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Seagate Olive Leaf Acne Remedy 1 fl oz (30 ml) at 118.00 HKD from iHerb
Seagate Olive Leaf Acne Remedy 1 fl oz (30 ml)
HK$ 118.00
Homeopathic All Natural Homeopathic Topical Skin Relief A Water-Based Natural Remedy Fast Relief For: Acne Pimples Itching Eczema Cold Sores Topical Skin Relief All Natural No Medicinal Odor No Chemicals Use For the temporary relief of symptoms of acne, pimples, and cold sores For the temporary relief of eczema, burning and itching, and skin pustular eruptions The safe and effective treatment of acne and pimples can be accomplished with natural ingredients. Seagate's organic farming and fishing operations supply the finest ingredients to their manufacturing plant. Study the ingredient lists on labels of the products that you are considering applying to your skin and decide if you are comfortable having those chemicals absorbed and circulating throughout your body. You will then appreciate Seagate's all-natural remedies, because your health really matters.
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Seagate Seaweed Freeze-Dried 500 mg 100 Vcaps at 94.00 HKD from iHerb
Seagate Seaweed Freeze-Dried 500 mg 100 Vcaps
HK$ 94.00
Dietary Supplement 100% Pure No Fillers Benefits: Seaweed contains fiber, minerals, protein and chlorophyll, is rich in antioxidants and represent up to 10% of the diet in Asian countries. Seaweed is an excellent cleanser, digestive aid, detox, nutrient source of calcium and iron. Iodine is an important trace mineral found in seaweed that is used by the thyroid. One serving (3 capsules) contains 0.02 mg of iodine or 15% of the suggested daily value. Raw Material Source: Seaweed is a fast-growing highly sustainable source of food for marine life and for Man growing 2-3 feet/day. Seagate harvests this seaweed using divers who hand-selected this rich algae from a remote protected bay along the central Pacific coast of Baja California. The seaweed is brought directly to Seagate's factory where it is rinsed and then carefully freeze-dried in large stainless-steel vacuum tanks to capture all of its valuable nutrients and antioxidants.
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Seagate Earache Remedy 1/2 fl oz (15ml) at 77.00 HKD from iHerb
Seagate Earache Remedy 1/2 fl oz (15ml)
HK$ 77.00
All Natural Homeopathic Fast Pain Relief Soothing Reduces Swelling Safe for Use with Other Rx Medicine Doctor Recommended Strong enough for adults, gentle enough for children. Homeopathy is a natural approach to medicine that works without contraindications (interference with other medications you may be taking) or side effects, to stimulate the body's curative responses so that the body heals itself. Natural antimicrobial products derived from plant sources, are proving to be potent preventatives, treatments, and stimulants of the body's natural immune system, without the side-effects of many modern pharmaceutical drugs and are less susceptible to potency loss as a result of mutation by bacteria strains. The safe and effected relief of earache pain can be accomplished with natural ingredients. Uses: A homeopathic combination for the temporary relief of earaches, inflammation of external and internal ear. For the temporary relief of earaches from congestion or swelling of middle ear or eustachian tubes.
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Seagate Lycopene-15 15 mg 90 Vcaps at 157.00 HKD from iHerb
Seagate Lycopene-15 15 mg 90 Vcaps
HK$ 157.00
Natural Lycopene Source Health Food Supplement 100% Pure, Freeze-Dried, No Fillers, No Solvents Raw Material Source: Seagate grows a variety of Roma tomatoes which have maximum red color and lycopene level. Seagate has complete control over the entire operation, from planting and growing their crops to processing the tomato lycopene in their own factory. These tomatoes were not genetically-modified, nor subjected to any chemical or pesticide. Processing: Seagate freeze-dries the tomatoes using modern stainless-steel equipment. This method maintains the delicate balance of the phytonutrients, while concentrating the antioxidant compounds such as betacarotene, phytosterols, and lycopene. Lycopene: Each 500 mg capsule contains 3% lycopene, tested by independent laboratories using UV methodology. Seagate avoids using any solvents to concentrate the lycopene and thereby avoids having the residual ethyl acetate that is present in the capsules of many other brands of lycopene. This product provides dietary support for prostate and cervix health.
