Shiseido is one of the leading and oldest luxury skincare brands in the world. In line with its slogan, "Because the beauty is already in you", it is a testament to the brand’s stance on beauty and to bring out the best in everyone. Learn more about Shiseido Hong Kong below.


Best-Selling Must-Haves from Shiseido Hong Kong

Shiseido has been around for more than 150 years since its conception in Tokyo in 1872. Since they’ve been around longer than any other cosmetics and skincare companies, it means that all of their products are highly effective in curing and eliminating any skin concerns. Not only do they have an impressive range of skincare and sun care products, but Shiseido Hong Kong also offers a line of makeup products on par with other popular cosmetics brands out in the market today.

Shiseido Skin Care

Shiseido labels their skincare range the perfect combination of nature and technology. Using ingredients that are sourced naturally and innovative ways to produce the skincare items, it’s no surprise that Shiseido skincare products work wonders. Through this miraculous combination, Shiseido skincare products are able to help customers with every skincare concern you can think off. Skin conditions like acne, ageing, dull skin, discolouration, dryness, excess sebum, and visible pores will no longer be your concern after using skincare products from Shiseido.

With the best-selling Shiseido skincare products, your skin will start glowing from inside and outside. Some of the top skincare products from Shiseido are as follows:

Shiseido Sun Care

To add on to their impressive range of skincare, Shiseido also has a sun care line specifically for sunscreens, sunblock, and other products to protect the skin from harsh UV rays. Some of Shiseido’s sunblock has been recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation for their effectiveness in protecting the skin from the sun. The recommended, award-winning products are the Shiseido Extra Smooth Sun Protection Lotion SPF 38, Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion WetForce SPF 50+, and the Shiseido Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector SPF 42. All of Shiseido sunblock are dermatologically tested and are lightweight on the skin. It can be used during an outdoor workout, before swimming laps in the pool, or before tanning at the beach.

Shiseido Makeup

If skincare and sun care products from Shiseido are still not enough to improve the well-being of your skin, Shiseido got your back with their makeup collection. There’s no harm in seeking extra help with some makeup products to hide the healing dark spots, acne, and wrinkles. Like the Sports BB Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ WetForce, for example. Not only this two-in-one BB Cream can protect your skin against UV rays, but it also offers medium coverage, perfect for daily use. This Shiseido BB Cream is available in three different shades and is extremely lightweight and long-lasting.

Another best-selling makeup product is the Shiseido Full Lash Serum. Equipped with a peanut-shaped brush, apply this serum before your regular mascara for more dramatic curls. This serum uses a smudge-resistant formula, is long-lasting, and fragrance-free. The brush follows the natural curves of the lashes and rotates 360 degrees. Last but definitely not least, the Shiseido Rouge Rouge lipstick is moisturizing and can help in preventing dullness. Better yet, the Rouge Rouge lipsticks are available in 23 vibrant reds, striking oranges, soft pinks, and gentle nudes.