St. John Knits, more commonly known worldwide as St. John, is a luxury fashion brand that specializes in women’s knitwear. The brand is best known for its wool and rayon yarn knits that have made a name for themselves amongst women worldwide. Read more about the apparels that St. John provides to Hong Kong women below.

St. John Clothing

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St. John Dresses Long Dresses HK$ 12,035.67 Yoox
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St. John Wool Rib Knit Turtleneck

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St. John’s Journey to International Recognition

St. John was founded in 1962 by formal model Marie St John and her husband Robert Gray. Being in the center of the fashion industry, Marie had in-depth knowledge on the needs and trends amongst women at the time. The brand marked the coming together of craft and couture based on a simple yet elegant knit dress. Being a model, Marie Gray personally showcased the first St. John knit dress. Thanks to her experience in the fashion industry and her classic beauty, she played a pivotal role as both Chief Designer and the first face of St. John.

Subsequent Noteworthy Developments in the 1970s

St. John tirelessly researched on the best material for their apparels. Eventually, in 1965, they developed a unique wool blend yarn known as Santana, with a special twist. From then onwards, Santana became a signature to the brand until today. Thanks to their emphasis in providing quality wear that amplifies a woman’s femininity, St. John’s apparels were well-received by its customers.

The 1970s was a wonderful year in the history of St. John. The brand continued its rapid expansion, and in 1971, the brand established its headquarters in Orange County, California, increasing factory space as an effort to meet growing demands for its products. Founder Robert Gray also managed to forge a friendly relationship with renowned international fashion retailers Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue, which enabled St. John to expand their distribution to these institutions. Being showcased in these reputable retailers with global networks meant that St. John has gained increased exposure, allowing more American women to know about the brand and its apparels.

The 1970s were also the time when knitwear designs increased in complexity, as more elaborate knitting techniques and rare exotic yarns were introduced to the public. These brought increased developments to the knitwear industry, thus affecting St. John as well. Despite these developments, St. John did well to cope by insisting to use the highest quality yarns, reflecting its continuous commitment to use state-of-the-art production methods to manufacture their apparels.

St. John’s Progress in the 1980s

The constant desire for perfection led to the rise of many processes to be shifted internally. In 1980, St. John started to twist and dye the yarns they use indoors to create the rich and vibrant colours that St. John is known for. The brand opened its own dye plant using the finest pigments and dyes so that they can perfectly reproduce the dyes according to their high standards.

The early 1980s was also the time when St. John opened their very own jewellery workshop and began to produce beautifully-crafted jewellery such as buttons using precious metals. The opulent buttons eventually became a trademark of St. John’s jackets.

In 1981, the Gray’s involvement in the company increased. Robert and Marie Gray’s daughter, Kelly, became St. John’s signature model at the age of 15 years old, following her mother’s footsteps. She went on to become the face of the brand. In 1983, St. John expanded its inventory to include an Evening Collection. Thanks to this collection, paillettes gradually became a highlight embellishment for St. John. The brand continued to gain support from its customers, which enabled it to open the first company-owned St. John Boutique in Palm Desert, California.

St John’s Advancements in the 1990s

The 1990s saw Kelly Gray, the face of the brand, playing a more significant role in the company. Kelly involved herself in all aspects of the business alongside her parents, Robert and Marie Gray. She progressively held positions as Co-President & Creative Director, as well as Co-CEO of St John. In 1995, a high honour was bestowed upon St. John as former First Lady, Hillary Clinton was spotted wearing St. John outfits.

Towards the mid-90s, St. John’s tremendous growth continues, enabling the brand to increase company-owned boutiques in the United States. Moreover, St. John expanded its businesses internationally, with products being made available to Europe, UK, the Middle East, and Asia, including Hong Kong.

St. John in the 21st Century

St. John’s business continued steadily in America as well as internationally, making a name for themselves in the fashion industry for luxury women’s wear. St. John also engaged in celebrity endorsements as part of their marketing strategy. St. John Fall 2005 campaign featured world-renowned supermodel, Gisele Bundchen, whereas Hollywood A-list actress Angelina Jolie became the face of St. John from 2006 to 2008. Other notable celebrity endorsers and ambassadors include model and singer-songwriter Karen Elson, actress Kate Winslet, Chrissy Teigen, and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

In recent years, St. John has also graced many prestigious events and award ceremonies, becoming an immensely popular brand amongst celebrities. Amongst the most notable occasions was when Angelina Jolie wore an exquisite St. John gown to the Golden Globes in 2007. Moreover, Sofia Vergara also donned a St. John gown to the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards in 2015.