Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or not, Teva should be your number one choice for walking sandals. Teva HK was started in 1984 and their sandals were created when the founder noticed a lack of proper footwear specifically for river activities. Teva sandals feature nylon straps for security and are waterproof. These Teva shoes have multi-layer soles to ensure comfort and they feature Microban Zinc to eliminate bad odours. Shoes from Teva Hong Kong come in many designs and colours; they have the classics, the platforms, and the specialties for more rigorous activities. Learn more about Teva HK below.

What are Teva sandals good for? | What does the word Teva mean?


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Teva Sandals Hong Kong - Comfort Styling on Your Feet

From the bowels of America, came this awesome name, Teva. Forged in the heart of the Grand Canyon in 1984, this name is synonymous with quality and durability. The story goes that the idea behind Teva was to create a sandal that would not float away in the river. From that same idea flourished a company that has stood the test of time. Starting off with sandals and moving on to boots and other durable footwear, Teva innovates its products to suit your strides. Allowing you to express yourself in a hundred different ways, Teva’s unlimited choices are simply the best! Let’s look at some of Teva’s footwear you can get here in Hong Kong.

The Age of The Sandal is in Hong Kong!

You may be thinking that sandals are so 1990s. The truth is, sandals are practical, durable and stylish if worn with the right attire. Seen as the butt of jokes since their creation in the 80s, sandals are more than just funny footwear.

Looking at the anatomy of the sandal, we look at the sole with a thickness capable of expanding to a large size. This is thanks to the support from the straps that wrap around the base of the leg. Much like a vector of forces pulling the sandal to fit neatly on your foot, the straps keep the sandal intact while your feet are in motion. Perfect for the durability factor, these elements protect your feet in any harsh terrain – that’s no laughing matter.

Teva HK for Men

Men, your footwear says a lot about your personality and style preference. Add on the element of resilience in every stride, and you get footwear that caters to many facets of your lifestyle. Teva sandals and boots precisely do this for you. As masculine as footwear can get, Teva sandals plant your feet firmly on the ground no matter the terrain. Whether it is tarmac, sidewalk, a riverbed or a wet swamp, these bad boys won’t let you down. Find the best sandals for you with Teva for men.

Teva HK for Women

For the ladies, Teva HK has exclusive footwear for you too! Feminine subtlety is brought in with every variant of Teva for women. Bright and vibrant colours decorate your life and move attention to the lower half of your body – your feet of course! Let the compliments roll in as your lady friends see your beautiful footwear adorning gentle soles.

Teva HK Collections

If shopping by gender is not your thing, you can shop by collections. Teva collections feature the latest footwear to promote you to high-fashioned footwear. Here are some of the collections from Teva you can find online:

  • Teva Artist Series
  • Teva Collaborations
  • Teva Originals
  • Teva Slides
  • Teva Flatforms
  • Teva FloatLite

What are Teva sandals good for?

Teva sandals were created by a river guide in the ‘80s and have thrived in and around the water ever since. Teva sport sandals are loved for their lightweight support and grip traction. They usually offer touch-fasten adjustable straps and an antimicrobial treatment that fights odour in the footbed. All of these features come in handy for explorers who love the water. Teva sandals are a great choice for active beach vacations and any other activities that involve water.

What does the word Teva mean?

Teva comes from the Hebrew word “טבע” meaning, nature.