The best way to remove any unwanted body hair is the use of razors, where it allows us to shave off hair much faster and more efficiently. Electric and safety razors make shaving much safer too, reducing the chances of the blades cutting and injuring our skin.


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What is a razor?

A razor is a tool that consists of a few blades. It is primarily used in the removal of undesired body hair through shaving. The razor has been in use for many years – even going back to the Bronze Age, a razor-like object was found to be dated way back at 18000 B.C.). The ones we purchase and use today are invented in the 1900s. Many other kinds of razors have since been invented to meet the needs of the modern day person.

In this modern day and age, there are many different lifestyle expectations, as well as broader range of thought that allows us all to have a freedom of expressions for our style and comfort. Razors are one of those tools that enables us to do just that. Razors are used to remove a lot of unwanted body hair in small amounts, primarily facial hair that is prominent on most men. Although it is widely believed that only men use razor blades, women do too! Everyone uses a razor to neaten themselves up according to their preferences, style, and sometimes even for health reasons.

Types of razors

Ever since the invention of the razor in the 1900s, there have been many different types of razors. Each one catering to everyone's different preferences of use.

Straight razors

Straight razors are like flip out blades. The straight razor – also known as a cut-throat – feature a blade section that rotates between two protective pieces called scales which protects the blade and the user when folded. When the blade is unfolded, the scales serve as a handle of sorts. The blades are usually made out of stainless steel or high carbon steel.

Disposable-blade straight razors

These have a similar design to a straight razor, but instead of featuring a singular blade, the blade section is a holder that can hold disposable blades. This eliminates the need to honing and sharpening the blade, but the disposable blades wear out quickly.

Safety razors

Safety razors are designed to protect the user's skin from any possible scratches or abrasions. The general design of safety razors are a straight handle with the blade or blade cartridge at the top, forming a "T" shape. The edges of these safety razors protect the skin from coming in contact directly with the blade, but allows the blade to cut and reach any body hair.

  • Removable-blade razors: Safety razors which have removable blades that can be disposed of after use and then replaced again.
  • Cartridge razors: Similar in model to the removable-blade razor, but instead of just removing the blade, the whole head is removed and replaced. The head of the razor, the cartridge, typically features two blades and a soft touch part which will sooth the skin after the blade shaves hair away.
  • Disposable safety razors: Very cheaply made razors that have no replaceable or repairable blades. The bodies of these razors are typically made cheap and meant to be dispose after a few uses.

Electric razors

For the modern day man. Electric razors typically use rotary blades to shave off hair and do not require the use of any liquid such as shaving cream, soap, or water before shaving. Electric razors are safe to u se as there are many design features which prevent the blade from coming in contact with the skin.

  • Plugged-in electric razors require the razor to be plugged into a power port during use.
  • Rechargeable electric razors use built-in rechargeable batteries for wireless use and convenience.

The modern day innovation and technological advances have given us many ways to shave unwanted body hair. The invention of electric and safety razors just make shaving all the more safe and faster as well.