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Flaunt your Beach Body Seafolly Hong kong!

Forget about cheap, low-quality bikinis; it’s time to indulge yourself and your body with only the best swimwear for the season! Seafolly Hong kong is one of the most well-known swimwear brands for women not only in Hong kong, but also in Australia. Operating for more than 40 years, the brand has been providing excellent quality swimwear that had spanned to 17 different collections. Famous supermodels like Behati Prinsloo, Jessica Hart, Gigi Hadid, Miranda Kerr, are some of the many brand ambassadors of Seafolly, making it even more famous overseas. Why settle for anything less? If you can get your hands on fabulous, high quality bikini, choose Seafolly.

About Seafolly Hong kong

Seafolly started out in 1975 where beaches and lifestyle go hand in hand - Australia. Peter and Yvonne Halas established the brand with a great passion for fun, and fashion in swimwear. The brand takes pride in all their creations from swimsuits, coverups, bikinis, apparel, accessories, and other summer essentials. Seafolly greatly innovates and experiments on different types of styles, fabrics, prints, and colours to bring out the best in every design for fashion and functionality. The brand believes that women around the world should enjoy every moment they spend on their summer holidays and weekends by the beach. Seafolly today boasts its quality swimwear in Australia, the United States, and in Hong kong with over 400 stockists across the globe. A brand of choice for celebrity models such as Alyssa Sutherland, Behati Prinsloo, Marloes Horst, Jessica Hart, Gigi Hadid, Miranda Kerr, Catherine Mcneil, and Samantha Harris, Seafolly gives you more confidence when you strut down the beach!

Magnificent Bikini collections from Seafolly

40 years in the industry, Seafolly Hong kong has made exciting and fabulous swimwear collections for women. You would surely love these fabulous pieces from Seafolly with different kinds of swimwear such as a one and two-piece bikini, halter, bandeau, and sport top, Brazilian, Hipster, high-waist bottoms, and more! Check out these great collections and choose from our selection of Seafolly bikinis here.

Out of the Blue

Characterized by its distinct vintage rock, hippie, Bohemian style with a touch of blue, Seafolly’s out of the Blue collection comprises of several designs including a two-piece, and one piece bikini along with several garments that would make your island experience fabulous!


Crochet and needlework is seen as a fashionable alternative to traditional nylon and spandex fabric. Seafolly’s Marrakech collection shows how excellent craftsmanship can make fabulous designs. Paired with a Moroccan-inspired prints, Seafolly Marrakech will surely give you a run for your money.

Block Party

If you want simple and minimalist designs on your Seafolly bikinis, then the Seafolly Block Party would be a perfect choice. This collection follows an extensive line of designs and colors ranging from blue, black, white, and orange, giving you a sporty look.


Take your beach wear to the next level with Seafolly’s Laced collection. You can sport comfortable, feminine, and super sexy swimwear during the day plus excellent outfits during the night such as tops, shirts, pants, dresses, and Kaftans.

Tidal Wave

Have ou ever been so captivated with the beach and the waves? From the sound to form, this Seafolly collection is inspired by waves as seen on the patterns on each piece. So if you just can’t get enough of the island life, then take home a Tidal wave swimsuit!

Jungle Out There

Beachwear has never been this fun and exciting! Seafolly’s Jungle Out There Collection collection inspires bright, crisp colors such as green, red, and nectarine mixed with a black and/or white canvas. With this collectio, you can go from pool to beach in no time!


If you prefer bright colored, geo-tribal patterns on your bikini with surf-inspired style, then the Seafolly Kasbah is the perfect choice for you. Characterized by its dramatic patterns and colors, Kasbah, gives you tons of choices from one to two piece bikinis, to scubam and high-neck tops.

These are just some of the many collections from Seafolly that you should check out. There are also other collections such as Mesh About, Mod.com, Fast Lane, Deja Blue, Seafolly Goddess, Shimmer, Coast to Coast, Riviera, and Beach Gypsy.

How to choose the perfect Seafolly swimwear

Seafolly swimwear is not about showing off your body or exposing more skin, it’s about using it to your advantage and enhance your assets that you wish to show. To help you choose the right swimwear, below are some great tips that would definitely help you out:

  • Know your body type. There are four main female body types: (1) pear shaped, (2) apple shape, (3) hourglass shape, and (4) straight.
  • Get rid of excess hair. Before heading out to try some great swimsuits with your friends, make sure to get a Brazilian wax or at least shave your armpits.
  • Find the right swimwear that would highlight your assets. So to get started, choose a part of your body that you deem as an “asset” such as bust, legs, hips, and butt. To do that, choose a bikini with bright colors or patterns, and to downplay them, choose solid colors.
  • Choose a bikini for its primary use. Whether you’re going out surfing, scuba diving, or simply going out for a sun tan, you should know what type of bikini to wear.

So if you want to choose the perfect bikini, choose Seafolly Hong kong. Take a quick look at our available designs here or browse over to different brands such as Maaji, Beach Riot, Mikoh, and so much more!