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Sunstar Industries pellbook with Moving Feather
HK$ 275.00

Read 'Em and Shriek!Old wizard Leroy was working on his book of spells with a fervor when the lightening stuck his old rocky tower on the hill. It, unfortunatly put an end to his literary project. . . and his life but it also kept his trusty quill moving perpetually whenever an unsuspecting onlooker opens his ancient text. Now, we're not sure what kind of spell he was working on when he turned to ash but Leroy's book makes some pretty crazy noises these days. It's almost as if all the victims of his magic spells in life have come back to warn people from trying any of the tips and tricks that were carefully recorded in the volumes of this manuscript!Product DetailsThis book is sure to add some fun macabre detail to your indoor decor this Halloween season. It'll light up a dark corner of any spooky soiree, enchanting the kiddos and delighting the adults. All you need is three AA batteries to make is illuminate and compell the magnetic feather pen to move around on the circlular track. The book also adds a little spirit with a cacaphony of scream, creaking, and other haunted house sounds. And when you're done with the haunting noises, there is a switch to turn the book on, off, and put it on silent. We'd say that's a handy party trick!Oldest Trick in the BookWant to have a happy Halloween with friends and family? The right creepy decor is a sure fire way to set people into a spooky state of mind. Whether you're having kids over for refreshments before they head out to the streets to trick-or-treat or you're planning on hosting a All Hallows Eve soiree for a fully grown crowd, this book is sure to add the mystical air that this season calls for. There's nothing like a good book to set the mood in the dark evenings of October!

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Sunstar Industries flatable Reaper & Carriage with Sound
HK$ 2,351.00

A Tale to TerrifyWe all know the one about Cinderella and the pumpkin carriage. A less popular story, much less exciting for little princesses everywhere, is the one starring the Grim Reaper and the haunted Jack-o-Lantern. Yes, there's still a ball involved but the premise is closer to Poe's Masque of the Red Death rather than the fairy tale we all grew up with. And while there were still ladies wearing pretty gowns twirling around with princes and dignitaries to orchestra music, the events that happened when the clock struck midnight created an entirely different ending to the tale! While you might not want to tell this sinister story at bedtime, displaying this spooky image in your yard is sure to make an impression on the neighborhood! This creepy carriage with its intimidating driver hints at a terrifying tale that both young and old will have to fill in with their imaginations. And you know that's where the devilish details lurk!Product DetailsAt seven feet tall, this Halloween display is sure to send shivers down the spines of anyone who dares pass. It leaves quite an impression during the day but it gets even better, the pumpkin flaunts swirling strands of light at night so that it can be seen from far off. While the site of this inflatable display is enough to be the talk of Halloween night, it also plays creepy noises and taunts, inviting people who can't yet see your yard's ghastly visitor to investigate the creepy noises. The display is scary, to be sure, but the cartoonish skeleton face of the driver and the bright orange of the pumpkin, carefully stay on the side of playful so that the smallest trick-or-treaters can get to your door with only a delightfully frightened squeal. Ticket to RideThere's no way we would hop into this pumpkin carriage, even if we had a golden ticket to your ride. But we would be delighted to have this carriage stop in our neighborhood just for a delightful case of the heebie-jeebies. How about you, do you need a ride?

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Sunstar Industries Dolls Hong Kong

Did you know Animated Talking Bust, Faceless Spectre Ghost and Animated Slashing Bat are the most popular Sunstar Industries Dolls? Aside from Sunstar Industries Dolls, you can also check out FUN Costumes, Rubies Costume Co. Inc and California Costume Collection. At iPrice, you can get Sunstar Industries Dolls in a price range from HK$ 47.00 to HK$ 2,351.00,  If you want, you can choose among Dress Up The best thing about Sunstar Industries Dolls is that you can get them in Purple, Pink and Grey Buy Sunstar Industries Dolls and save up to 42%!