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Steelseries Sensei, USB, Gaming, Laser, PC, LCD, Windows 2000, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Home Premium x64, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7
Steelseries Rival 100, USB, Gaming, Pressed buttons, Wheel, Optical, Universal
Steelseries Rival 300, USB, Gaming, Pressed buttons, Wheel, Optical, PC/notebook
The Rival 100 Optical Gaming Mouse brings unmatched performance, at an entry level price. Armed with a best in class sensor and six programmable buttons, the Rival 100 is complete with customizable CPI up to 4000, 30 million click switches, and 16.8 million colour RGB illumination. Whether this is your first gaming mouse, or you are already topping the leader boards, this mouse has everything that a gamer needs. Custom Best-In-class sensor with zero hardware acceleration Six programmable buttons Small, ergonomic right handed design Single zone, RGB Prism Illumination SteelSeries Engine 3 allows for precise customization Mouse Mouse Type Wired Motion Sensing Technology Optical Scroll Wheel Yes Control Buttons 6 buttons Licensing Product Type Gaming Mouse Physical Form Factor Mouse - Wired Cable Length 1.8 m In The Box mouse; QSG Dimensions 6.71 cm (W) x 3.81 cm (D) x 12.06 cm (H) - Weight 0.12 kg Colour Gold
Delivers only what you need to help you eliminate the competition. Available in two different textures: Glossy smooth and Rubberized anti-sweat. Light up your wheel, CPI indicator or SteelSeries logo. Or turn it all off. CPI toggle for on-the-fly high/low sensitivity adjustments. Scalable pointer speed from 90 up to 5670 in increments of 90 so you can be exact.
Steelseries Sensei Wireless, RF Wireless+USB, Gaming, Pressed buttons, Wheel, Laser, PC/notebook
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SteelSeries Steelseries Rival Optical Mouse at 388.00 HKD from LinkEcomputer
SteelSeries Steelseries Rival Optical Mouse
HK$ 388.00
Zero Hardware Acceleration Configurable resolution up to 6,500 CPI 1ms customizable response time - no lag 30 million clicks lifecycle 6 programmable buttons (including CPI)
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SteelSeries Dex Mouse Pad at 506.00 HKD from Nzgameshop
SteelSeries Dex Mouse Pad
HK$ 506.00
Unmatched Performance The SteelSeries DeX mousepad is the new standard of excellence in high-performance mousepads. We have a history of building exceptional gaming surfaces, starting out with the Icemat, later the QcK and then the HD series. DeX is the culmination of more than a decade of inspired research, rigorous testing and cutting-edge technology. It delivers unmatched performance making it the ultimate mousepad for competitive gamers. DeX is the last mousepad you will ever need. Fast & Smooth The DeX was designed with a main mission in mind – to create a surface with the lowest possible friction on the market, prioritizing the speed and accuracy of your mouse movements. The speed-optimized 3D surface of the DeX features a tooled pattern that maintains a smooth and consistent glide in every direction, even over the iconic SteelSeries logo. Your mouse movements will feel effortless. Cutting-Edge Texture Take a close look at the surface of the DeX – this isn’t your typical mousepad. What you’ll notice is that most of the material actually sits below the surface edge, a special textured pattern of raised hexagonal ridges reduces the contact points between the mouse and the pad. Less contact means less friction. These incredibly small ridges minimize friction while maintaining the precise tracking of a high-end surface. Pro-gamer Designed We create products for all gamers alike. That being said, we find the valuable input and rigorous testing from competitive gamers extremely important when designing peripherals. When DeX met and exceeded their high standards we knew it would be an integral part of your gaming setup. With their input, the comfortable, low friction polymer surface was chosen and tested to be the perfect choice. Long-lasting Durability During its development DeX was put through all sorts of trials and tribulations. We ran wash, resiliency and abrasion tests to ensure it maintained its incredible feel even after long-term use. Pro gamers were also involved in the durability testing. They have been testing DeX for quite some time, and while they didn’t take a grinder to it, their feedback has been universal – DeX was built to last. Washable If your SteelSeries Dex starts to get dirty cleaning it is a breeze. The pad is water resistant so you can wipe it down using water without consequence. After it gets wet just dry off the moisture and get back to the gaming. Heavy Silicone Base Mousepads shifting around on your desk can be real hassle when the gaming gets frantic. The other part of our mission is to eliminate this problem whenever possible. The Steelseries DeX continues this trend with a heavy silicone base so your mouse is free to move but the pad won’t. The orange silicone has no harsh smell to it and maintains a smooth, yet tacky bottom surface. Heat-bonded edging The cloth surface and silicone base of the SteelSeries DeX come together in a perfectly covered edge. The two parts are heat sealed which means the edges won’t wear down or fray further adding to the pad’s overall durability. Dimensions Width: 320 mm / 12.6 in Length: 270 mm / 10.8 in Height: 2 mm / 0.08 in Weight: 212 g / 7.48 oz Additional Features Heat-bonded Edging Speed-optimized, Tooled Surface Wash It If Needed
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SteelSeries SteelSeries 9HD Large Professional Gaming Mouse Pad (Black) at 303.00 HKD from LinkEcomputer
SteelSeries SteelSeries 9HD Large Professional Gaming Mouse Pad (Black)
HK$ 303.00
This product offers a hard plastic surface with finely textured plastic with a steady glide and medium friction surface. 4 layer process Compatibility with optical, laser, and ball This product was originally engineered and created in parallel with the steelseries xai mouse.
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SteelSeries SteelSeries 4HD Professional Gaming Mouse Pad at 241.00 HKD from LinkEcomputer
SteelSeries SteelSeries 4HD Professional Gaming Mouse Pad
HK$ 241.00
Height - 9.6" Width - 11.9" Depth - 0.6" Color - Black
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SteelSeries SteelSeries 3HD Professional Gaming Mouse Pad at 202.00 HKD from LinkEcomputer
SteelSeries SteelSeries 3HD Professional Gaming Mouse Pad
HK$ 202.00
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