Sloggi brings true comfort to people’s everyday life by creating the most innovative bodywear in the world. Launched in 1979, the brand has long been the best-selling brief brand in Europe and today delivers unrivalled comfort across multi-faceted intimate apparel for both women and men across Europe, Asia, US and Canada. Learn more about Sloggi HK below.

How to determine the right Sloggi bra size?


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Sloggi Hong Kong - Liberating True Comfort

They say it’s not the clothes you wear that make you, it’s how you carry yourself in them. To ensure you feel confident in any outfit (for day or night) – quality lingerie or inner-wear is paramount. Experience brand new freedom and confidence with Sloggi’s range of quality innerwear and lingerie. Say goodbye to the dreaded VPL (visible panty lines) and show off your curves with Sloggi’s range of seamless bras and panties. Now, you can feel good and look good – all day, every day.

About Sloggi 香港

Originating in Germany, Sloggi is recognized worldwide for producing comfortable innerwear that lasts and is also fashion savvy. The brand’s excellent fit, variety of fabrics and styles of inner wear has empowered many men and women all over the world. Since its inception in 1979, Sloggi has grown into a household name in many places across the globe. Currently, the brand is accessible in 100 countries worldwide.

Sloggi Social Media

Fans of Sloggi in Hong Kong can keep up with the brand via their Facebook page. On the page, you can expect images of new releases, latest collections, promotions, as well as styling tips. You can also learn which physical stores carry the Sloggi brand. In addition to the Facebook page, Sloggi also has an official website. Here you can feast your eyes on their hot picks, contact the administrator, watch a quick video intro and even check out what’s in season.

Sloggi Oxygene

The lightest bra in the Sloggi-universe is here: Oxygene Infinite! It is light and airy while offering out-of-this-world comfort. All thanks to an ultra-breathable and revolutionary design made entirely of 3D knitted spacer fabric. The sleek and hyper-modern wonder floats into the ring in a weight class entirely of its own.

How to determine the right Sloggi bra size?

There are three variables that you have to take into account when determining bra sizes for women: underbust width, bust circumference and style that fits that equation. Use the elbow test to see if your breasts are sitting in your bra correctly. To conduct this test, stand sideways in the mirror and bend your elbow to a 45°angle. Your bra should sit in the middle of your arm between your elbow and shoulder. If it is in the upper half of your arm, the desired lift is being attained. If the bra is sitting in the lower half of your arm, a change of style or size is required.