Dress up or dress down with Superga, the Italian’s finest sports shoe brand. With its impeccable craftsmanship as well as the use of fine leather in its soles, Superga earned its nickname as “The People’s Shoe of Italy”. So, whether you are heading to black tie events, or parties after work, with its wide array of colours to match your outfit, Superga’s classic and chic sneakers will surely become your go-to shoe when looking for style and comfort. Learn more about Superga HK below.

How do I wash my Superga shoes?


The Power of Superga HK: People's Shoe of Italy

In the world of sports shoes, a few brands cut above the rest. Brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma and Reebok are not only at the top of the sports shoe industry but have huge presences in the overall sports goods industry. There is one brand though that is on par with the above mentioned leading brands. One of them is Superga, a leading manufacturer of sneakers and sports shoes. Established in Turin, Italy by Walter Martiny, Superga was established with the mission of bringing the people of Italy premium quality footwear. Thus, with that mission in mind, Superga introduced footwear with vulcanized rubber soles and the first sneaker called the Superga 2750 style was born.

Soon, Superga HK became everyone’s brand choice in Italy. It was due to its impeccable craftsmanship as well as the utilization of fine leather into its footwear, that the brand, Superga became popular in a short amount of time. Since its inception, Superga has expanded its product line with various ranges of shoes from industrial, sports shoes, sneakers to rubber rain boots, with a wide array of colours and style available, for adults and kids. Today, Superga Hong Kong is still producing the finest quality of canvas footwear in the world and is the exclusive producer of canvas footwear for prominent brands such as Fendi, Swarovski, and Max Mara.

Superga’s Ardent Fans

This ultimate brand has a number of famous fans that wear their shoes constantly. Hollywood A-list stars like Katie Holmes, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Aniston, Alexa Chung, Rita Ora, the most recent Suki Waterhouse and the latest face of Superga, Binx are among those who sport these cool Superga kicks on the usual day out.

Frequently Asked Questions about Superga

Is Superga vegan?

Superga HK latex glue is classified as vegan. This means that some of their shoes, such as the Cotu Classic styles, are vegan. Do note that, while some of Superga’s fabrics are PU leather, they also have some styles that feature true leather fabric. For instance, some of Superga’s Kids shoes come with an optional true leather inside. To ensure you are purchasing a vegan style, please read the product description.

Is Superga comfortable?

Superga is all about comfort, sporty chic, and casual wear. If you are looking for that perfect everyday sneaker or a variation of a sneaker, that will keep you supported and comfortable and will go well with your laid-back style, then look no further than Superga!

How do I wash my Superga shoes?

While it is not recommended to wash your Superga shoes, the one style that you will be able to wash is the Cotu. The best way to wash your Cotu shoes is in a pillowcase, put it on a cool wash and use powder detergent (not liquid). Leave the shoelaces on so you don’t lose the shape of the shoe and hang to dry naturally, do not put it in the dryer.

Are Superga shoes good?

Superga shoes provide superior comfort and fit to your feet for a long day's walk. Superga also comes in a wide variety of styles and fashion so that you can pair your favourite pair of footwear with your most stylish outfits. Wearing a Superga shoe, you will definitely notice the difference in the level of support and cushioning that only a well-crafted Superga shoe will provide. Say goodbye to tired feet and say hello to a pair of Superga shoes in your shoe closet today!

What Superga Hong Kong footwear is recommended for first time buyers?

One of the recommended footwear from Superga is the model 2750 and the model 2950. These latest footwear from Superga can be found on the Superga catalog on the iprice.hk website for you to peruse at your leisure.