A Finnish brand that makes world class exploring gear, Suunto (pronounced as soon-to) is the innovative maker of sports watches, sports instruments and dive computers. Read more about Suunto in Hong Kong here below to find out.


How to Choose A Suitable Sport Watch with Suunto

With its well-deserved reputation, Suunto watches are widely used by people from around the world. Since Suunto develops a wide range of exceptional watch designs, it is difficult to get the suitable sport watch design. Fortunately, this article will list down all important qualities you should look for before getting your sport watch. Here is how to choose a suitable Suunto sport watch.

Sport Watch Design

From gold cases to alligator straps, these details may look great for the boardroom or other formal events. However, they are best left in the locker room before you can go for an exercise or a match. Before you decide your sport watch, you should prioritize resilience and comfort because these are the two qualities that help you to make the most out of your sport watch.

Most sportspeople prefer straps and even watch cases at least partially composed of polymer or rubber. These materials are tough, lightweight, elastic, waterproof, and easy to wear even in extreme cold or heat. Another smart option is DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating because it offers a layer of carbon that is durable and shock-resistant.

The classic combination of leather strap and steel case can resist extreme cold, snow, and shocks, providing precise and reliable timekeeping in adverse conditions. For this reason alone, stainless steel is resilient, anti-corrosive, and resistant to the elements. Ultimately, it is best to get the sport watch design that is durable, long-lasting, and lightweight.


If you love quartz movement, it is best to look for sport watches that come with solar power backup. It is tempting to associate quartz movement with sportiness because it is resilient, precise, and affordable. You need to think twice before getting a sport watch with quartz movement because you will be stuck in a sticky situation when its battery dies.

As for mechanical watch, it can run forever with proper maintenance. It can perform well during racing, under the water, and even on the moon. Since it boasts hundreds of delicate elements comprising a mechanical movement, there is always a chance that something can go wrong. This is the reason why most mechanical watches have to go through thorough validation so that they can function perfectly in high and low temperatures, different positions, and others.

In both types of movements, fluctuations in accuracy are possible. Depending on what you are looking for in your sport watch, each movement has its own strengths and weaknesses. As always, you should do your research in order to decide the ideal sport watch that matches your needs.

Legibility – Can You Read It?

Even if your sport watch stays dry, it does not matter if you cannot read it. Certain details such as high-contrast displays, big numerals, hands, and indices that flow in the dark are essential features you should look for your sport watch. Although there are countless technological functions that can be found in modern sport watch designs, you need to avoid cluttered dials because they are either uninteresting and gaudy at the same time. They definitely slow you down at exactly the wrong moment. When it comes to legibility, it is best to choose a sport watch design that enables you to read the watch from day to night.

Water Resistance

Liquid elements from sweat, snow, ice, and water are all part of a sporting environment. When one drop of water hits your sport watch, it can provide a significant damage on a sport watch that is not designed to handle it. In order to prevent this from happening, it is highly recommended that you should get a sport watch with water resistance capabilities. You should consider this handy aspect even if you are not likely to strap on a scuba tank and go diving. Some sport watches with proven water resistance certification

Features – Extra Functions

From the vast ranks of sport watches, there will be a unique watch for every adventure. Nowadays, most watches offer altitude, barometric pressure, temperature readings, compass, GPS, and others. These features can save lives at the right moment. When you are able to tell the temperature and pressure, you can avoid the dangers of hypothermia and heatstroke. If you got lost, GPS and compass are useful features that allow you to navigate back safely.

Some sport watches also come with audible sensors that allow you to adjust functionality without having to look at the dials. Obviously, a sport watch feels incomplete without the must-have stopwatch function. Whether you go underwater or on the field, stopwatch function is invaluable when it comes to measuring dive or workout time.

If you are a passionate hiker, Suunto Core Classic is the perfect sport watch for you. It packs all key outdoor features in robust construction with a comfortable elastomer strap. Combining an altimeter, barometer and compass with weather information, Suunto Core Classic is the essential tool for your adventures.