If you’ve ever wondered how much more time you’d gain in the day if your soap pump dispensed soap faster, or you didn’t have to wrestle the bin every time you change the bag, you’re going to love Simplehuman. Every Simplehuman product has been designed to save you time - and, of course, help your home look great in the process. Learn more about Simplehuman HK below.

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What You Need to Know About Simplehuman HK Online

Founded in 2000, privately held California-based, simplehuman is a designer and manufacturer of kitchen, bath, and beauty tools based on the concept that day to day life has room for improvement; by solving simple, often overlooked problems, the company helps you to be more efficient in your daily tasks at home. Their home products are referred to as tools for efficient living and span five general categories: trash cans and liners; sensor pumps and soap; dishracks and other kitchen tools; shower caddies and other bath tools; sensor mirrors.

Thoughtful design, sensor technology, and hands-free operation are the Simplehuman brand's signatures. The product line includes sensor-activated lighted mirrors that illuminate automatically as your face nears; premium quality stainless steel step trash cans, recycling bins, and custom fit liners; pet food storage cans; steel dish racks; rechargeable bath sensor pumps; paper towel holders; bag holders and more.

Best Products You Can Get from Simplehuman Hong Kong Online

  • Compost Caddy - Separate organics from trash, making waste management even more efficient; its soft-seal lid allows organics to breathe, keeping bad odors under control and pests away.
  • Liquid Soap Sensor Pump -Perfect tool for cleaning hands, dispensing soap and sanitizer touch-free to prevent the spread of germs; it forces the liquid through an air-tight tube and it can dispense soap or sanitizer instantly
  • Sensor Mirror Trio - With a color rendering index (CRI) of 95, its tru-lux light system closely simulates natural sunlight's full-color spectrum to show every detail of your makeup; comes with three views: 5x magnification to view your entire face with enhanced clarity and detail; 1x for checking your look at the true size; 10x window for an extremely close-up detailed view.
  • Steel Frame Dish Rack - Drain water quickly and neatly — no puddles, water-spots, or residue. Also comes with an added anti-slip rubber feet for greater stability so it stays in place on the countertop.
  • Pet Food Can - The lid is made with a silicone gasket that ensures an airtight seal so dog and pet food stays fresh. The can comes with a removable BPA-free inner bucket.

Do you have to use Simplehuman liners?

No, you don’t have to buy the special Simplehuman liners to fit the cans. They fit your regular 12-gallon trash bags just fine.

Who makes Simplehuman?

Take household trash for instance. It may not be the sexiest of problems to create solutions for, but everyone makes a mess. Therefore, managing waste is crucial not only for minimizing the resulting chaos in our homes and workspaces but also for hygiene. Frank Yang, Founder, and CEO of simplehuman, a privately-owned brand known as the Apple of homeware understands this premise implicitly. When Yang launched simplehuman in 2000, he had a singular goal—to design the ultimate trashcan by incorporating better functionality, durability, and aesthetics.

Does Simplehuman go on sale?

Yes! Simplehuman does go on sale, they’re always offering great deals on their clearance products. Check out the “Sale” section of their website to purchase Simplehuman items at an affordable price. Clearance products change regularly so be sure to check back from time to time.

How long is SimpleHuman warranty?

All SimpleHuman products are backed by the added security of our 2, 5, or 10-year warranty, where indicated. Each product has a unique warranty period, which can vary per model and/or the retailer it is purchased from.

How long do you charge SimpleHuman rechargeable sensor soap pump?

By using a USB power adaptor to recharge, the sensor pump can fully charge in just two hours and provides up to three months of regular use.

How do I know when my simplehuman soap dispenser is charged?

A blue indicator light will flash on and off to indicate the pump is charging. A solid blue light means the pump is fully charged.

Can you use any soap in SimpleHuman soap dispenser?

Absolutely! Any type of liquid soap that does not have exfoliants or beads can be used in SimpleHuman soap dispenser. Simplehuman's soap brand appears to be a bit thinner than typical store-bought brands. You may add some water to the liquid soap of a different brand before pouring it into the dispenser.