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Looking for urban street-wear suited to the Singapore climate? Staple Pigeon is finally here all the way from the bustling New York City! Read more about Staple Clothing Hong Kong below.

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Staple Dot T-Shirt at 228.00 HKD from Bobobobo
Staple Dot T-Shirt
HK$ 228.00
From its humble roots as a small t-shirt line, New York-based brand Staple has grown to become renowned streetwear brand popular for its unique designs and eclectic prints. Founder Jeff Staple's creations reflect the grit and ceaseless exuberance of his city, and touches upon a variety of influences from fashion to music to art. Since its collaboration with Nike to produce the much hyped Staple Pigeon Dunk SB shoe, the brand has become a favorite for sneakerheads as well. Staple took inspiration from urban Miami and the city's street culture this season, creating eye-catching garments in vibrant shades and prints. - Crewneck - Logo print at front - 100% Cotton
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Staple Volley T-Shirt at 309.00 HKD from Bobobobo
Staple Volley T-Shirt
HK$ 309.00
- Crewneck - Logo graphic print at front and sleeves - Logo at nape - 100% Cotton - Imported
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Staple Freedom Embroidered T-Shirt at 342.00 HKD from Bobobobo
Staple Freedom Embroidered T-Shirt
HK$ 342.00
Founded in 1997, Staple is a globally distributed street culture lifestyle brand. What started out as a small T-Shirt line handmade by founder Jeff Ng, the brand grew organically and began to gain visibility in NYC. In addition to their widely accepted menswear line, the New York native also has a creative consulting firm as well as a number of brick-and-mortar retail spaces. Nearly 20 years later, Staple's reach continues to encompass many different landscapes such as art, music, and fashion. - Brand graphics at printed at front and back - Embroidered detailing at front - Rib-knit crew neck - Short raglan sleeves - Curved hem - 100% cotton
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Staple Volley L/S Hooded T-Shirt at 390.00 HKD from Bobobobo
Staple Volley L/S Hooded T-Shirt
HK$ 390.00
- Drawstring hood - All over logo graphic print - 100% Cotton - Imported
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Staple Crosscourt Sweatshorts at 472.00 HKD from Bobobobo
Staple Crosscourt Sweatshorts
HK$ 472.00
- Elasticated waist with drawstring - All over print - Logo print stamped at front left leg - Dual side pockets - 1 right back pocket - 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester - Imported

Staple Pigeon in Hong Kong – How it all began

Staple Pigeon wasn’t even supposed to be idealized into a brand. In fact, Jeff Staple wouldn’t have known that stepping into a boutique in New York City in his own printed shirt would have garnered orders. But he received twelve nonetheless, and that was how Staple Pigeon began. Jeff Staple started off with a line of handmade t-shirts where his brand started gaining recognition from the New York fashion scene. Soon after that, Nike stepped in to request Jeff Staple to design a special commemorative sneaker, one that would truly represent New York. The response of the sneakers was more than Staple could ever hope for and was what shot Staple Pigeon and the sneaker culture to fame with the masses.

Staple Pigeon Hong Kong's design reflects and represents all the urban energy that New York has. Its official logo is the official bird of NYC, the pigeon. Staple Pigeon’s clothing line is inspired by street culture, music, art, and sports. So it wasn’t surprising that Nike was not their only collaboration. Staple Pigeon has also worked with other prestigious brands worldwide which includes Uniqlo, Timberland, Sony, Oakley and New Balance just to name a few.

Staple Pigeon Clothing – Tees

As the brand is inspired by fashion, music, and art, the t-shirts produced by Staple Pigeon Hong Kong reflects all those elements. Most of the simpler t-shirts from the brand just showcase a lone pigeon on the chest but in a multitude of prints. Not too keen on the pigeon? You can get t-shirts with just the brand name in their Acid Scoop Tee that comes in black with blotches of copper. One of the bestsellers is the simple Pigeon Vibes Tee that proudly showcases a printed pigeon next to a scribble of the brand’s name for the best of both worlds.

Staple Pigeon Clothing - Outerwear

Having a decent outerwear is important. After all, in colder climates, your outerwear is something you constantly have on display. So, finding one that is chic, stylish and yet never gaudy is everyone’s way to go about it. Staple Pigeon’s outerwear fixes that problem; playing with basic neutral colours like black, white and khaki, their outerwear is the epitome of urbanized streetwear. Apart from the coats, Staple Pigeon’s clothing also includes an extensive range of bomber jackets but with a more baseball vibe.

Staple Pigeon Outerwear for Hong Kong – Sweaters and Hoodies

Due to the hot climate that Hong Kong has, wearing thick coats, bombers, hoodies and sweatshirts probably isn’t the best idea. Fret not, because Staple Pigeon clothing has just the thing for the Hong Kongan climate. Hoodies and sweaters from the brand plays with a lot of bold geometric prints in basic black and white. For the less adventurous, opt for Staple Pigeon’s basic Dot Camo Crewneck jumper that showcases the brand’s name inconspicuously but not without a line that says “World Renown” because that is just what the brand is.

Spoilt for Choice at Staple Pigeon Hong Kong

Not sure what to buy here at Staple Pigeon Hong Kong? Their t-shirt line is always a good way to start! But if you’re considering other urban streetwear brands, you can also take a look at Stussy Hong Kong!

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