Having unwanted body hair has always been a major problem for many individuals. Science has developed countless treatments to permanently get rid of body hair, yet many of us revert back to our trusty razors and manually shave them regularly. Thankfully, there are now products in the market that would make shaving easier and better, and one of these products are shaving gels. Check our selection of shaving gels below or click here to know more about shaving gels.


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Shaving Gels - For a Smoother and Cleaner Shave

Growing out or having body hair in your face, body, pubic areas, legs, or arms is perfectly normal. However, if you have upcoming interviews, dinner dates, or other important events, shaving is a must. Not only does it make you look sharp and smooth, it is also hygienic, especially on the armpits and pubic areas. Shaving can help prevent prevent the spread of bacteria that causes unwanted body odors, which makes them a crucial part of your regimen. To make the process easier, shaving gels have been developed to lubricate your skin and make it less sensitive to razors.

What are shaving gels?

Shaving gels, like shaving creams are products that are applied on areas where you need to shave. This helps prime the skin, making it easier to shave off body hair, slightly numbs the face, and moisturizes the area, leaving a smoother, more flawless shave. Shaving gels and shaving creams have a common purpose and that is to make shaving easier.

Difference between shaving gels and creams

Choosing between shaving gels or shaving creams boils down to preference. What makes them different is the texture and appearance of the product once it comes out of the tube. Gels are clear, provides more lubrication, and are transparent, enabling you to see which part do you need to shave underneath. It is also better at moisturizing since foams tend to dry your skin, making it a no-go choice for people with dry or sensitive skin.

How to properly use shaving gels

If you are a newbie at shaving, here are some steps on how to properly use a shaving gel as well as helpful tips on how to properly shave.

  1. Soak the area with water for 2-3 minutes before putting on shaving gel.
  2. Lather the area with your preferred shaving gel, making the process smoother and keeping your skin moisturized. This also prevents nicks and cuts while using sharp razor against your skin.
  3. When shaving, always use light pressure and never press down. If you are shaving your legs, shave them from the ankles up. If you are shaving your armpits, shave from all directions - sideways, up, and down. And for the pubic area, first follow the direction of hair growth (inward) first, then go the opposite.
  4. Moisturize the skin if needed to make it look and feel smooth.

Shaving gels are a lifesaver for anyone and everyone who wants to shave unwanted body hair. It helps moisturize and prepare your skin for shaving, and it also helps you see where you are going when shaving. Say goodbye to unwanted body hair with the best shaving gels online at iPrice!