Swatch is one of the biggest Swiss watch brands today. The brand is known for its casual and playful and creative designs, relatively affordable price tags, and collaborations with artists and brands. Learn more about Swatch HK and shop for the brand's products below.

Does Swatch have a lifetime warranty? | Does Swatch replace batteries for free? | What brands are in the Swatch Group?

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Swatch HK - Best Watches Collaborations

Collaboration is as powerful a currency as any these days for both the brand and the partner they work with. We’ve seen it in high-fashion, streetwear, as well as the watch world. Although a watch is a decidedly smaller canvas on which to work, the resulting collaborations are arguably that much more unique, because even the smallest details have a dramatic impact on an original silhouette.

Here are some of their best collaborations.

Swatch Watches: Colourful & Quirky Designs

Are you a fashion trendsetter, fun and bubbly person, or a minimalist? No matter what your preference is, you’ll be able to find the perfect watch that suits you with Swatch Hong Kong. Stylish and trendy watches made with Swiss horology expertise from Swatch will enable you to make a statement amongst the crowd.

Kiki Picasso

It seems only right to begin with the artistic collaboration that started them all. In partnering with French artist, Kiki Picasso, the avant-garde GZ008 was a 140-piece edition that has the qualities of both a stained glass window and an unfinished screen print.

Keith Haring

Whereas the Swatch Watch became an instantly recognizable timepiece even from afar, so too had the colourful abstractions of Keith Haring- who utilized a design language ripe with elements like interlocking people, crosses, dogs, and more - to great effect across the New York City landscape.

Vivienne Westwood

It isn’t often for a brand to get two opportunities to work with a legend like Vivienne Westwood- who back-to-back designed two radically different types of Swatches. The first was dubbed the “Orb” thanks to the inventive packaging which resembled a combination of a Pokemon ball and a medal one would receive as British royalty. The watch itself takes similar design cues. The black silhouette is enhanced greatly by a gold, Victoria cross.

Stephen Dean

At first glance, Parisian artist, Stephen Dean’s, five-watch Painted Time (GK376-GK380) collection appears like alternate versions of the Rainbow Road race track from Mario Kart. A close examination reveals the usage of colourful plexiglass that works in harmony with exposed elements of the actual watch mechanism.

Manish Arora

Indian artist Manish Arora opted for as diverse of a collection as any we’d ever seen. Since hearts has been a natural design element in his studio practice, Over Charm utilized the motif along with interlocking chains that served as the bracelet. Dancing Hands was a colourful homage to hands themselves. Huge in All was a more chunky silhouette with stainless steel 316L buckle and moulded case. Giant Shimmer was a not-so-subtle wink to the “bling era.”

Jeremy Scott

If ever there was such a thing as a match made in heaven, it’s undoubtedly Swatch and Jeremy Scott who share the love for pushing the boundaries of form and function. The eight-part collection features signature Scott elements like the usage of wings on the Winged Swatch, cheetah print on Swatch Punk, and lighting bolts on Lightning Flash. But of course, Scott couldn’t resist challenging modern watch convention. On Double Vision, he presents two watch faces with matching white and red motifs that have the qualities of both a bullseye target and a pattern used for hypnotism.

Does Swatch have a lifetime warranty?

Your Swatch watch is warranted by Swatch Ltd for a period of twenty-four months from the date of purchase under the terms and conditions of the warranty. The international Swatch warranty covers material and manufacturing defects existing at the time of delivery of the purchased Swatch watches.

Does Swatch replace batteries for free?

Yes, Swatch can replace the batteries in your watch for free. Just take your Swatch to the nearest Swatch store for a complimentary battery replacement service.

What brands are in the Swatch Group?

The Swatch Group owns the Swatch product line (eg. Flik Flak) and other brands including Blancpain, Breguet, Glashutte Original, Harry Winston, Longines, Omega, Tissot and RADO.