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To have supple and soft skin, our skin needs sufficient collagen. Collagen has great tensile strength which will help keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay for a longer time. Look at our array of collagen below and click here to learn more about it.

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Skinfood Gold Caviar Collagen Plus Serum 40ml at 517.00 HKD from YesStyle
Skinfood Gold Caviar Collagen Plus Serum 40ml
HK$ 517.00 HK$ 861.00
Brand from South Korea: Skinfood. Contains 80.8% Collagen Plus! An at home daily facial serum for firm, smooth skin. This anti-wrinkle serum features a higher concentrate of active ingredients to immediately treat, moisturize, and nourish skin for a firmer, softer, more radiant complexion. How to Use: After toner, apply serum on face. Gently pat skin dry. For best results, follow serum up with Gold Caviar Collagen Plus Mask Cream. Pack Size - 40ml
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Shiseido The Collagen Kobikatsu Collagen Powder V 126g at 102.00 HKD from Rakuten
Shiseido The Collagen Kobikatsu Collagen Powder V 126g
HK$ 102.00
(product Description) A Day Dosage (about 6g) Contains The Mixture Of 5,000mg Low Molecular Fish Collagen, Lingonberry Which Helps Bring Out Your Inner Beauty, Amla Fruit, Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramide, Vitamin C, Etc.
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My Princess
MORE PLUS AFURERU Collagen Powder - Mango 20000mg at 156.00 HKD from My Princess
MORE PLUS AFURERU Collagen Powder - Mango 20000mg
HK$ 156.00

Collagen Supplement Hong Kong: Shop for collagen supplements at iprice Hong Kong

What is collagen? How do collagen supplement work?

Besides having great tensile strength, collagen is the main component in the fascia, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, bone and skin. Along with soft keratin, it is also responsible for skin strength and elasticity, and if collagen levels drop, wrinkles that accompany aging will appear on the skin and loss its elasticity.

For many years, Japanese women have been using the secret of collagen and experienced the youth-promoting effects of collagen supplements. So, how do they work?

As our skin undergoes the natural aging process, its structure begins to deteriorate. Fortunately, these lost body collagen can be effectively replaced with the right collagen supplements. Supplemental collagen can increase strength around high movement areas of the skin in which wrinkles easily form. Collagen supplement can also fortify the skin's structure and strengthen the pore walls, slow down sagging skin and enlarged pores. As a result, more youthful looking skin during aging can be achieve with collagen supplements.

How can collagen benefit you?

Besides just improving youthful appearances, collagen is also a key component to new hair growth and hair quality. Supplemental collagen can improve hair and nail growth, increase the hair shaft and reduce breakage. During aging, hair and nails will gradually become more brittle, but with sufficient collagen, this process will be slower.

Collagen also improves blood circulation throughout the body and so indirectly gives out a natural pinkness in the skin. This makes the skin look fair and healthy and not just pale.

Some studies have shown that collagen can help in dieting and reduce cellulite. Collagen supplement drinks may leave a lingering

What are the best collagen supplements?

Did you know that about 30% of the protein in our body is made up of collagen? They not only support the structure of our skin, but also keep our skin strong and elastic and keep aging at bay. With such a wide variety of collagen supplements, from pills and powders to tablets and liquid, which would be the best for you?

Collagen supplement and collagen drinks are very popular among Asian women especially in Japan; they consume them on a regular basis to help maintain their youthful looks. Look out for Hydrolyzed Collagen, as your tissue can absorb it better than if it were to be gelatine or plain old collagen. Studies have shown that within 6 hours 90% of hydrolyzed collagen have been absorb by the blood and body tissues while only 27% of other type of collagen is absorbed. This is because hydrolyzed collagen has a lower molecular weight as compared to gelatin making it more absorbable by the body.

Besides that, a good combination of hydrolyzed collagen with hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, glucosamine, vitamin C, trace minerals and enzymes, would be the better collagen supplement as collagen paired with these vitamins and minerals would make healthier skin and joints. Experts suggest that you need to consume collagen supplement with a dosage of at least 7,000mg per serving to see worthwhile results.

Look for the most suitable collagen supplements for you here at iprice Hong Kong. You can compare various brands and types with just a few clicks and purchase your desired products online. You can do your supplement shopping online now, look for vitamins like prenatal vitamins, or dietary supplements to help you feel and be more beautiful!

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