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XBlades Adrenaline 18 Football Boots
HK$ 741.00

Guaranteed to get your heart racing and blood pumping, feel the rush of Adrenaline. Designed to keep you in the game for longer, the cushioning inner board inside Adrenaline remains comfortable on any surface. The external EVA wedge promotes correct foot positioning, reducing the risk of lower leg injuries. When it's time to take the game on, Adrenaline will step up to the fight. KEY Features Lightweight Premium Microfiber Upper Nobody likes heavy boots, so by using a premium microfiber upper, we’ve reduced the weight keeping you light on your feet. The microfiber keeps its shape and doesn't absorb water meaning these boots are suited to all types of conditions. LOW Profile Blades The low profile bladed sole is strategically designed to increase comfort during high-effort running and under long duration. The bladed sole comes to its own on hard grounds where comfort is too often forgotten, ultimately providing increased protection of the foot and lower leg. Shocksorb Innersole To keep you on your feet for longer, the Shocksorb innersole boasts high density EVA with added heel and forefoot cushioning. This allows the stress to be taken away from the key areas of your foot and increases comfort dramatically. 10Mm External EVA Wedge. Positioned in the perfect spot to promote correct anatomical positioning of the foot, the external EVA wedge aids in reducing lower leg injuries. Shop more XBlades products online. ]]>

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Sports shoes Hong Kong

Train insane or remain the same

Thus is the unsaid motto of every athlete. A world-class athlete needs the best gear to compete. The essentials include sports shoes. Sports shoes Hong Kong comes in the form of every big brand in the market. Sport shoes Hong Kong online has shoes for every sport and occasion. Whether you’re running a marathon or going hiking you’ll find a pair of sports shoes for any activity.

Follow these links to get the right pair of shoe today:

Types of Sport Shoes Hong Kong

Running shoes

Probably the most popular of the sport shoe categories in Hong Kong are the running shoes. As Hong Kongns, our country unites through various marathons and fun-runs. the Standard Chartered run, Viper Challenge and Nike Run are just some examples of fun activities that require a pair of steady running shoes. at you'll find all your favourite running shoes. Just follow the links to get the perfect pair and be off to a running start!

Football & Futsal shoes

Hong Kongns are avid fans of football, especially the English Premier League (EPL). Come EPL season, yesterday's game is on everyone's mind. "Makan bola, minum bola, tidur bola" as the saying goes, we become preoccupied with football. Thankfully there are football & futsal shoes available at unbelievable prices online. When the time comes, whip out your football shoes and get a head start in your very own league. For those who don’t fancy running up and down the field, you’re more of a futsal player. No worries, there are futsal shoes for you and your mates too. Futsal shoes come in all shapes and colours. There’s no need to go kampung (barefoot) style anymore. With cheap prices on futsal shoes, you can invest in the best.

Badminton shoes

Following in the footsteps of badminton legend Lee Chong Wei, you will want to invest in the right pair of badminton shoes to protect your feet during your match. Badminton shoes should allow for maximum lift and steady grip while bouncing from one end of the court to another.

Tennis shoes

Much like running shoes, tennis shoes are tough and durable to last for years of training. Zipping from one end to the other of the court takes stamina and the right tennis shoe will give you the upper hand in the game. Tennis shoes need loads of grip to run and a whole lot more bounce to get to the ball.

Shoes for any sports and the best brands

Besides football, tennis and running shoes, you can also find a variety of basketball shoes, trainers, volleyball shoes and hiking shoes at incredible prices. You’ll also find your favourite brands with sport shoes Hong Kong. Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Puma, Reebok, Asics, New Balance, Ambros and many, many more are here for you to choose from. Get the best sport shoes today by shopping online. Choose from hundreds of varieties from the comfort of your own home.