Wearing high heels may be daunting but there’s a way to make the transition from flats to heels way smoother. Kitten heels, built with extremely short heels, are great for young ladies to learn how to walk in heels or for any adults who just can’t be bothered with wearing uncomfortable high heels. Read more about kitten heels in Malaysia here.

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Why Kitten High Heels in Hong Kong are The Perfect Shoes for Beginners

High heels are surely elegant and can transform any look into a sophisticated ensemble. However, if you’re not used to wearing stiletto heels or high heels taller than 5 inches, you don’t have to go through the inconvenience of getting used to high heels. You should start first with shorter heels or kitten heels to learn how to balance and walk properly in something other than flat shoes.

What are kitten high heels?

Kitten high heels, or kitten heels, are 3-inch heels that rose to prominence in the late 1950’s. There are many variations of kitten heels and some pair would feature up until 5-inch heels. It was first introduced to the younger generations as normal high heels carried a sexual connotation and it was unethical for young girls to be wearing high heels. Because of this, kitten high heels are known today as “training heels” as it was largely marketed towards younger girls transitioning from flat shoes to heeled shoes.

Why should I wear kitten heels?

Also, considering that high heels and stiletto heels still have an underlying sexual connotation, kitten high heels tend to be seen as more classy, sophisticated, and graceful. It gives you a nice middle ground between the casual ballerina flats and the provocative stiletto heels. Wearing kitten heels also means that you’ll be able to walk on different types of terrain with ease since you’ll more likely have more balance compared to wearing high heels.

Which famous persons wear kitten high heels?

Although it was initially marketed towards younger women, adult women would opt for kitten heels because of its comfort. People like Audrey Hepburn, who popularized the heels in the 1960’s, helped kitten heels to become a fashionable staple. Other than Hepburn and other old Hollywood starlets, politicians and royalties are often seen wearing kitten high heels. People like Queen Elizabeth II, Michelle Obama, Theresa May, Rachael Butler, and Maria Kearns.

Styles of kitten high heels

Just because you’re opting for shorter heels doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Brands like Valentino, Vincci, and Ferragamo all offer trendy and modish kitten high heels that you can wear to any kind of events. For instance, Maison Valentino’s studded, strappy pointed-toe kitten heels are one of the most worn pairs of shoes by social media influencers and celebrities. Although, there are other, more classic kitten high heels like open-toed kitten heels, heels with ankle straps, or chunky Mary Jane kitten heels that you can consider.

If you feel like you and your feet are not ready for stiletto heels, kitten high heels are strongly recommended. It may not look as appealing as sky-high heels, but it will surely be comfortable and easy to wear.

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