Stuhrling is a brand that built its name on 18 years of producing watches, made with the kind of quality and authenticity-obsessed “cred” that’s become their DNA - and the playbook for most watch brands that’s launched since 2002. Stuhrling continues to be the standard of seriously crafted timepieces at seriously grounded prices. Learn more about Stuhrling Hong Kong below.


Top 5 Stuhrling Men’s Watches Hong Kong For The Summer

Warmer weather means time to lose the sleeves, but that doesn’t mean your watch has to go. In the spring and summer, staying cool isn’t just about temperature. Whether you’re by the pool, on the beach, or enjoying the AC, there’s a watch that perfectly complements your looks. Here are the top 5 choices of Stuhrling watches that you can wear in comfort and style.

The Maritimer 935

Updated diver aesthetics are at the forefront of this timepiece. Water-resistant up to 200 ATM and finished with a rubber strap, the Maritimer 935 is ready to cause a splash at your next pool party.

The Maestro 849

When comfort is key, the clean styling of the Maestro is the way to go. The eye-catching brushed dial dazzles in the summer sun and is an immediate conversation-starter at backyard barbeques, while the clean minimalist design makes this a watch a perfect pairing for casual and chic spring looks.

The Delphi 696

Thought warmer weather meant that automatic watches were off the table? Think again. The bold 44mm case and partially skeletonized dial of the Delphi 696 make it perfect for classy wrists looking to luxuriate in their time as they beat the heat.

The TruTime Racer 845

Stunning accessories shouldn’t feel like they’re weighing you down. The lightweight nylon strap of the TruTime Racer 845 keeps you in comfort this spring and summer while the onlookers sweat. And don’t miss the chance to flex the 845’s full chronograph functionality as you lounge by the pool or take a trek in the warm weather.

The Aviator 3916

Rugged and ready to travel, the Aviator 3916 marks a stark departure from your average aviator watch. With a stylish studded leather band and the easy readability of its day-of-the-week and day-of-the-month indicators, this watch pairs well with adventurous wardrobes and will have you set to soar on your next summer outing.

Where are Stuhrling watches made?

The design and development of Stuhrling timepieces take place in their Park Slope mothership in Brooklyn, NY. But when it comes to manufacturing their designs, they went to the same place that Apple, Bose, Sony and other market-leaders turned to Shenzhen. Simply put, the world-class manufacturing capabilities found in this part of China’s Guangdong province rivals (actually, surpasses) everywhere from Silicon Valley to Stuttgart in terms of quality, performance, and value.