Sneakers are great for casual wear, running around town, doing errands and we always want to find the most comfortable pair to chauffer us around. Have you checked out the line-up from Skechers? Many runner blogs and sport shoes review sites are buzzing about this US brand with positive reviews. Skechers are not only great for professional track training, but also for brisk walking and walks in the park. Look for your pair of comfortable neon kicks below at our iprice online store.


Top SKECHERS Price List 2021

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SKECHERS D'Lites trainers in tan-Brown HK$ 4,451.66 ASOS
SKECHERS Sport Court trainers in white HK$ 2,627.72 ASOS
SKECHERS Burst Sneakers HK$ 349.00 Zalora
SKECHERS d'lites 3.0 trainers in black and tan-Multi HK$ 2,630.36 ASOS
Skechers ULTRA FLEX HK$ 349.00 Zalora
Skechers ULTRA FLEX HK$ 349.00 Zalora
SKECHERS Trainers HK$ 484.05 Vestiaire Collective
SKECHERS Trainers HK$ 387.24 Vestiaire Collective
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Skechers Hong Kong- Providing Comfort

The Skechers Company is the brainchild of Robert Greenberg, former head of L.A. Gear. He determined that while athletic shoes were the boon of other companies, shoes for casual wear didn’t really have a home. He wanted a brand that would revolutionize streetwear and fashion-forward casual shoes. The brand initially focused on making shoes for skating and boots for logging or construction.

The company now has its focus on two categories of distinct types of footwear: one is their Lifestyle line which offers Memory Foam that contours to the uniqueness of your foot for extreme comfort. The second is their performance shoes such as GOwalk and GO run, both using innovative technology to facilitate the best cushioning and impact protection for walking and running. Skechers also offers a diverse range of products which have been specifically designed for each and every consumer from children to adults, from play to work.

Technologies that Grace Skechers Running Shoes

Skechers is known for creating their own set of tech for their shoes. The parts and components that are placed in each shoe have been engineered to enable a natural yet speedy performance. Here are some of the technologies that aim to heighten the wearer’s stride when running:

  • Resalyte- This technology is used for cushioning the underside of the foot. It is made of an injection-moulded material that is able to mould itself slightly to the contours of the foot-pad. It has also been configured to be lightweight and flexible.
  • 5GEN®- This foam unit is one of the recent updates to the list of Skechers cushioning systems. It is a full-length material that’s designed to offer a springy ride. It has a spongy nature that allows the foot to experience an energized lift.
  • FLIGHT GEN™- An evolution of the proprietary cushioning system that aims to deliver responsive performance, this full-length compound is even more lightweight than the standard offerings. And though it doesn’t have a substantial weight, it still has the form and essence to assimilate springy toe-offs.
  • Goga Mat®- This insole technology is made using compounds that are highly reactive to weight and motion. It is lightweight and flexible, yet it cushions the foot adequately through its springy Also, it is able to absorb impact shock with ease, dispersing the energy generated by the landing phase, thus saving the tendons and muscles from the blowback.
  • Midfoot Strike Zone- Skechers designed the sole unit of their running shoes to have a midfoot that is more susceptible to be in contact with the ground. Such a design permits midfoot striking as opposed to the much-common heel striking. Pundits say that heel striking causes discomfort as it results in high levels of impact shock; it is also deemed less efficient when it comes to transitioning through the gait cycle as it takes more time to reset the step when starting from the heel.
  • GOknit™- A knitted fabric is used in some of the Skechers running shoes. This kind of textile offers breathability in a lightweight and flexible package. Moreover, it is touted to be smooth in texture so runners can experience an irritation-free in-shoe experience when wearing a shoe that has the GOknit™.

Famous Running Shoes From Skechers

Skechers GoRun 400: One of the earliest builds in the GOrun series retains its popularity through its implementation of a supportive yet breathable sandwich mesh, a set of stitched overlays, and a lightweight configuration. A sporty look has been utilized here, with angular shapes complementing the bullet-shaped facade.

Skechers GoRun Ride 7: Lightweight construction in a sturdy façade, that’s the design philosophy behind the GoRun 7. This running shoe offers conventional running enthusiasts with a snug yet secure experience while also aiming for aesthetics that aren’t visually arresting. Emphasizing the versatile build, the comfortable cushioning system, and the breathable yet supportive upper.

Skechers GoRun Mojo: The GoRun Mojo is one of Skechers top performance shoes that embraces style. A bootie construction is used for the upper, permitting the foot to experience a stretchy yet smooth wrap that evokes the feeling of merely wearing a sock. A sturdy yet responsive midsole ensures springy and well-cushioned steps.

Things to Look for in Men's and Women's Walking Shoes from Skechers

A perfect pair of walking trainers will make you forget that you’re even wearing one. As these shoes are primarily designed for walking, they have unique features that make it easier for the wearer to walk or stand for long periods without feeling any discomfort.

Comfortable Upper

Just like any other training shoes, walking footwear needs to be comfortable for both short and extended periods of use. It should also have features that help to keep your feet protected, comfortable and relaxed. The material in the upper unit of walking shoes is supposed to be pliable to assist the natural flexibility of the foot. But it should also have some firmness to it to keep the foot sufficiently supported. Also, consider the type of closure you feel most comfortable with. There are walking shoes with a traditional lace-up system as well as trainers with a hook-and-loop closure. If you’re not a fan of fiddling around with laces or straps, you can consider slip-on walking trainers which allows you to simply just slide on the shoe and be on your way.

Ample Cushioning

The midsole of good walking shoes is characterized by its bounciness. It must be able to provide sufficient shock absorption to prevent straining the joints and muscles. The sole material should not feel too plush as it needs to have the right amount of firmness to deliver a responsive and steady platform. Most walking shoes also feature a removable insole. The insert is usually moulded to conform to the natural shape of the foot and provide arch support.

Correct Fit and Sizing

Finding the right fit in your walking shoe is crucial to the overall health of your feet and legs. A correct-fitting walking shoe should be snug yet non-restrictive at the rearfoot to keep the heel steady and comfortable. However, the toe box should provide ample space for the toes to splay naturally throughout the walking session. Skechers Summits, Skechers GOWalk 5, Skechers GOWalk Max, and Skechers Elite Flex are perfect walking shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Skechers Hong Kong

Which Skechers is the best for running?

Skechers GOrun shoes have designs that are explicitly meant for running. The lightweight build, the semi-curved design, the precise foot-coverage, and the running-optimized features contribute to a potentially excellent performance. The Skechers GoRun Fast-Valor, GoRun Ride 7, GoRun Razor 3 Hyper and GoRun Focus are just a few of Skechers’ best running shoes.

How to take care of Skechers walking shoes?

For minor stains, follow this simple procedure to keep your shoes fresh:

  • Use a dry brush or a small cloth to remove excess dirt.
  • Dip the brush or cloth into a soapy mixture of warm water and laundry detergent and wipe the affected area.
  • Clean the soap away with another cloth and a small amount of warm water.
  • Let the shoe air dry.

Since most Skechers walking shoes have a mesh upper, they can be machine washed inside a laundry bag. However, do not use a dryer, allow your footwear to air dry. If there’s Memory Foam insole in your shoe, let it dry for 10-12 hours to ensure that it’s completely free from moisture. The brand also recommends applying Skechers Water Proofer Spray to protect the footwear from stains and water.