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Superman: The Iconic Superhero that Started It All

Superman is the iconic superhero who started pioneered the superhero genre in the American Comic books that are published by DC Comics. Initially, Superman’s comic book debut was in Action Comics in 1938. This comic book back in the days boosted his popularity and later on paved the way for more appearances of Superman in different medias such as newspaper strips, radio serials, tv programs, and later on in movies. With the success of Superman in reaching out to people through all forms of media, it helped create and establish the superhero genre which are now block buster movies that people are enjoying.

The Story Behind Superman’s Origin

Superman was born in a faraway alien planet called Krypton, which was dying and conquered by other beings from another alien planet. He was sent to earth by his parents with a space capsule that could travel across the universe when he was still a baby, and eventually landing to earth. He was adopted by a couple and was raised as a normal child and was named Clark Kent. As he grew up, they realized that he’s nothing like any human being because of his super strength and other superhuman abilities. When he reached maturity, Clark decided to use his superhuman abilities for the benefit of mankind, thus starting off his journey as Superman.

Impact to Pop-Culture

Superman has become a well-known fictional character in the pop culture. This character has played a huge role in the childhood of many generations over the years of its popularity. Superman is the comic book character that had a huge impact not just to the kids but even to adults and all other media. Many songs have used references associated with the character such as Kryptonite. Also, Superman has become synonymous a synonymous term to the idea of a “perfect person.” This superhero has also paved the way for popularity of costumed superheroes, without it, there would have been no costumed superheroes on TV or comics today.

Popular Superman Titles of Today

Man of Steel

This is the most recent big screen adaptation of Superman, which featured a full realistic looking live action movie that revolves around the journey of this hero. This movie led opened a whole new world of comic book movies which featured more costumed superhero.

Batman V Superman

The Sequel to the Man of Steel; one of the most recent movies which features Superman. This titular movie brought together the famous trinity which is led by Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Batman V Superman is the movie that has set up the stage for the famous Justice League – the famous comic book superhero group that was formed to protect the world.

Justice League

The latest movie franchise which was started by Man of Steel. The movie has yet to come out as it is slated for a 2017 release, however, the show in a nutshell has basically brought together the famous Justice League to fight an evil threat that will conquer the world.

Superman Merchandise

Young and old alike loves Superman, which is why many Superman Merchandise has been such a craze today, especially with the upcoming release of movies associated tot his hero. Some of the most famous Superman Merchandise are the following:

Superman T-Shirt

The shirt comes in different colors, and they would easily match with any jeans or pants. The shirt is made of either cotton and spandex, providing more comfort without looking ratchet. This shirt can be used for all casual occasion as it sports elegance and comfort.

Man of Steel Superman Costume

If you aspire to be Superman, or at least dress up like him, the Man of Steel costume is surely what you need. This costume features a blue colored printed jumpsuit which emphasizes the areas where muscles are prominent, just like with the actual Superman costume. These areas where muscles are prominent such as the arm, the abs, and the chest, are all printed in 3D. The suit is tailored right in order to look the part. The “S” logo on the chest of Superman, which stands for hope, is printed on 3D as well to give it that realistic look. This jumpsuit costume also comes with a cape. If you want an outfit that you can use for cosplays, this is the perfect one for the job.

Bring out the inner superhero in you and dress up as Superman! No one is too old to be a superhero.