Are you a big fan of contemporary pop culture and vintage fashion? If your answer is yes, then you would surely be a fan of Superdry, an exciting contemporary brand that focuses on high-quality products that integrate vintage Americana and Japanese inspired graphics with a British style. The Superdry brand is the perfect symbolisation of 3 different cultures and styles. Check out the brand's best collections of footwear, clothing, dresses, bags, accessories at the best price from various fashion shops in Hong Kong.

Why does Superdry use Japanese? | Is Superdry a good brand? | Why is Superdry so expensive?


All You Need to Know about Superdry Hong Kong

Superdry is a brand that is backed and owned by the all-powerful and mighty SuperGroup that has proven itself to be the indestructible superhero on the high street. It was established by Julian Dunkerton and James Holder and was much inspired by a research trip to Tokyo. (hence the Japanese wording). The brand revolves around top-notch quality products that fuse vintage American vibe and Japanese inspired illustrations with a British style and are created for the bold and the courageous.

Is Superdry Japanese or English?

No one knows the appeal of Superdry as it's a brand where its broadness of style is just out of reach. If Zara is labeled as the “catwalk trends on the cheap”, then Superdry is a label with a messy Venn diagram. It’s sporty in a way that says you do sports when you don’t even move an inch of your muscle and its faux-vintage and authentic for those who don’t like to go through the rails in a thrift store.

This label combines the American lifestyle trend with Japanese fonts, but the company is based in Cheltenham, England. You can put Superdry in the same circle as Abercrombie, Jack Wills, Gap, Uniqlo, and AllSaints but be rest assured that Superdry will prevail and trounce these other labels. No one knows how this label continues to stay on top of the popularity ladder, but you can be sure that Superdry is one brand that knows how to pull their fashion trick off.

Why does Superdry use Japanese?

The Superdry name is the result of a brainstorming session in a Tokyo bar after the brand’s co-founders, Julian Dunkerton and James Holder, collected tons of packaging for food and from shops. When looking at the packaging, they realised that everything was ‘super’ this and ‘super’ that, and that was what inspired the name, Superdry. Back in Britain, Mr. Holder gave his designs a Japanese touch by adding the words “super dry” in Japanese letters above the English name to create the fashion label’s logo.

This was the inspiration behind the name Superdry. When they came back to Britain, Holder gave his designs a Japanese touch by adding the words ‘super dry’ in Japanese letters 極度乾燥しなさい (kyokudo kansou do), above the English name which you can see clearly in the label’s logo.

Is Superdry a good brand?

There’s nothing to complain about the quality of the brand's products. Superdry clothing is made very well and neatly. The price is a bit expensive, but it’s worth it. They range from pencil cases to t-shirts and coats, which means you’re bound to find something you can’t take your eyes off of.

Besides its extensive clothing collections, the brand also has a selection of dresses, footwear, bags ad bag accessories. Superdry is a great brand that has garnered a huge following across the globe. If you are looking for a good brand to shop online, Superdry may just give you what you need.

Why is Superdry so expensive?

Superdry is a UK-based brand with a Japanese style followed. They use British tailoring in all their products, which is the best at this time, and the fabric used is high quality compared to other spun materials provided by other brands. You can get more use out of a Superdry T-shirt than a cheaper one.

Can I wash my Superdry coat?

Before you dump your Superdry coat in the washing machine, you may want to check what material is it made from. Leather jackets need to be spot cleaned and maintained with leather conditioner, ski jackets and parkas should never be overwashed and if wet, it needs to be air-dried unless it is made from down. Suede jackets need to be covered by a water-resistant spray and cleaned using a steam cleaner. To be sure, make sure to read the label for washing instructions.

Is Superdry sizing small?

According to reports, Superdry sizing can be small. When you're online shopping for Superdry items in Hong Kong, make sure that you have a size chart and a tape measure in hand. This way, you can easily estimate the size of clothing or footwear you wish to purchase.

If you want to shop for Superdry collections at the best price, make sure to add the items above to your shopping bag!