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Face for Men

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Otoko Shikon Gel Facial Mask For Men 500g
HK$ 314.00

Brand from Japan: Otoko. Luxury formulation of carefully selected plant-derived ingredients, four large moety ingredients. Incorporating purple root extract, active ingredients such as allantoin, aloe vera extract, hyaluronic acid, approach from the root to cause causes of men's aging such as spots, wrinkles, dry skin, etc. Purple root extract: Cell activating action: Promotes metabolism and blood circulation of the skin, it reduces spots and dullness, and encourages fresh skin. Bactericidal action: Alleviate inflammation of acne and pimples, and speed recovery. Skin activation action: Leads to trouble skin such as dry, oily, sensitive skin, etc. to a normal and stable state. Because it does not choose skin quality, it is recommended for men who do not have a habit of choosing cosmetics according to their own skin quality like women. Anti-inflammatory effect: Suppresses skin inflammation and maintains a healthy skin condition. Allantoin: Turnover promoting action: Promotes the proliferation of new epidermal cells and works to help old cells such as horny cells to peel off, so it is effective for rough skin and scratches. Aloe vera extract: Transparent feeling: Gives a transparent feeling to your skin, making it a youthful impression. Hyaluronic acid: Moisturizing effect: It will moisturize skin that can withstand close range. How to use: Use on cleansing skin after cleansing. Take a gel of about 500 yen coffee into the palm of your hand and let it fit the whole face. After that, let me penetrate so as to press lightly with the palm of your hand. If you are concerned about drying, use after conditioning your skin with your own lotion.

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KOSÉ Clear Turn Premium Royal Gelee Collagen Mask 4 pcs
HK$ 97.00 HK$ 102.00

Brand from Japan: Kose. A premium skin care mask for special days to deliver high concentration hyaluronic acid to the skin. A rich juicy essence with high penetration feeling, plenty of luxurious beauty ingredients carefully selected. Deliver deliciously deep and moisture to the skin. With the all-in-one effect, the moisture that springs up from the inside of the skin, makes dry fine lines less noticeable. When you want to make the feeling of elasticity more than usual, when you want to make special skin care easily for the makeup nouri UP of an important day, relax skin care time to the maintenance of your skin. Weakly acidic, colorless, mineral oil, silicone free, UV absorber free. A relaxing floral fragrance. How to use: Use on cleansing skin after cleansing. When you are concerned about drying, use the mask after use, emulsion, cream and so on stand your skin. You can warm it by floating about 5 minutes in a bathtub of about 40 degrees while leaving it in a bag, or you can use it by chilling in a refrigerator. Remove the mask from the bag, spread the mask. Fold back with the eyes of the sheet facing outward. First align the position of the eyes, then position the mouth, put it on the whole face, lightly hold it so that no air enters, and bring it into close contact with the skin. In case of care of the eyes, while watching carefully so that the liquid does not get into the eyes, bring the folded back part of the sheet close to the eye and bring it into close contact, care for the lower eyelid. Leave the mask as it is for about 15 minutes. Then it is more effective if you apply the essence that remained on your skin with the palm of your hand.

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