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Seagate Lemon 450 mg 100 Vcaps at 141.00 HKD from iHerb
Seagate Lemon 450 mg 100 Vcaps
HK$ 141.00
Freeze-Dried Whole Lemons 100% Pure/No Fillers/No Chemicals Dietary Supplement Processing: Seagate's lemons are grown in the interior valleys of Baja California. Seagate freeze-dries these whole lemons (which includes the skin, the pulp, the seeds and the juice) to make this whole lemon concentrate powder contained in each capsule. This is a very delicate low-temperature/high vacuum process that removes only the moisture contained in this fruit, retaining all of the valuable nutrients. These lemons have been grown and processed without the use of any chemicals. Benefits: Although lemons have an acidic taste, they will leave an alkaline residue in the body, which is important when trying to reduce the body's acidity level. Lemon also is an aid in digestion, constipation, cleansing, and for abdominal relief. While most people use only the juice from the lemon and discard the rest of the fruit. Seagate Lemon is a low-cost, convenient way to enjoy the benefits of eating the whole lemon on a daily basis.
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Seagate Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1000 mg 100 Softgel Capsules at 142.00 HKD from iHerb
Seagate Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1000 mg 100 Softgel Capsules
HK$ 142.00
Dietary Supplement Processing: Seagate cold-presses this high grade extra virgin olive oil in their own factory, without using any chemicals or solvents. Only first press olive oil is used in this product. Benefits: Seagate Extra Virgin Olive Oil in softgel capsules is an easy way to increase the consumption of monounsaturated fatty acids, primarily oleic acid, without the need to taste the oil or add it to a meal. Composition: One capsule provides the following beneficial nutrients: Monounsaturated Fat - 800 mg Oleic Acid - 785 mg Natural Vitamin E - 10 mg Omega-3 Fatty Acids Linolenic Acid - 5 mg
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Seagate Olive Leaf Mint Tea 24 Tea Bags 1.3 oz (36 g) at 61.00 HKD from iHerb
Seagate Olive Leaf Mint Tea 24 Tea Bags 1.3 oz (36 g)
HK$ 61.00
100% Natural Herbal Tea No Artificial Ingredients Tastes Great When You Are Healthy or Sick! The mighty olive tree (Olea europa) has been celebrated for its power to nurture and heal since the beginning of recorded history. Cultivated in Asia Minor over 6,000 years ago, the fruit and the oil of the olive tree are mentioned in the Old and New Testaments as health-promoting and life-sustaining foods. Olive leaves were used by the ancient Egyptians to wrap and preserve their mummies prior to burial in crypts, because they helped preserve human tissue from decomposition. It would be thousands of years before the olive leaf would be studied for its antimicrobial characteristics. In 1969 a major pharmaceutical company isolated a component of olive leaf, a chemical called elenoic acid, in an attempt to develop an anti-viral medicine from this plant. Perhaps the most famous modern use of this tree is by The United Nations which uses the olive branch as its symbol of peace. Modern University and private medical research institutes are presently engaged in studies of the olive leaf because it is a source of so many health benefits. To date, there have been 8 natural phytochemicals discovered within the leaf that combine to give it these healthful properties: caffeic acid, verbascoside, luteolin 7-O-glucoside, rutin, apigenin 7-O-glucoside, luteolin 4'-O-glucoside, oleuropein, and maslinic acid. Seagate is a fishing and farming company established in 1981 that makes a variety of natural products from their own raw materials. Seagate harvests and processes over 15 natural resources that include sardines, kelp, cactus, grapes, carrots, tomatoes, and broccoli. Olive trees were initially planted to protect their crops from the high winds found in the interior Baja California. The olive leaves contained in these tea bags were grown, harvested, and freeze-dried by Seagate. Olive Leaf Mint Tea is a great-tasting drink that can be taken as part of a regular healthy diet. Whether you are feeling sick or staying healthy, drinking Olive Leaf Mint Tea is a wonderful way to brighten your day.
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Seagate Artichoke 400 mg 100 Vcaps at 79.00 HKD from iHerb
Seagate Artichoke 400 mg 100 Vcaps
HK$ 79.00
Freeze-Dried Whole Artichokes 100% Pure/No Fillers/No Chemicals Dietary Supplement Benefits: Artichoke is a non-fat, non-cholesterol, low-carbohydrate, high-fiber and high antioxidant food, that helps as a digestive aid and helps support liver and gall bladder function. Raw material source: Artichoke is one of over 18 raw materials produced and processed by Seagate derived from their farming and fishing operations. Purity: Seagate uses no chemicals or pesticides or GMO seeds. Fish fertilizer plus selected natural vitamin are used to provide the highest yields and to make these healthy plants resistant to attack by insects, fungus and microorganisms.
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