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SQUARE ENIX Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD Remastered Game PS3
HK$ 177.00

Square Enix announced that HD remakes of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 will be arriving later this year. This weekend the company unveiled the first trailer for the remastered adventures of Tidus and Yuna. "These games are classic fan-favorites, and we hope that new and old Final Fantasy fans can experience the world of Spira and the story of Tidus and Yuna in a brand-new light with these remastered editions;" said Yoshinori Kitase, producer of both games. Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy X is the first title in this landmark RPG series to be released for the PlayStation 2. The main characters are Tidus, a star of blitzball (a hugely popular sport in the Final Fantasy universe) and Yuna, who has learned the art of summoning and controlling aeons, powerful spirits of yore. These two people of different backgrounds must work together as they journey through the world of Spira. This instalment of Final Fantasy has a distinctly Asian influence, bringing a fresh feel to the characters, music, settings, and story. Features include voice-overs for the first time in the series (utilising the "Facial Motion System"); high polygon, motion-captured player characters designed by Tetusya Nomura, and a camera that automatically adjusts its perspective to correspond with the movements of the characters, a feature now possible due to the title now being largely polygonal. Voice-overs will be featured for the first time in the series, utilizing the Facial Motion System High-polygon, motion-captured player characters, designed by Tetsuya Nomura, bring lifelike realism to the screen The camera will automatically shift its perspective to correspond with the movements of the characters, a feature now possible due to the title being largely polygonal Characters will be able to rotate in and out of the party even in the heat of battle, allowing a tag team approach to fighting! Final Fantasy X-2 Final Fantasy X-2 is the first sequel in the long-respected series. This sequel keeps the familiar environment fresh with the inclusion of a newly created battle system. The first female-led Final Fantasy, it combines an experience that is both light-hearted and melancholy with a tragic story of unrequited love and dark secrets. Two years after Yuna's fateful journey to defeat Sin in Final Fantasy X, the once chaotic world of Spira has gone through a massive transformation, entering a period of "Eternal Calm". Despite the Calm, Yuna's heart is empty and longs for her lost friends. When she obtains a mystical sphere that contains imagery of what might be the Blitzball player she thought was gone forever, Yuna is driven to seek the truth behind what she has seen. Incorporating a completely revamped battle system, new job classes, diverse looks for the leading female characters, renovated maps and enhanced character development systems, Final Fantasy X2 delivers a fresh new look. Sequel to popular RPG title Non-linear story New combat and character development systems Beautifully designed graphics For 1 player

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SQUARE ENIX Final Fantasy XIV Starter Edition PS4 Game
HK$ 153.00

Final Fantasy 14 is a subscription game, you will be required to pay a monthly subscription as well as purchasing the game in order to play. You may need a UK Square Enix account in order to register this game. For newcomers to Final Fantasy XIV Online, this edition includes Final Fantasy Xiv: A Realm Reborn Discover Eorzea. A land embraced by Gods and forged by Heroes. Create and customize your own unique hero and explore the realm with friends from across the world. Embark on the adventure of a lifetime in an ever-changing Final Fantasy world. All the hallmarks of the Final Fantasy franchise, including an engaging storyline, genre-leading graphics, and HD real-time cut scenes A flexible class system that allows players to switch freely between a variety of classes and jobs, simply by swapping their equipped weapon or tool, allowing any character to raise all classes and jobs to level 50 Robust gameplay features such as player-managed Free Companies, diverse party finder features to group up with other players with ease, and a variety of fun activities in the Gold Saucer area, all designed to accommodate a dynamic player community Challenging trials, dungeons and raids for groups of up to 24 players, and exciting player-vs-player (PvP) content for groups of up to 72 players Breathtaking musical score by renowned Final Fantasy series composers Access to all main scenario content updates to continue the story: 2.1 - A Realm Awoken, 2.2 - Through The Maelstrom, 2.3 - Defenders Of Eorzea, 2.4 - Dreams Of Ice and 2.5 - Before the Fall Cross-platform play on Windows PC, Mac and PlayStation®4; with incredible graphics engine that delivers a high level of detail and quality on all platforms.

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